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Magic Find/World Completion + DE's/Achievment's

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Posted 04 February 2013 - 03:43 PM

Just an idea, but as a lot of people don't like the fact that magic find is in armor/weapons/trinkets, I thought that another way to implement it would be through playing through different content of the game.

Such as...
Making your world completion x .5 = +xx Magic find (if someone has 100% world completion , that would be 50% MF.) This would be character bound
Completing every path of a dungeon = 5% Magic find. This one would be account wide.
Completing your personal story line = 10% Magic find. Again, this one character bound.
Your Characters Fractal level x .5 = +xx MF. Of course this one would be character bound.

So if someone has completed their storyline, done 100% map completion, and has dungeon master, with level 22 Fractals, that would be 10%+50%+40%+11% = 111% total magic find.

on a 2nd character that hasn't finished their storyline, and only has 34% world completion and a level 8 fractals level, would be 0%+17%+40%+4% = 61% magic find.

Also, DE's.... If their were big rewards for completing every DE in a certain map...

each map would have a reward chest with 3 random rewards + karma/5 laurels (same as map completion, but always level 80 rare/exotic gear, or T5/6 materials). Maybe even a chance of a precursor?

These would be difficult to complete, as it wouldn't tell you where you would be missing those last few DE's, but only how many you are missing.

I think the rewards would be worth the effort to find them.
This would also help the community to work as a whole to look for those few difficult to find events.

These would also be character wide, so you would be able to complete them several times.

Just throwing some ideas to get the empty maps populated again, and to reward playing through every PvE aspect of the game.

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