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Volrick Banned for something he havent done i need your help

banned help suspended support ticket not fair guild wars 2 gw2

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#31 Lordkrall


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Posted 17 February 2013 - 09:16 PM

first of all i didnt report i was hacked cuz i was on vacation and i didnt know about it
2nd i managed to login 1 day on my account i had 0 gold 0 gem
3rd they didnt use my credit card i checked with my bank
4rth the hacker must have purchased gems and transfered them to gold and moved them to his account

my story is sold i can backup everything i say i am not lying

And yet you managed to login, which means your email was not changed. And that does also mean that you WILL have gotten emails from ArenaNet with every single purchase made from your account. If he bought gems, traded it for gold and mailed it to another character ArenaNet could very easily track that, but seeing as they have stated quite clearly that nothing shows that your account have been compromised it is very clear that a situation like that did not happen.
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#32 Millimidget


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Posted 17 February 2013 - 09:44 PM

I don't think there's any sympathy in the industry or the community for this kind of complaint any more.
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#33 Rumstein


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 12:38 AM

If you came back to your account and found you had 0 gold (and had gold previously), you would instantly suspect hacking, change passwords and everything. I would have put in a ticket to be rolled back, because a hacker would have stripped all your characters and banks bare, salvaged everything, and sent off the profits from that too. Since there was no ticket, there can't have been a hack (or it's a VERY convenient hacking...)

If you could log on, it means your email wasn't changed, so you would have gotten spammed with gem purchase emails. Hmmmmmmm.

If they bought gems and sent the gold away, it's traceable. You also would have been banned by the (totally not automated right) ban mechanism for gold selling until you petitioned that ban. Didn't do that? Hmmmmmm suspicious.

If you want ANY sympathy here, you will need to post screenshots of everything you are saying is fact, PROVE it all. Until then, you tried to scam Anet and got the comeuppance you deserve.

Chargebacks when not warranted IS FRAUD.
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#34 Leyana


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 12:44 AM

First things first:

--No Petitions, No Thread Titles Addressing ArenaNet or NCSoft Directly or Indirectly (Including CM's and Devs)
Petitions online rarely generate good discussion or results. Seeing as "/signed" posts would follow under the No Spamming rule, these are doubly discouraged and will be deleted. Your thread titles should include a brief description of the content of your post and not "@Anet/NCsoft" or something similar.


Asking the community to spam threads on the official forums on your behalf certainly falls under that.

Furthermore, there is nothing anyone on this forum can do for you. If ANet cannot or will not do anything then you are out of luck.

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