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More Harathi Hinterlands Gameplay + Progressive crafting mats

harathi crafting gameplay quest event materials gathering

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#1 kiwiMochi


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 04:44 AM

tl;dr: I suggest more Harathi style gameplay, and I'd also like there to be both more challenge and reward to going deep into enemy territory.

Harathi Hinterlands was one of the most fun experiences for me in GW2. Why aren't there more zones like Harathi? I'd suggest 50% of the zones should be Harathi style, dangerous to explore and constant events etc.

As I said, I loved Harathi especially how it became more dangerous as I went deeper into centaur territory. I wish I got more of a reward for going deeper. I realize bonus exp is something of a reward, but I'd like (and I think most people would appreciate) something more tangible: either more random chests, more rich veins etc. (I realize there's at least one) or better drops. If more rewards were implemented the difficulty could also be increased, I like the idea of having to be in a party to go deep into enemy territory, or to have to be very sneaky. This idea could have the added benefit of expanding 'end game' content.

I have a somewhat related idea (I'm separating this idea because I think it may be more difficult to implement than its worth) why couldn't crafting mats become better as I go deeper into enemy territory. Either better by volume, or higher quality. Better by volume would be much easier to implement, but what if there were different tiers of crafting materials for the same item (think: rotten blueberry, blueberry, juicy blueberry)? Higher tiers of the crafting mat would give you slightly higher stats on the crafted item (by a small amount: ~2%).

That brings me to a related (bit of a stretch, I admit) point: I'd like items to have variable stats more Diablo 3-ish, as the game stands right now any time I think I got a good drop I check AH and see ... oh yea I forgot 50 other people also got that drop, its nothing special. Having some stat differences in items (probably not as extreme as diablo) would be more rewarding.

Disclaimer: My characters are 65, 30 and sub 10, so I haven't seen a bunch of the map. I hear Orr is similar to Harathi? Even if all 70+ zones are 'Harathi style' my suggestion stands, more lower level 20-65 zones should be similar to Harathi.
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#2 Just Horus

Just Horus

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 10:47 AM

The way maps are set up as you mentioned are intended (i.e. they serve a purpose). The lower lvl maps are the one's that are first experienced by new players and cater to them. They are made with many safe zones so said new players can get their 'feet wet' in the game without having to worry/struggle with constantly being under threat by enemy forces. As the players lvl up and become more and more experienced, there are relatively less safe zones, thus providing a greater challenge. This also tends to make sense through a lore/gameplay perspective; the lower lvl zones are closer to established cities and thus are closer to the protection said cities provide.

As much as I would like added challenge, I don't want it to be in spite of newer players.
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#3 kiwiMochi


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Posted 11 February 2013 - 04:04 PM

You make a good point Horus, but I don't think more challenging zones need to come at the cost of newer players.

An area could have a champion mob in it, and you can just choose not to fight it and continuing questing. Similarly if more challenging / enemy mob heavy areas were added to most zones those who prefer to be safe could just choose not to venture into them.

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