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Posted 09 February 2013 - 05:04 AM


Who we are:

Video games are a hobby for most of us in PIG, not something we take too seriously. We like to have fun, joke around, and have a good time while killing red dots. Elite attitudes are not something we want around as it causes too much stress on a game that’s supposed to be fun. It’s not that we don’t take our gaming seriously; it’s just that we are mindful of other people’s abilities and take into account that not everyone is going to be as quick to learn as someone else.
Most of our core members have known each other for years and years, have full time jobs, and families with little kids running around. We get in game to unwind from the grind of everyday life, group up, chat on vent, and try to enjoy our spare time with our friends. Most of our members reside on the east coast but we do have members all over. I would say our most active game times (EST) are 7:30/8:00pm till about 11:00pm on the weekdays, and about 7:30/8:00 pm till late on the weekends.
We are mainly a PvE guild at this point in the game, but we do sometimes jump into WvW. You can check us out on our forums for more information; http://ham.crypticin...orums/index.php

What we are looking for:

What we are mainly looking for are mature people (18+) who want to build relationships and not just be some name on a roster. Being in a guild with 200 active members is great, but sometimes you might feel like you are lost in the shuffle. Sometimes it’s better to just have 15-20 really active members that know each other and generally like each other, that’s what we are looking for in new members. There is no requirement for you to represent all the time (we understand sometimes people just aren’t on at certain times and you want to rep other guilds). However, we are looking to expand our core (with the new guild rewards coming), and it would help to represent as much as possible when we are all in game. We don’t expect or demand anything though.
If you have a bad attitude or are just a general jerk, PIG isn’t the place for you. Sometimes we may fail, other times we may succeed, either way we’ll keep a straight head. If you like to have fun, play within your own style, and want a close knit community that’s willing to help and give advice, then this might be the place for you.

What do we have to offer?

We have our own vent server that we use regularly. We encourage people to jump on there and hang out. It’s there to be used; even if you are too shy to talk you can always listen. We have our own forums as well (link above). We are in an “alliance” with another guild that we do stuff with quite regularly. Our guild is basically fully upgraded, the only thing we are missing is the last WvW section (but since we don’t do WvW much or own towers, it’s pointless to purchase that at the moment). Members will have access to all guild storage (which consists of food, potions, and misc. other stuff).
We also play lots of other games, we aren’t always in GW2. A few of us love the Call of Duty games, currently playing Black Ops 2. We have some members who really love Minecraft, even set up their own servers for anyone interested.

How to contact us:

You can contact me in game (either via PM or mail) or PM me on this site. IGN - Notorious Pig.
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