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Guardian PvE Retaliation GS/Staff Offensive Build

gw2 guardian retaliation greatsword staff offensive build guild wars 2 ascended ascended gear help

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#1 GamerMixZ


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:27 AM

Below is my setup that I built with help from the forums and other seasoned Guardians. The question I have though with the ascended gear that is out currently there is no direct upgrade to Trinkets (Accessories, Amulet, & Rings) with Power, Vit, Crit Dmg that I currently use in my build. In your opinion to continue making this a strong build which Trinkets should I go with? Should I go with Power, Vit, Toughness trinkets?
http://gw2skills.net....BAZQFE2DCE yIA
Note: I will sometimes switch out Stand Your Ground for Bane Signet if I am soloing or just wanna be greedy for the extra power from the passive.

Gear (All gear is exotic, except rare backpack, with superior sigils/runes and exquisite jewels.)
Weapons: Power, Precision, Crit Dmg - Greatsword (Sigil of Perception), Staff (Sigil of Accuracy), Spear (Sigil of Accuracy), Trident (Sigil of Accuracy)
Armor: Power, Precision, Crit Dmg (Rune of the Pack)
Trinkets: Power, Vit, Crit Dmg (Exquisite Beryl Jewel)
Back: Power, Precision, Crit Dmg (Exquisite Ruby Jewel)

Stats (This reflects the current gear I have that is stated in the Gear section.)
Power: 2,031
Precision: 1,697
Toughness: 916
Vitality: 1,531
Attack: 3,131
Critical Change: 41%
Armor: 2,127
Health: 16,955

Note: As with these stats I am able to take a bit of a beating while dishing out a lot of crit damage. When Sigil of Perception is fully up my Crit % heads to around 55% and higher. So you can imagine the damage I put out when using Justice, Save Yourselves or when I use both with my GS rotation. If I wanna overdo I use the staff first to get the might buff then switch to GS and let the mob have it. This build allows me to be the mob clearer during dungeons to ball them up and mow them down. But also allows for single target dps to be high. The support I bring is with Stand Your Ground and Sigil of Judgement. This gives people to run out of bad stuff while retaliation hits the mob for a bit. Tome of Courage is there for direct support of the group as a whole for the long fights or if we get hit pretty good.
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#2 GamerMixZ


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:47 AM

Oh yah would this be ideal for pvp? What, if needed, changes would you make for that environment?
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#3 indure


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 01:21 AM

There's a lot of things in your build that make me cringe, but to answer just your two questions, for ascended gear I have been using Berserker (power/crit/damage) because they are great for boosting my damage. If I find that my survivability takes a large hit I'll swap my other armor around to cover the loss (usually soldier gear). In regards to your other question, your build is a better PVP build than PVE, since Retaliation isn't that beneficial in PVE due to mobs hitting very slow and very hard. Retaliation is much better against fast, weak attacks and AOE damage. Which is much more prevalent in PVP.
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#4 Elysen


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 02:37 AM

This is such a horrible build. Retaliation means you need to get hit. Why would you want to get hit? It get's to a point where you'd be taking 5-6k or even more damage to deal (267+(Power/13.4) damage to the enemy.

Why is this trade off even slightly beneficial? Retaliation is just there to give a small perk to being hit (usually by weak enemies in groups, such as the spiders in early AC) or when there are larger groups of enemies where you can't reliably dodge lots of damage.

Why would you want to support this? Just scrap your idea now.

Also, staff isn't an offensive weapon, it has such horrible/lacklustre damage and is primarily used for Empower as an "emergency heal", while compensating for you not using a GS via the might stacks. Your build doesn't have Empower, so its useless.

I continue, Retaliation is apparently a big part of your build for some reason. Why don't you have Tough/Vit gear if you're actively taking damage?

I'm lost, I truly am. I've never seen such an absurd idea. I was going to make some elitist comment about proving how viable this would be in 30+ fractals, but damn I'd be surprised if this was even viable in something as trivial as SE or COE.

Regarding your question on PvP, I am by no means an experienced PvPer and this is the wrong forum to ask, but playing a confusion Mesmer in PvP (and retaliation just being a varied form of confusion), I can see retaliation being a useful boon to have. It's especially funny when people don't realise and end up killing themselves. That said, retaliation is still pretty damn weak, but could be good when zerg-chasing in WvW due to the "unlimited targets" it can affect. Bunker would still be better IMO as, once again, retaliation is just a perk to being hit and shouldn't really be focused upon.

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#5 Mister Stygian

Mister Stygian

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:37 AM

Retalitation doesn't is actually really strong if you think of it as a condition instead of a boon,which it is-granted it needs your opponent to do something to activate. Combined with burn, you can throw serious degen on someone while being able to outheal the damage being done to you to trigger retaliation. That being said, this is horrible stat allocation and trait selection.
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