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Design a meta event

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 01:10 PM

So, I was kind off disappointed in the way meta events work. Some are really cool, and have a nice build up, but most feel like just regular events with a longer reset timer.

I had a whole other idea of what a meta event would be when they first described the term, and well, I guess I just want to out my ideas, and hear some of yours as well. And who knows, if enough of us ask for these kind of things, maybe they will spark some ideas for Anet.

first idea:
The dams near divinty reach breaking, This would be the end of a long chain where bandits have a plan to blow up the dams in queensvale, and to rob everything from the helpless victims. Lower areas in queensdale will be completely flooded, allowing for water combat. (I know that from a technical and design standpoint this would be very hard to accomplish, but hey, it's cool :P) You can help out by driving cattle to higher ground, saving people who are stuck on roofs, repairing the dam, and of course protecting the people from the bandits. The event will end once the dam is fully repaired, and after a large bossfight with the bandits on a bandit schip that they've built for the plan with cannons and the everything.

second idea:
Massive flame legion army near ebonhawk. So this would be the end of a long chain where flame legion charr have found some ancient relics of great power which they want to use to form powerful cannons. Their leader will be a Charr, who wants revenge for something on humans. (Great emotional trauma :P), and at the end of the event chain, an army of charr, with effigies and cannons march towards ebonhawke. Each charr in the army will have a morale buff on it, making it harder to kill. The moral buff is linked to the number of charr in the army. To stand a chance against the army, players must build siege equipment (similar to wvw) on the walls and build defences, so they can kill as much of the army before they would breach the walls. If the players play very good, with lots siege equipment, it is possible to 'break' the morale of the legion before they breach the walls, in which case the event would split in a chase to kill the leader in the open fields, or if they do breach the walls, it will end in a large boss battle before the asura gate.

I have a couple more, but I have the feeling that would make this post uneccesarily long, but I would like to hear if any of you have some ideas for bigger, better meta events.

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