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Warrior/thief/elementalist FOR open world/dungeon/WvW

warrior thief elementalist wvw dungeon open world

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#1 otterix


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Posted 29 July 2013 - 08:23 AM

I have a warrior, thief and elementalist.
2 80s and elementalist on the way.

I want to gear, play/specialise each class in one of the three areas, namely WvW, dungeons and Open world.
Primarily so I can trait and gear for it without changing it for a diff play style.

Eg. - Swiftness nor 25% speed are essential in dungeons but would be for open world and WvW.
- Providing some sort of buffs or support would be ideal in dungeons but not so much in open world.
- Having strong single target DPS is more important (at times) in dungeons than open world
- having mobility is important in WvW but not so much elsewhere

I think 80% zerker gear will apply to all three areas of play (also depends on traits).

My activities in each play type:
- WvW will be mostly going with Zerg with some roaming/solo on dolyaks and flipping supply centres.
- dungeons, I do all dungeons, not specifically just speed runs but with guildies, etc
- open world is basically dragon bosses, jumping puzzles, DEs, living stories, etc

I love all three classes and its mechanics and am having a hard time deciding which to specialise where.
I tried doing all three areas with all 3 classes and can't decide so i would appreciate ur opinions.

TL:DR version
Which class (warrior, thief, elememtalist) would u play in dungeon, open world, and WvW.
And why? one class for each play type.

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#2 JNeko


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Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:41 PM

Dungeon = Warrior

For WvW, all three classes have their roles. Thief is best as a solo roamer, Warrior as a frontliner in a zerg, and Ele as a backline in a zerg.
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