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Ranger Stat priority

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#1 RangerDanger


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Posted 03 March 2013 - 08:28 PM

so i've read through a ton of builds and everyone has their opinion on what works best. i'm looking for a good PVE/Dungeon build and what the stat priority should be for gear. Condition/Trap builds don't seem optimal to me for PVE due to the bleed cap, unless you can tell me different. Full zerker builds also don't seem to be the best since it only takes one shot to put you down and you become a liablity in dungeons.

i'm leaning toward a power/toughness/healing power build. i've heard healing power helps keep pets up, i haven't used it before in PVE. since a lot of our damage comes from our pets it helps to keep them up but it's hard in dungeons with all the AOE.

something like: 20/0/25/0/25 in Cleric's gear?

i'm also open to suggestions, i run full zerker now but it's squishy. SB & Sword/WH
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#2 Dragonhawke


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Posted 04 March 2013 - 12:07 AM

As far as builds go you need to find what works for you. However I can say that a condition/trap build is completely viable for dungeons. The only area where bleed caps come into play is world bosses where you have 20-50 beating on a boss, and its hardly a big deal there if your not doing max dps. I cant remember any time where a world boss event lasted 10 mjinutes, much less had a chance of failing. Five man dungeons quite often dont hit caps and even if they do it may be only 2-3 stacks that wind up being over the cap.

As to my build I have tried a number of builds ranging from glass cannons (20/30/10/10/0), to a more survivable build (10/30/10/20/0). Currently I am looking at a crit damage/condition damage hybrid (10/30/20/10/0). Though it requires a desent amount of Ascended gear to maximize the build, when Im done I will be looking at 65% crit rate, 74% crit damage, and 606 condition damage. With that amount of condition damage it makes the Sigil of Earth better damage wise than Fire or Air for single target damage, and with a 65% crit rate it pretty much insures it will keep stacks on a target constantly. It also makes traps much more damageing, and provides some nice protection, via WS and NM traits.
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#3 Jetjordan


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Posted 04 March 2013 - 12:29 AM

honestly if you like the sword/SB, make sure you get 15 in beast mastery imo. You'll get access to quickness more often on pet swap, and that is so beastly for sword/SB damage output. Also get survival skill reduction for QZ.
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