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You are hereby invited to a [BBQ]!


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 02:21 PM

A fair warning;
If you where the child that could never sit still during story time, you might wanna skip to the end of this post. It does not hurt the real message of the post a whole lot
(I did it mostly for my own amusement (And because, patch notes))

"Come in, come in and sit down please!"
You enter a nice warm room. By the looks of it, it's a traditionally built norn house. There's a nice friendly atmosphere inside.
You look around and see 2 sylvari and a norn, sitting around a table.
The air is filled with the delicious smell of food yet with a slight hint of iron.

"Ceerina, get this man some ale!" The norn smiles at you and goes out to what you suspect might be the kitchen.
The darkest of the sylvari gets up from her chair to greet you "I am Detaz Naïlo, host of this fine BBQ"
Ceerina proudly comes back with an ale big enough to crush even the strongest asura.

Loud yelling is heard from the kitchen, Ceerina looks at you, smiles at Detaz and walks to the kitchen once again.

Detaz laughs quietly, "Don't mind that. It's Baltazarus first time making anything in a kitchen."
"You also know it's true, Balt", Detaz replies. A broad smirk appears on her lips.
"So, you are probably wondering by now what this is all about. The thing is, we like adventuring, and nothing has kept us from going anywhere. You see; we aren't the richest bunch of people around, yet we like each other and have a ton of fun travelling and exploring together."

Baltazaru and Ceerina comes in from the kitchen with the most amazingly roasted pig you've ever layed eyes on. That Baltazaru supposedly made that alone is clearly beyond anyones belief.

The sylvari who's been sitting in silence so far bolts up, "I-am-Mahtari-I-heard-you-wanted-to-join-us-in-our-travels?" She almost yells eagerly
Detaz stops her sudden outburst "Easy Mahtari, we haven't even explained fully what this is about"

Mahtari sits down again, awaiting the next words of Detaz.
Instead, Baltazaru says something before Detaz even has a chance to speak again "Come on Detaz, she clearly can't wait to tell our guest"
"You're right Balt, let's give this nice stranger an idea of what we are actually doing"

Mahtari smiles at Balt and starts speaking again, more calmly than before.
"The thing is, we love having fun. We don't really care about the destination, as long as the road there is filled with fun" They all nod in agreement.
"We've been to Sosaria. We've scaled the highest mountains of Azeroth. We've saved Telera and Norrath numerous times. We've even been out beyond the EVE gate. And now we've settled down in Tyria."

Detaz seems happy with the description given by Mahtari.
"The base of it all is, if you know how to have fun, and don't mind waiting in line for the blacksmith to repair your gear for the 100th time. You'll have a good time with us."
Plates with meat and potatoes goes around, and they all start eating. There's jokes and stories thrown around and you have a good time all together.

As you're getting ready to leave, Detaz gets up to shake your hand.
"I wish you farewell for now, i hope you'll think about our offer of joining our small band of derps."
Stories aside, a little information is needed.
We are a tiny guild, looking for people who share our view of what a game is:
A fun experience meant to be shared.
We are playing on the EU Server Gandara, and don't really care about many other things than your ability to communicate in english and your sense of fun.
We are mainly pve focused though, only because nobody has taken the initiative to venture into the world of pvp. Yet.

I cannot offer you the time of your life. I cannot offer you the biggest server first anything guild.
What i can offer is a small group of people playing regularly. I can offer you my deep bass voice breathing in your ear on whatever comms we settle on (skype and axon at the moment). I can offer you some cheap laughs, and hope that you will have a good time if you join.

Please note, we're doing it pinnochio style, no strings attached, no limits. You can leave and come as you wish - The only thing i really want from you is a future friend.

Do you think you're up for it? Please msg me here on the forums or add me in-game.
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