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What profession serves a better tPvP condition DPS role, Necro or Ranger?

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#1 Prismatic Zach

Prismatic Zach

    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 08:04 PM

I'll start off with saying that I'm not new to tPvP. I currently focus on Warrior and Guardian.
I've been playing a bunker necro for the past few days. I'm really liking it.

However, I'm feeling like I should try a condition build out.
I've played ranger for maybe a total of 25 hot joins. It's a lot of fun.
Both of these feel like they could do a lot of work in tPvP rolling condition builds.

Here are my questions--

- Does one profession overshadow the other for the condition DPS role?

- If yes, is player skill what divides the two?

- If they are about even, what are some examples of team comps should trigger the thought "Oh, I'm switching to Necro instead" or "Oh, Ranger is a better counter pick"?

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#2 Dirame


    Golem Rider

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 01:16 AM

I believe in a Condition Dps race, the Ranger would win. In the application of bleeds and poison? The Necro would win. The Ranger has access to burning and poison which in combination can be equal to having 8 stacks of bleed on your target but Necro has the ease of bleed application which can rival that level of damage but the fact is, bleeds need to be applied more than once to really become effective whilst burning and poison just need to be applied once.

One thing that should be taken into account is the power that the Necro has (like no other profession) to transfer conditions and this, is the only reason why a Necro would be superior to a Ranger in condition application.

And in this post, I have a Trap Ranger in mind.

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    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 02:01 AM

Ranger bursts conditions better while necro plays with more of a sustain mentality.

By that I mean that rangers can use traps and weapon sets to apply multiple high damage, short duration conditions which equates to having a higher DPS. Necro however can put very long lasting bleeds and poisons on targets, as well as having access to fear and AoE conditions on the staff (which can potentially do good damage, but because necros lack burning rangers still out DPS them).

Overall it is really a matter of what you are looking to bring to the table. Other aspects of the class should never be overlooked.

Necros can use fear effectively and utilize it as a means of controlling the outcome of team fights or interrupting stomps/rezzes.
Rangers have more available access to quickness than any other class in the game so far, and can utilize that to almost guarantee rezzes/stomps.
Necros are an attrition style class, and lack the evasiveness that rangers can bring to a table that makes them so survivable. The tradeoff is a larger healthpool with access to deathshroud and multiple condition removers/transfers to be able to make the opponent work for the kill while building up conditions on them.
Rangers goal is to apply the conditions and then avoid damage and play keep away until the conditions can be reapplied (if necessary). They have more of a dodge/evade oriented playstyle and it needs to be utilized to full affect to take advantage of the classes strengths.

I hope that is enough information to make a decision, and I hope I didn't just restate everything Dirame said; and that I actually provided more of a perspective. I main ranger but play a lot of each class, and find that ranger can be played with more of a roam/split mindset while I feel more effective as a necromancer trying to go team support and avoid being focused for as long as possible.
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