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Help with support Mesmer in WvW ...

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#1 Klaist


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 05:43 PM

Evening guys,

I am looking for advice concerning a Support Mesmer Build in WvV in a 20 player fixed set up raid.
There has already been a thread concerining a supportive mesmer build a few days ago ( here )
which I read with great interest but felt was going into a different direction of what I am looking for for several reasons:
- I will have at least 2 Shout warriors with Hammer + 2 Shout Guardians with Hammer around me so the pure boon application wont be so much of an issue (maybe?)
- the thread was always aimed at a PvE setting, rather than ‘large group WvW’ (I dont know how to name this properly ..)
What I was considering is the following:
What do I want to do with this build:
- provide the, in my eyes, immense benefits of feedback and full field during a fight and Veil while charging
- provide 4 ethereal combo-fields for my team to use burst combo finishers onto
- reduce cooldowns of these and prolong their duration
- give them some extra utility by blinding + confusing targets as well as passers through.
- provide speed for the zerg (Mesmer focus speed being the only one to apply to an infinite number of targets)
- My healing skill choice: I simply like the reflection effect and low cd + I dont feel like I have many illusions up at any given time during a fight anyway.
Why I turned into this direction:
I am well aware that the mesmers strength certainly lies with confusion the enemy (the actual player on the other side, as Seven Mirrors so aptly described)
and support through his general mechanics of: ‘harms you, benefits me and my mates’ mechanic.
In my opinion this however is mainly achieved through the smart use of illusions and phantasms.
Yet, in a 20 vs 20 man Zerg fight I felt that so much AoE damage is randomly being thrown at you that the rather squishy phantasms do not come to their full potential and that any support build based around them would be very easy to counter, without even having to put to much thought to it.
My Fear is: I cast phantasms, use my leaps + focus #4 for retaliation + spread around some love using Sig of Insp. will all puff to null due to the quick movement of such a big fight and the heavy AoE damage. Maybe those fears are without reason and I simply missinterpret the situation?
Anyway thats why I turned to Glamours for support instead and picked my traits accordingly.
What my problem is with this: it feels like a very one-dimensional way to play the mesmer and is in no way comparable with the complexity and versatility of this class and I hence feel like I have to be able to do more than that!
Maybe you guys can help me?
A quick word on gear: I run full soldier gear since damage is not my main task and for any time I die I can be certain for 5 enemies to stand up instead. When it comes to Runes and sigils I cannot decide which to take and I hope that we can work out something here as well.
I am looking forward to your feedback!


(if this seems familiar: yes there is the exact same thread on the official forums but I thought I might be able to reach more people this way ...)
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#2 Vihar


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 06:04 PM

A glamour build is the best support spec for Mesmer, IMO.

It is, one-dimensional and squishy, and your phantasms are fodder in large scale PVP....that is not your imagination.

I wish I could be more constructive....but your impressions are dead on accurate.

My impression with a glamour build was this....

It works great in confined areas...caves, lord's rooms, etc.....but in terrain that is open you are a dead man walking.

That is what I got out of it.
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#3 Klaist


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Posted 13 February 2013 - 09:17 AM

you have something awefully depressing about you :)
But if thats the case, I guess I will have to make the best out of it, maybe stack condition Damage to at least do some decent damage through the confusion applied by my glamours :)

Thanks for the feedback!
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#4 Chaos Archangel

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Posted 22 February 2013 - 08:34 PM

Haha, that was actually a thread I put up, and for similar reasons. It resulted in me crafting this guide:

The Chaos Maestro

which is a full support build. It looks like you want to be an Inspiration Mesmer, which can make good use of Glamours while still providing many other types of support (burst heals / any and all boons / reflects).

I haven't been able to tweak it for wvw yet due to computer issues, but by next week they'll be videos for WvW, PvE, and sPvP.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of different types of inspiration mesmers, and the Chaos Maestro build allows for plenty of wiggle room for customization. Don't give up man, we can support with the best of em.

Also, This thread offers other types of Inspire Mesmers, Fay's Mantra Healing Inspiration build is listere there.. Osicat and I have been talking about a hybrid Shatter/Inspire build.
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