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Guardian or Mesmer?

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#1 iLag


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Posted 04 July 2013 - 07:26 AM

Well I'm starting fresh again and am just wondering...

Whos better in WVW?

What is the playstyle like for each class?

Is there any good male armours for mesmers now?

Which one looks best with a legendary ( I'm going for greatsword atm but I havent done anything specific for it, Ive only nearly gotten gift of mastery - need world completion - and need mystic clovers for gift of fortune ). I'd prefer it to be a greatsword as imo they have the best legendaries ( well technically sunrise isnt a legendary but its the one I like ). So maybe the proff thats best with greatsword also matters?

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#2 lmaonade


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Posted 06 July 2013 - 06:30 PM

WvW is a toss up, they are both extremely useful, I would say that Guardian is more versatile because there are many ways to go about playing WvW (healway, boonway, front line CC, etc), while Mesmers are largely relegated to Portal, Feedback, and Time Warp.

Guardians are either in the front leading charges, or supporting mid line, while Mesmers are usually back line supports (for Zergs).

Solo roaming is completely different since it's anyone's game, it's hard to compare the 2 since they both can do pretty much anything on their own.

No new armor sets have been released so I'd say no.

Guardian imo looks better with a legendary, purely for the fact that heavy armor sets are superior to light armor sets in looks (imo of course). They both have good greatsword abilities.
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