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Zojoel's Necromancer Healing Build

necro necromancer heal bunker tank dungeon pve pvp wvw well

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#1 jelz


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Posted 28 May 2013 - 11:26 PM

Zojoel's Bunker/Heal Necromancer Build

*I Asked a moderator to delete my other thread because I realized I had found a better build without using pets, and I didn't want to confuse people, this one is amazing. Read on. PvE and PvP play-style is basically the same.

To get the most out of this build read everything!

The PvP Build: http://gw2skills.net...KjYShsCNAZBy2AA

Edit* June 6/2013: This build seems to be more useful for PvE/Dungeons: http://gw2skills.net...GtCaQKxhVNDAA-e or this one http://gw2skills.net...GtCaQKxhVNDAA-e (this one sacrifices 50% siphoning effectiveness for Life Transfer, or you could sacrifice the Well Recharge rate for Life Transfer, it's all personal preference)**Try the pvp build first to get used to chilling opponents, it helps a lot in PvE when you need to kite/tank a boss**

I have found that this build is also a viable build for PvE, you can tank better than most classes with it.

******For WvW you should make tweaks to increase your mobility, i.e give yourself swiftness.********


So this build is actually going to beat most classes that rely on boons (ele, guardian, etc)guaranteed if you use it correctly. I've only had trouble with **MESMERS and **RANGERS who know what they're doing, and other than that, theives, warriors, guardians, engineers, and especially elementalist have been no trouble to me whatsoever.

This build focuses around slowing your enemy down by maximizing Chill and constantly having them frozen. This slows down skill recharge rate and their movement speed. I know most people will comment saying: why didn't you get the trait that freezes foes whenever they are blinded so you can pick up the well that blinds and an offhand dagger? Well what I have devised is better because I don't have to sacrifice regen and boonstrip from the focus, and I don't have to sacrifice one of my wells.

How This Build Works

Once again this build focuses on keeping your enemy chilled so their movement speed and skill recharge rate is decreased.

All you really need to know: you should use Well Of Power to get rid of conditions and turn them into boons. When you have a nice stack of bleeds, burning, poison, immobilize, stuff like that, you should use Putrid Mark on your staff to send the conditions back. Switch your weapon whenever you have the chance to keep the pressure on because of the hydromancy sigil. Always use your chilling skills as you have a lot of them (even in your death shroud). Your dagger auto attack and your staff will replenish life force for your death shroud. Using Well Of Suffering with Well Of Corruption and using the dagger immobilize with the auto attack or Life Siphon will deal great damage. If you are looking to heal back up, which you should always be trying to do, use Well Of Blood and stay in the radius using Life Siphon from your dagger as well as having some regen on from your focus or staff. Also use the charge from your flesh golem when you feel you need it, or as it's about to die. If you have any suggestions please comment, and I play on a mac so if there is a program I can use to record gameplay with a Mac, please suggest it so I can post a video. Message me in game as I play quite often and I will help you with this build if need be.


*This build works amazingly with PvE Dungeons and activities alike (Play PvE the same way you would play PvP in terms of healing and such)

*If using this build for PvE, Superior Sigil of Chilling only gives 10% chill duration, I think it is a bug because Major Sigil of Chilling gives 20% chill duration

*If Well of Blood gives you a 6k heal, and it pulses for 600, thats another 6k heal if you stay in the radius for the duration of the skill, and combine it with life siphon and regen and hopefully you will be back to full hp! This is better than feasting on your conditions!! (for this build at least)

*It is completely personal preference to take off the focus and put a dagger in the offhand for the condition removal/transfer

*I use Vampiric Master because the heal is based off of how much damage your pet does, the flesh golem does the most damage compared to the rest of your pets. If you use the Charge from the flesh golem into a group of adds you can gain a possible 5k heal, or if your opponent is next to a wall and your flesh golem runs in that direction. The charge is also great for breaking the gate in Legacy of The Foefire to get to the lord.

*Usually when I'm near my my party members I will use my Well of Blood that will tick for around 700, I also put regeneration down with my staff, this heals them for around 1k every second for 10 seconds, 10k heal for party members? I'll take it.

Edited by jelz, 10 June 2013 - 02:35 PM.

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#2 Esther Dawnburg

Esther Dawnburg

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 07:36 AM

Hey the build is great but Greater marks isnt available until tier 2. Did you mean for it to be spitful vigor?
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#3 XRay


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Posted 27 July 2013 - 11:00 AM

Hey the build is great but Greater marks isnt available until tier 2. Did you mean for it to be spitful vigor?

According to the date this thread was created, this build was made almost 2 months before greater marks was moved from adept to master traits. So I'm gonna go with no, the OP meant for it to be greater marks :P
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#4 Esther Dawnburg

Esther Dawnburg

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 01:33 PM

Oh I see. So ill have to put 20 points in that line instead of 10 then?
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