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Guru Tournament Rules

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Posted 04 May 2013 - 01:04 AM

General Rules
1.1 By participating in the Guru Tournament all participants must agree and acknowledge all rules, regulations, and conditions as well as any decision made by our referees. In addition to these rules, all players are expected to follow the Guild Wars 2 Terms of Use set forth by ArenaNet.

1.2 We reserve the right to modify the rules at any given time without notice. Additionally, we also reserve the right for official tournament admins to override any of the rules to maintain best possible competition.

1.3 There will be three type of people working directly on a tournament.
  • Broadcasters - Will be streaming matches.
  • Referees - Will be Judging live matches and consult admins when rules are broken etc.
  • Admins - Main responsible for running and handling of the tournament, can take decisions to overrule any rules by request of referees.
Team Composition and Rules
2.1 A team must consist of minimum five (5) players; these will be the main members, a team is additionally allowed to have 2 back up players.

2.2 Teams must provide the following information to Tournament Administration upon signup:
  • Full name and contact information of team manager (Or team captain).
  • Nick Name of all members including backups.
  • Display Name of all members including backups.
  • Region of all members including backups.
2.3 In addition to the 5 players required for signup a team is permitted 2 back up players. In the event of a team, with no registered back up players, is a man short said team will be disqualified and replaced with a backup team.

2.4 Any changes to the roster must be reported to the tournament admins at least 48 hours before the official event start.

2.5 The team captain of each team will be responsible for all of the communication between the tournament staff and the team.

2.6 All members of participating teams must check in 45-90 minutes prior to tournament start. If a full team is not checked in at the 45 minute mark, the team will be disqualified and replaced with a back up team.

2.7 All participating teams must be at their computer and ready 15 minutes prior to match start. In the situation of a team delaying the tournament more than 10 minutes, the delaying team will be disqualified and the victory will be rewarded to opposing team.

2.8 In match series we allow a maximum of 10 minutes break(s) and if a team is not ready on the 10th minute mark said team will be disqualified.

During the Match
3.1 All participants and representatives from Guru must at all times act in a most respectful manner. This includes no trash talking or abusive language. Spamming/Excessive use of in-game chat may, by admin judgment, result in a disqualification.

3.2 A team captain of each team must be available, through text, on skype during and 15 minutes prior to the match for easy communication with the Administration team.

3.3 Team captains will be provided with the name and password to the custom server 15 minutes prior to the match. Any sharing of this password to anyone besides the participating team members is highly prohibited.

3.4 Additionally authorized tournament staff may be present during the match but such will be announced prior.

3.5 Players participating in the tournament are not allowed to stream at any time during the entire period of the tournament. If a player is found to be streaming then him and his entire team will be disqualified.

3.6 If a player disconnect it will be up to the individual referee, through evaluation and communication with opposed team, to decide if the disconnect was done for strategic reasons or if the match must be reset.

3.7 The use of any third-party software or tool that alters or in any way changes the original interface will result in disqualification.

4.1 Won prizes will be given to the team captain who must be of legal age (18+). Guru, ArenaNet or any individual takes no responsibility for the prizes to be distributed appropriately afterwards.

4.2 Legal proceedings may not be taken against any of the Tournament Staff.

4.3 The Guru tournament is a private tournament that you choose to participate in. Upon participation you accept all of the stated rules with no exception.

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