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MS TOGA Party - EU Server - Desolation Hosted!


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Posted 18 April 2013 - 10:49 PM

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It is time for gamers to give back and this week Desolation is playing host to Guild Wars 2′s first server wide charity event in support of Multiple Sclerosis. Gamers Giving Back and the Gaming World Entertainment Network, who were behind many other major charity events hosted in Guild Wars including the renown ‘Pink Day’, are returning to offer players an evening of events, prizes, and a chance to show the wider media gamers are not anti-social troglodytes hammering away at keyboards in dark rooms.

This Saturday, 20th April, between 1pm and 5pm CDT, everyone is invited to guest themselves over to the Desolation server, the best server let’s be honest, and take part in races, scavenger hunts, treks, fashion shows, and costume brawls. During all the excitement players should also tune into Gw-en.com’s radio station for more chances to win prizes, keep up to date, and listen to some awesome tunes!

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Remember to donate! While you will be getting caught up in all the awesome things to do on Saturday make sure you visit this page and donate! Donations of $10 will result in you being entered into a prize draw with lots of goodies being up for grabs, but on the whole we are aiming to reach $1337 but I think we can smash that goal apart! When donating make sure you read all the information on the page as you will be required to provide additional information when donating in order to be entered into the prize draws!

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So, what’s on?

Before 1pm CDT Saturday players are invited to visit the event webpage and take part in scavenger hunt. Players will be given eleven objects to seek out and find before 1pm CDT and if they do so, will be entered into a raffle were players can win any number of in-game and out of game prizes.

Between 1pm CDT and 5pm CDT everyone is invited to take part in Guild Wars 2′s first Tyria Trek, a modification of a social event we run here and similar to the guild mission Guild Trek. At precisely 1pm CDT our website, www.goingpostal.co.uk, will be posting 50 Screenshots (TBC) of place locations in Guild Wars 2. Using this list players will be challenged with the task of seeking out these places and making a note of their location.

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Can you just see the feet of the Lion’s Arch statue behind me?

Like Guild Trek the pictures are designed to be obscure enough to be difficult but should maintain enough features or clues for players to work out where they were taken! Do not expect to get them all but a great knowledge of Guild Wars 2 and a bit of thinking/yelling at the screen should yield some results. Once the pictures are live simply work through them noting down each location against each picture and send your findings to us before 5pm CDT or when you have finished. Use the submit form at the bottom of the page (TBC) to send us your entry! There will be an in-game gold based prized for first place alongside Guild Wars 2 merchandise, and Super Weapon skin prizes for places two to five.

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These distinct patterns may look like Rata Sum, but vertical walls are not quite their style. Where else could this be?

During the event, depending on traffic – Guild Wars’ 2 Facebook team are notorious for they most evil attacks on websites ^^ – we may have downtime on the webpage. If so, we may need to use alternative hosting alternatives for the pictures, and an email alternative to the contact form. Once these details are confirmed this page will be updated.


Between 1:15pm CDT and 2pm CDT the Super Chariot Race will take place in Divinities Reach. This event is set to be a brain twisting marathon of riddles, puzzles, and prizes. To take part simply arrive at Divinities Reach and wait for further instructions – when the event begins everyone will be given a clue, using this clue they will have to solve the first and so giving them the location to the second. This will continue until players have reached the finish line.

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As you might expect however this running around will more than likely send Divinities Reach into overflow quicker than Southsun on free precursor day and as a result I must ask everyone to appreciate that you may not be able to take part because of ques.

In the event that you find yourself in an overflow we will be offering a secondary event called Secret Dance. Anyone that finds themselves outside of the main server can immediately start looking for the secret dancer who will be hiding somewhere in the city (excluding instanced areas). If you find this person then you too can dance with them, while not standing on top of them, and by doing so receive a free unidentified dye! Once our location becomes compromised we will move on and the game will begin again!

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Find us, dance with us, and get a dye!

Between 2pm CDT and 3pm CDT the fantastic Fashion Show will take place in Divinities Reach on the Eastern Common’s stage. In order to take part you must simply dress yourself to the theme of a Toga Party - you may interpret this however you please but make sure you use colors red and orange. During the event please head over to the DesoSpeak Teamspeak 3 server and find the appropriate channel so we can properly line you up on stage and judge the living daylights out of you!

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The Going Postal guild lined up on stage after one of our fashion shows, which included categories like Mr Fabulous and Mistresses!

Prizes again will be awarded to the best dressed judged by a panel of our experienced fashion experts (I’m not kidding, Fashion Show is a social event for us!).

Between 3pm CDT and 4pm CDT the great Gladiatorial battle will commence, hosted again on the stage at Divinities Reach (TBC). Before the battle begins any participants will be required to sign up via the Toga Party website (TBC) and during the battle all participants will be needed on the DesoSpeak server! All sign ups will be entered into a knockout style tournament leading to a grand slam final battle. Winners will be showered with jewels, skins, and as much gold as they can fit in their pockets (kind of).

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Costume brawls, an excellent edition that arrived during Halloween 2012!
So to sum up!
  • During the day enjoy the scavenger hunt!
  • At 1pm CDT the Tyria Trek kicks off!
  • At 1:15pm CDT the Race kicks off!
  • At 2pm CDT the Fashion Show kicks off!
  • At 3pm CDT the Costume brawl kicks off!
Additional Information!

Everyone taking part in the event will be invited to join the DesoSpeak server, a community ran Teamspeak 3 server with the intention of providing a free voice communication solution for guilds and players alike.

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During the event however rooms will be setup to accommodate anyone wishing to take part, but also rooms for specific events that require more information and input on the day. While many Desolation players already know of the server anyone else can join simply by inputting – ts.desospeak.com – into the ‘address’ box in Teamspeak. The rooms will be moderated at all times so make sure during the event you remember to speak English and maintain a civil and polite attitude to others.

Remember also that anyone taking part should wear red and orange in support of the MS walk! Feel free to combine the colors in anyone to come up with something far more interesting than I can!

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If you don’t have any dyes you can mail – Rosa Salvitas – in-game for a free dye.

You can contact us via the following:

In-game: HexDragon
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://goingpostal.c...ion-toga-party/

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