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Wrongful Ban of my Account by Arena Net

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 01:03 PM


As the title suggest, I have been wrongfully banned by Arena Net for using 3rd party program to play Guild Wars 2.

I have playing Guild Wars 2 since the launch of the game without using any forms of 3rd party programs. To date, I still do not own a legendary weapon and is still farming dungeons (mainly COF) for gold in order to purchase a precursor.

On sunday last week, I found myself unable to log into the game due to the termination of account. I was stunned as I did not use any hacks at all but was accused of using a 3rd party program.

I read on the forums that there are many people who were wrongfully banned via Arena Net's automated system for banning players. These people were advised to file in a support ticket to Arena Net.

Hence, I proceed to file for a support ticket hoping that they will review my case as I was wrongfully banned. However, they have reverted to me the followings in 2 separate occasions.

"This account has been closed for using an illegal third-party program. I want you to know that we take great care when analyzing accounts prior to termination. We are both diligent and conservative in determining which accounts are using these programs, and we only terminate an account after we are certain that such use has occurred. "

"As previously indicated, this account will remain closed. All reviews have been made. Further inquiries about this account may be set to Closed without response."

I am very disheartened by these response from the support staffs.

Firstly, I was wrongfully banned.

Secondly, I have requested for evidence of my 'hack' and also showed my willingness to give my cooperation in this matter to support my review. However, no evidence were provided to me.

How could they tell me that a review have been made and it is still tell me that I am using a 3rd party program? To me, who is an innocent party and just want to play the game (esspecially with the new contents recently), I really feel that it is unfair and I want some justice here. I want to appeal for a thorough review but the support mentions that "inquiries about this account may be set to Closed without response".

Please advise on what I should do. Thank you.
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#2 EbeneezerSquid


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 11:25 PM

Same situation here. Extremely frustrating that I cannot even get on the forums to ask for assistance, nor call any actual live people. Advice is appreciated.
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Posted 09 February 2013 - 08:05 PM

If you create a support account here, you can submit a ticket and ask for a response. If you are persistent (and innocent of any wrongdoing), you will probably get the ban lifted. My husband and I were wrongly banned and had our bans lifted.
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Posted 09 February 2013 - 08:23 PM

I'm fairly certain they will never reveal the exact details on what they detected on your system as that would probably end up helping the real hackers gain a ton of insight on how to evade detection (assuming you people are telling the truth). Perhaps you can open up another ticket fully detailing every program you had running while you played guild wars 2 as well as what you were doing in the game (in your case, every little thing you were doing in the dungeon runs) and they might find something that was incorrectly determined to be a hack.
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Posted 10 February 2013 - 02:35 AM

Is any one of you using macro keys during competitive play by any chance?
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Posted 17 February 2013 - 02:58 PM

Hello everyone, My name is demetris and i am 16 years old from cyprus. I havent played the game for a very long time and i tried to log in and someone had changed my password...I got hacked..I changed password and i logged into the website and i saw couple of different IP from UK rather that in my house which is the only place i play. I GOT HACKED. IF THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH the hackers used 3rd party programs and now my account is permanently banned. i am 16 years old and i gathered money for the game and now i got banned while i did nothing...Someone please help me...All they do is ignoring me..I did nothing wrong i would never cheat in a game i was waiting for such a long time..Its the first time i am getting banned and i did something wrong...Plz the hackers hacked my account and cheated through it and now i got banned someone tell me what to do.i send mail to support 2 days ago no actuall response..Help me i am desperate i dont know what to do please!
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Posted 17 February 2013 - 07:11 PM

Closing this thread because no one here can help with official support tickets. You'll have to contact ArenaNet and wait for a response from them.
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