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Some questions related to fractals

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#1 Ingway


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 07:31 PM

1- The bags from the vendor: i noticed there's some easily obtainable 20 slot bags in the dungeon vendor, but i'm curious about one thing from then. It says it will grab green/yellow and exotic rarity items first depending one the bag you buy, but if it has has alot of random items in then and i press the option to organize will they be organized or anything not related to the bag in question will have to be moved manually?

2- Daily jade maw: I know that at level 10 fractals you can get a item per day wich in exchange for 10 you can get a ascended ring from the vendor and you get some extra relics from it.

But i'm curious about something, i read that the jade maw appears at even numbered dungeons, so let's say i killed the jade maw level 2, and on the same day killed the one at level 4 and so on, will i still get the extra reward at the end each time or is it something like once for levels 1-10/11-20? By that i mean the extra relic reward, not the item used to buy rings at level + 10.

3- infused backpack: I know i can place a + 5 agony resist on the normal ascended back item wich i can get for basically free only a little time consuming, but i read there's the infused version said backpack but i noticed the requiriment of 250 ectoplasms for it. Is this currently the only method for making the back item infused? Or is there some other way wich i do not know of.

Extra- Crafted infusions: i noticed the ones you can craft have +5 extra stats on then, but considering the price to even make one it dosn't semm all that great of a investiment in my eyes especially since we only have 4 ascended items in wich we can place then resulting in +20 extra stats from some really expensive recipes. is that ALL they offer? Only + 5 stats and agony resist or is there something extra?

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#2 Shadow209


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 09:08 PM

1) if you press "deposit collectibles" it will work like any other bag, but if you press "compact" the stuff in this bags won't be affected, pretty much like the crafting material bags. Also, if you pick up anything that's not green (or whatever bag you are using) it won't go into that bag, if you have room in another bag.

2) Its once per 1-9, 20-19 and so on, but only on even numbers, so the first daily is 2, 4, 6 or 8 then the next daily is 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18.
However, like you already said you only get a priestine fractal relic for lvl 10 and above (the item you can exchange ascended rings).

For more details on the rewards take a look here:

3)You can buy an exotic backpiece for fractal relics, you can upgrade that quite cheap to an ascended one and place a +5 infusion into it. You can then upgrade the ascended one further to an infused ascended one. It has +5 AR on it's own and you can place an infuion into it to achieve +10 AR. However the second upgrade is ecpensive (250 ecto). You can also upgrade it further with another 250 ecto, but it won't get better stats, just visual effects. There is no cheaper way of geting an infused backpiece.

crafted infusions: Ist's only +5 on a stat and +5 AR, nothing more. Not worth it, if you ask me.
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