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The Epicest of all Epics

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#1 MikeSr


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 02:54 AM

Mortals, sitting on a toilet seat at a beach resort armed with a mighty pen and toilet paper I present to you the Epicest of all Epics!

This epicest tale starts,
on the twenty fifth of august.
The day weapons were drawn,
and blood cleansed their rust.
Three worlds went to war,
with victory as sole aim in mind.
Some got an easy win,
and some had to grind.
The rankings were turbulent,
two servers winning it all.
They were both destined to meet,
and one would take the fall.
The Titans of Henge were ready,
and so were Ascensionists of Shiverpeak.
They met a few times in battle,
Titan defeat always looked bleak.
The queues are too long here,
The Ascensionists gave out a cry.
We saw them flee to Eredon,
one still wonders why.
Up came two more champions,
Jadest of all Quarries and Stormbuff of Steel.
They tried to stop the Gladiators of Henge,
but could not stop the Titan Reel.
Many came and many fell,
The Titan victory was complete.
They went in search for worthy foes,
with their legacy of unconquered feat.
Soon the chaos spread all over,
Henge was being deserted.
New powers arose,
and with victory they flirted.
Was it the era of Steelbuff,
Or was Jade Quarry its shining star.
Soon came Sea of Sorrows,
Fielding armies ready for war.
The first few battles were intense,
but soon the shine of war began to fade.
Sea of Sorrows had more coverage,
than both Steelbuff and Jade.
Blackgate entered Tier one,
but it could not rise to fame.
Having skill is a good thing,
but this war is a numbers game.
This epic war still goes on,
with battles being fought on this day.
Will it rise to its former glory,
or will it slowly fade away.
Reignite the fire in your hearts and rally your troops,
with the shit of your enemies the soil is to be browned.
The new era in this epic war has started my friends,
And a new king is to be crowned.
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#2 Zander


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 01:17 PM

Guild alliances don't create great WvW servers. Communities do.

- Co-Founder, Ascension Alliance, former PTX Guild Leader
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#3 MisterB


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 06:23 PM

Epicest isn't a word. Your epic must face legions of dictionaries in battle. Do not be dismayed, however, for triumph is possible against this foe. Convince enough soldiers in your cause to take up the banner of the epicest crusade, and then the dictionaries will become infected with this series of letters forming a new word within them.
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#4 The Mighteous One

The Mighteous One

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 12:59 AM

Wait a minute. If "epicest" isn't a word, how did you just say it? Next thing you're gonna try to say is MIGHTEOUS isn't a word!

We all know that as sure as I'm here, it's a word. I couldn't read this assault on poetry, but I suggest the OP submit this epicest of poems to the Biggest Fan contest. Given the crappy showing/poor quality of entries, it's anybody's game.
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