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Rate the Last Movie You Saw!

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#2881 Stargate


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 05 January 2015 - 02:11 AM

Back to my Horror movies....

+ Eve main female character is cool and beautiful... and WARNING MAJOR SPOILER!
+ Good plot I can not believe this is so low rated! What USA can not accept that sometimes it can be
hard to follow orders? In this situation I understand why not. I have done my country's mandatory military service
but thankfully I had never a situation like this.
+ Ok actors are not superstars, but they do ok.
+ Horror aspect slightly and fear of unknown.
+ Mystery slightly though towards end everything get explanation.
Neutral: USA society might be harder in form of police rights, but I find still difficult to judge if the ethics were right. I can not judge that...really not me I am not the right person to judge USA realistic ethics.
- Pipes, pipes and pipes if you have Claustrophobia do not watch this movie!
- Does not evolve to big budget...
- the budget is not big.
My vote: 7/10 good movie!

This is what most would say B budget Horror. That said surprisingly well done and I have seen many movies with much worse effects and budget. This was doable entertainment and I liked the main male actor and the main female actor.

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#2882 Stargate


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 11 January 2015 - 12:44 PM

+ This is fairly good budget like a normal Hollywood production. Absolutely not small budget.
+ Horror to some degree...
+ Interesting.
+ Actors ok though not superstars in my eyes.
- I did not like the look of the warning major spoiler
- not scary enough for me I had higher expectations.
- felt more mediocre then good.
My vote: 6.5/10 ok/good movie.

Werewolf Rising(2014)
+ The main female actor and the very few females in this movie were beautiful enough.
+ Short half nude(boobs) scene with a beautiful female.
+ For being so low budget the music was something between mediocre, ok to fairly good.
Neutral: Many movies in USA or Canada show about the rich or middle class at least. Most of these few people in the movie are what I would call poor people and or people with problems financial and/or addictions(alcohol for example).
- very low budget.
- disgusting at places!
- Warning under no circumstances do I recommend this movie to females. Most males in this movie are very nasty and/or criminals.
My vote: 3.5/10 bad/below average movie.

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#2883 Stargate


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 17 January 2015 - 02:08 PM

Into the Storm(2014)
+ Excellent effects.
+ I liked the main actors.
+ It is interesting and fairly realistic...
- There is at least one plot hole that was unrealistic, but that was detail to me and did not disturb me much.
My vote: 7/10 good movie!

I don't get these people who say Twister is better? I like this movie more then Twister and I have seen them both. If talking pure effects then Into The Storm is much better and much more scary then a normal snow storm in my country.

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#2884 Stargate


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 03:18 AM

An Erotic Werewolf in London (2006)
+ Erin Brown actor... callsign Misty (as Misty Mundae) is very beautiful.... looks like an adult teenager or a young woman despite whatever age she is one would guess age 18-22 and very beautiful.
+ Lesbian "soft"porn movie. Why I say soft... well it could be more or less fake acting... and this is not a hardcore movie.
+ As horror lol this is rated horror on IMDB it has very low scare factor but if you look at every scene they try to make it as slightly scary towards end but while on beauty factor this movie is excellent on beautiful women and good lesbian softporn, but fails to impress me on the horror factor.
Neutral: Some accents sound like classic East European and I guess that some actors for real are from East European origin.
- Basically low budget despite I think the soft porn parts are professional level performance.
- Don't expect landscapes, forest or great scenes. I mention it because many would wish a bit forest in a Werewolf movie.
- Slightly boring at some scenes.
My vote: 7/10 good movie.

Please note this movie is absolutely for adults only. How IMDB rate this is as Horror only is a Mystery to me. It is more soft porn lesbian movie then horror though with their very limited budget they try a bit towards end
. This movie is NOT more scary then a Twilight movie so don't expect to be scared unless you are very sensitive.

Finally don't worry I don't intend to post a 100 Misty Mundae movie reviews and I am not so interested in all of them. That said you know I am a horror movie fan... and I am curious about more Misty Mundae Horror movies... and maybe some other themes...

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#2885 Age


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 04 February 2015 - 11:36 PM

On any given Sunday an 8.

#2886 Stargate


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 07 February 2015 - 11:06 PM

Nice... I am landlord and rent 3 apartments. That said I was being annoyed that I only have a very small TV at my current home. Therefore my friend brings me 42 INCH HD TV from one of my rented apartments back to me...

With 42 inch HD TV I will certainly see more movies at home also and this saves me money from buying a new TV. I actually pay my friend 25 euro for fuel costs and effort, but that is nothing compared to the price I would pay if I buy a new TV or pay a firm to do it. I do have a driving license, but I want to become rich and currently I do not own a car... though I rent 3 apartments to other people and do not live on rent myself.

Nice also that not only young people post in these forums. I did see this old movie classic again:

The Omen(1976)
+ You believe in Christ and God, but if there is good there is also Evil right? I believe both exists...
+ Horror yes though this is very long movie and not an Action movie.
+ Cool music at occasions.
+ Never get silly.
+ Satanists can be sometimes so cool and nasty.
- as older movie hardly not fast paced and the movie takes its time, but one the other hand some people prefer that so subjective taste.
- outdated movie for sure as such hardly the best video quality etc.
My vote: 8/10 very good movie!

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#2887 Arkham Creed

Arkham Creed

    Golem Rider

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Posted 07 February 2015 - 11:58 PM

As above, so below

Not the least be scary, but few “horror” movies are these days. Fascinating and had a strong build up, but one of the “threats” was way too obvious, and I dislike how it shoehorned in a backstory for a disposable background character in literally the last minutes of the movie because the writers apparently forgot they didn’t kill him yet and he suddenly needed one to make the plot work. Speaking of the plot…falls apart in the home stretch. The third act is a mess, predictable, completely changes the tone, and as my brother and I agreed “fell apart into some bulls**t.” Biggest complaint however is that the creepiest part of the premise; the catacombs, isn’t even in the movie but for ten to twenty minutes. The bulk of the feature was filmed on a sound stage that didn’t even try to look like the real deal.

6/10 Above average found footage movie heavy on atmosphere and tension early, but fumbles the ball at a critical moment and never recovers.

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#2888 Kovalenko


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 12 February 2015 - 08:26 PM

+Good acting all around
+Somewhat emotional
+Good atmosphere, props, setting
+Brad Pitt speaks very nice German
-Pew pew Murica
-SS viewed as poorly-trained, weak soldiers
-One of the lead actors (the new guy) was more annoying than relateable

6/10 because I didn't think there was enough anti-war in it

John Wick
+Keanu Reeves (sub point, he made good a comeback in John Wick after a really poor string of films)
+Good plot
+Lots of action
+Willem Dafoe
-Very formulaic (albeit see point 2 and 3, it was really well done)
-They kill a puppy
-The conflict doesn't really get resolved effectively (it's satisfying in another way, but not the kind that I wanted)

9/10 because I loved it.

Remember dudes! That's just like, my opinion, man :cool:

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