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Near Immortal "Offensive" Support (NIOS) build

guardian immortal support fractals build high lvl fractals unkillable near dungeon pve

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#1 Fidelis


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 10:49 PM

Hi all,

After playing a lot of high level fractals(48 and higher) and pve, I want to share my build with you. I have been trying to make my build as all-round as possible with a few offensive abilities.
The main part will be explained. You can fill in the rest according to your personal tast.

Enjoy :)

I'll start with basic and the though that passed my mind, while I was creating and testing this build. But first a quick link to the build, which will be explained below.

Why this way?
[spoil] I wanted to create a build with at least 3000 armor and some more vitality (and healing) than usual for extra survivability. But then I figured out, that (especially in the high level fractals) preventing damage is far more efficient than trying to outheal the damage you are receiving. You will be a supporter where your party can really rely on that you won't die and keep preventing damage, providing might(which makes you a little pain inverter in person) and other boons. While dealing a bit damage yourself too.[/spoil]

[spoil]That's how I got to my traits, which play the most important part of this build (together with armor and runes). I started to build my build around 15 points in Radiance.

Radiance(15 points: VI):
[spoil]The first 2 minor traits of Radiance are ChewbaccafightingNazi'swhileridingasquirl-cool. These 2 provide you a lot of blindness(damageprevention) and each time an enemy you hit dies, IT RECHARGES!!
The Major-trait is where we add a little bit of offensive influence to the build. The traits will be
"Blind Exposure". This gives you each time your press F1(and that will be a LOT!) and the GS Leap vulnerability to all blinded enemies. And since those stack last 10 secondes, you can stack them good and will weaken your enemies.

Why didn't you chose "Signet Mastery"?
[spoil]Well, I'm glad you asked! Vulnerability adds some offensive abilities to your build and you will have enough toughness, vitality and healing from other traits and skills that you don't need the extra 8 seconds cooldown on the signet.[/spoil] [/spoil]

Valor(30 points: V, IV/VI, XI):
[spoil]You still want the "Altruistic Healing" trait. For the first major trait I would strongly recommend the "Purity" trait. The second major trait depends on what you are playing. If you are playing PvE, I would take "Retributive Armor" for some extra precision. When playing in a PvE-group or dungeons, I should take "Strength in Numbers". For party survivability.[/spoil]

Honor(20 points: II, VIII/IX):
[spoil] Some vitality! But that's not the main reason for these 20 trait points. Actually there are 2 reasons. You want the first major trait "Superior Aria", so you decrease the CD on shouts(which provides boons to allies and then heals you). Then the second major trait (again) depends on what you are playing. When playing PvE you take "Two-handed Mastery" and when you are playing dungeons you take "Empowering Might". "Empowering Might" will provide a little bit of extra might to your party for more damage(the offensive part).

Again why didn't you go for 30 points and why don't you always take "Two-handed Mastery"?
[spoil]When I'm in dungeons, I only use GS about 33% of the time. And you will have higher crit chance on scepter(We will come to that). And in my opinion the only good traits at 30 points is "Purity of Voice", but since we will get runes for that, we don't really need that one.[/spoil][/spoil]

Virtues(5 points):
[spoil]We really want this minor trait, because it gives boons when you use Virtues(we are going to spam those^^). BUT! They won't only give boons to you, but also to your allies so you are going to give lots and lots of might and little protection&regeneration. And we will have "Altruistic Healing" so this will heal you pretty good. Each time your press F1 you will do blindness, vulnerability and 3 stacks of might to 5(including yourself) allies.[/spoil][/spoil]

[spoil]Now you have done the largest part of reading! The traits are the most important to this build. And now we want some more survivality to reach the 3000 armor and some nice health.
The armor I use is a full Soldiers set. The primary stat (power) adds damage to the build(a little part of the offensive part :)) and help to reach the 3000 armor target rather quickly.

To the runes! We only put 20 points in Honor, so we still would like some condition removal. Some survivability would also be nice. "Superior Rune of the Soldier" is the perfect rune for this! Provides you with a good amount of vitality and a bit of toughness AND the condition removal on shouts, which also affects allies.

Another question! Why didn't you go for Knight's armor and runes of Lyssa, because you have a few traits based on crit chance?
[spoil] Good question! First I had Knight's armor with runes of Lyssa and there are a number of reasons I switched. 1. It does provide more toughness, but you will have almost none extra vitality compared to this build so you effective health will drop dramaticly. 2. There are indeed a few traits, who require crit chance. But since I tried Knight's with Lyssa, I noticed the heals you get from the extra crits, from either food and providing might, don't outweigh the damage prevention combined with the small amount of effective health. 3. YOU REALLY WANT CONDITION REMOVAL![/spoil][/spoil]

Utility skills:
[spoil] The standard skills will be shout, because of the condition removal. Mostly I use "Stand Your Ground!", "Hold the Line!" and "Retreat!". These have the lowest CD and will provide the most boons for allies (so the most healing). When you're in fractals and need to change skills depending on the situation, "Retreat!" is the first shout I replace.[/spoil]

[spoil] Weapons are very situational. Greatsword is always a good one. Same for Scepter/torch. But in some situations a hammer is great etc etc.
For close combat fight I use a Soldiers weapon, because of little extra toughness in close combat. And for ranged I use Berserkers for extra damage and crit chance.

The sigils you want to use depend on your personal style. I'm used to the build and I rarely find myself dying so I switched to sigils which give me precision or power on kills(max stack give 11-12% extra crit chance) on melee weapons. Melee weapons (and staff) give you more targets more easy then ranged) so you will build up the stack quicker.

On ranged weapons I use a permanent bonus(again damage or crit chance) and one on weapon swap. I think Chill is very underrated condition(even in PvE), but I love to use it. But again, this depends on your own personal style!![/spoil]

[spoil]This is where you can really chose your own personal style. As you take a look at the link at the very beginning of this post, you can see that I didn't put any trinkets there. So you can adjust to your playing style. Personally I use a mix of Knight's, Berserker's and Soldier's. Soldier's and Knight's make me reach my 3000 armor goal, with some precision and vitality. And the Berserker's adds some more damage and precision to complete my build.[/spoil]

[spoil]There is no perfect food for this build. But here are some good foods:
1. Plate of Truffle Steak (Power, Precision)(Probably the best for PvE);
2. Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup (Precision, Crit damage);
3. Bowl of Curry Pumpkin Soup (Precision, Vitality);
4. Mango Pie (Lifesteal on Crits);
5. Maintenance Oil for a stat of your own choice!

1. Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken (Toughness, Power);
2. Plate of Frostgorge Clams (Toughness, Precision);
3. Mango Pie (Lifesteal on Crits)(Probably the best for Pve);
4. Maintenance Oil for a stat of your own choice![/spoil]

I hope you will enjoy this build and hopefully it will help you out! Feel free to leave tips and comments!

Edited by Fidelis, 08 August 2013 - 10:53 PM.

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#2 Daryl


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Posted 15 August 2013 - 09:45 PM

Looks very interesting. I'll try it out this weekend =)
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#3 Lucav


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Posted 15 August 2013 - 10:41 PM

torch over focus? and you play high end fractals?
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#4 Fidelis


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Posted 16 August 2013 - 04:02 PM

torch over focus? and you play high end fractals?

Should have been shield or focus! My bad, it was very late ;-)
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#5 Zorkoma


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Posted 27 August 2013 - 09:49 PM

I use an identical trait lay-out to this one for my general dungeon/pve build. The 15 points in Radiance for the 6 stacks of vulnerability actually makes a fairly significant change to the burst damage of whirling wrath. I run the same slot skills but I swap retreat with Bane Signet as I feel the 180 power makes a difference to the overall damage output of my build. Overall though this is a nice build :) It works well with lots of knights gear with the odd solider weapon and zerker trinkets.
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#6 Exo Dyo

Exo Dyo

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 03:09 PM

I would choose Knight's armor over Soldier's armor. I tried this out with Knight's armor, works like a charm. Still the survivability like the anchor build of Strife, but a lil' more DPS if you use the zerker trinkets. Like it.
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#7 AMonkeyCourier


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Posted 05 September 2013 - 02:59 AM

Sorry, but this build is really not good at all compared to all the others showcased here. Gimping your DPS serves no purpose other than to act as a crutch for being unable to properly mitigate damage through dodges, blinds, blocks and positioning. All of the support need in a high level fracts team can be provided while dealing near-optimal damage.

Edited by AMonkeyCourier, 05 September 2013 - 03:00 AM.

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