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Risk Vs. Reward in GW2 & The Underworld

risk vs. reward underworld

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:29 PM

The current state of RvR in GW2 is all over the place atm.
This video goes over WHY RvR needs to be improved as well as offering an elite dungeon similar to the underworld in GW1 as a solution.
There's a follow up video coming up soon covering why I believe we haven't recieved any 'endgame' content like this already.
As always I'd love to hear everybodies thoughts on the current state of RvR in GW2 as well as foreseeable problems with the proposed solution.

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 08:50 AM

Wanders in, idly watches the virtual tumbleweed roll past in the breeze.

Anecdotes aside, ignoring the obvious dungeon based content and Orr statues as end game content. I never understood Arenanet’s distinct apathy to push other open world events towards that category of ‘end game’ content, more specifically the lieutenant dragon fights.

Clearly a false presumption on my part believing Arenanet was positioning itself to be a developer who could deliver a naturally flowing open world content design. An open world that would seamlessly traverse from solo and small group scaling content before ‘going large’ with epic, complex, guild orientated world boss events or warzones that were still inclusionary rather than exclusionary. That these events could comfortably sit at the bleeding edge of insane challenge simply because even failure could be rewarded on an individual player level.

However, for whatever reason this never transpired and with it players are left with an insipid open world environment lacking any real complexity or challenge. Without this sliding scale as a foundation it is unsurprising the reward versus risk structure seems so inconsistent, or in the case of the unintended Lyssa event farm borderline broken.

One method to increase complexity is to start adding obstacles, while providing players with the tools to overcome those barriers. Consider an upgraded ‘Tequantl the Sunless’ that is now not only impervious to all forms of damage but radiates a toxic cloud that kills within seconds anyone approaching within longbow range. In effect an impossible encounter design but where the existing environment already contains the tools to overcome these obstacles.
  • The player controlled turrets acting as an AoE ground target weapon, are also capable of applying a de-buff that stacks in intensity allowing other damage to be applied to the dragon.
  • Emphasis is placed on those manning the turrets being able to prioritise assaulting the dragon with 'nuking' the crap out trash mobs that threaten to overwhelm the front lines.
  • This engenders a reason to have small groups of players protect these weapons from enemy assault waves which in turn can be composed of more cleverly designed interacting elements.
  • The stun effect from the Asuran laser is given greater purpose as it causes the toxic cloud to temporarily dissipate creating a role for a central force to be ready for a ‘guerilla’ strike against the dragon directly.
The objective in creating this complexity is to instil divide & conquer techniques that make the experience more interactive on an individual and small group basis while necessitating large-scale co-ordination. I could go on in more detail but the scary thought is the unoriginality of these ideas as they are almost implicit within the existing event structure. An event which seems to have been hollowed out to what we currently have now.

Setting a level of challenge will always be difficult given the diversity of in-game professions, their abilities and gamers’ individual skill sets; compounded by the scaling mechanic inherent in open world events. In the end, the only real solution is to spend hour upon hour testing and re-testing this aspect of world boss events tweaking the mechanics to the desired challenge point. Unfortunately, this is both time & resource intensive and in my opinion Arenanet’s opening release product placed quantity ahead of quality, but that is a topic in its own right.

As eluded earlier, Arenanet’s scaling reward mechanic makes it entirely feasible to set the level of challenge of these specific events at a ridiculous height. After all, fail the event but the health of Tequantl had dropped below 50% - an insane boss phase where Tequantl goes into a ‘frenzy’ - and player’s are still rewarded with a guaranteed rare. Pull off an event success and players’ are now rewarded with an exotic instead of, or even in addition, to the rare.

More importantly, success leads to a, not unreasonable, small chance of obtaining a unique weapon appearance that can only be acquired from this event. There are groups of players who love this kind of shit and who would get a thrill of running around with a pseudo-legendary dark bladed greatsword that exudes a glowing green mist across the blade's length.
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