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Final armor question

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#1 kanaxais_scythe


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 05:34 PM

i am currently doign a double axe with primarily signet build. i have traits as 30/30/0/0/10. At level 78 my armor is 4 knights and 2 valkyrie. Do you all think that is viable for general pve and dungeons including fotm at 80? i noticed no dungeon vendors have valkyrie armor so i have to craft it and may also craft knights as i didnt see that either. right now i am at about 35% critical chance but i see it fire very often and only traited one thing that fires on critical. what armor combo would you all recommend instead of this is not good for general pve?
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#2 dawdler


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 05:49 PM

You dont need the valkyrie pieces, you can replace it with whatever. Berserkers, soldiers or knights.

I am slightly confused with how you only manage 35% crit however as my defensive warrior with 0 in the arms tree has a low 36% base crit with mainly soldiers gear/soldier runes. The crit chance only comes from berserker weapons and trinkets.

WIth that figure in mind... You simply need higher end armour. Dont be so picky at the start ;)
Either way it is enough for any dungeon except maybe Arah and fotm > 5

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#3 typographie


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 06:42 PM

If you're not even 80 yet, focus on finishing that and then start out with a cheap set of crafted level 80 rare (Gladiator?) gear, possibly as a magic find set to then focus on farming for your real gear. If you expect to step out of your pre-level 80 armor straight into end-game exotics, you're likely to get very frustrated.

I suggest just ignoring Valkyrie gear as a warrior. We pretty much always have enough health, and if you're using a build that likes stacking crit damage, Berserker's pieces are better. Some mix of Knight's + Berserker's is very popular with warriors with good reason.
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#4 Stigma


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 08:31 PM

In reality all you're doing is juggling 3 things for a Warrior, Attack, Armor and Vitality.

Valkarie gives Power-Vitality-Crit Dmg
Knight gives Toughness-Power-Precision
Berserker gives Power-Precision-Crit Dmg
Soldier gives Power-Vitality-Toughness

You play with your combinations of armor pieces, trinkets and weapon stats to all get the numbers to come out the way you like. Most people prefer to stick to simple combinations like:

Knight (TPP) armor + trinkets
Soldier Armor (PVT) + trinkets
Berserker armor + trinkets

You can easily modify your build to lean more towards tankyness or damage by swapping out the trinkets to Knights trinkets, Berserker trinkets, etc.

You probably don't have precision much anywhere, armor, weapons,etc. If you want to at least dish out decent damage I would concentrate more on building that Precision up.

At the end of the day if the numbers add up the way you want it is fine. I don't see issues running Valkarie gear as some people like to get both toughness and vitality on a Warrior. Glass cannon warriors' to full tank warriors' HP roughly floats around 20,000-30,000. Choose a number you feel comfortable with from that. The only issue I find with Valkarie gear is that it just gives you one more thing to juggle if you mix that into your armor pieces because it's kinda in a weird place giving Power-Vitality-Crit Dmg. I would need Precision and Toughness somewhere either from mixing Knight armor pieces or weapon or trinkets.

You're not lv 80 yet so just focus on grabbing some friends or guild mates and getting those dungeons done to get the gear with stats you do want. Don't waste money on building gear just to run dungeons just to get your exotics.


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