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Need feedback on Support Warrior build, please.

warrior build help

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#1 Kabaksi


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 07:21 AM

Hello all. I am looking to build my warrior as a banner-warhorn support primarily for use in dungeons or open-world exploration with a party. I dived into the web but came up short as far as what I am trying to achieve. So, I’m coming to you guys.
With that being said, my warrior will have a warhorn off-hand. The warrior will definitely be traited 30 in Tactics (Vitality and Boon duration) and will take the major traits of:
Inspiring Banners: Banners apply bonus to larger area. Banners recharge 20% faster.
Quick Breathing: Warhorn skills recharge 20% faster. Convert one cond into boon.
Inspiring Battle Standard: Banners grant regen to allies.
I want to be able to dish out a respectable amount of damage (as a support warrior) and draw a small amount of aggro, but still maintain a fair amount of survivability. This means nonexistent to very-low toughness attribute paired with a mid-to-high vitality attribute.
For now, I am looking to use Exotic-level gear only.
With that out of the way…
1-Where should my other 40 trait points go?
2-Mainhand? Axe (Direct Damage) or Sword (Damage over Time)
3-Alternate weapon set? (Preferably Rifle/Bow)
4-Equipment and trinkets? (Magi, Rampager, Carrion, et cetera)
5-Upgrade Components? (Sigils, Runes, Jewels)
->Remember, I am looking for decent survivability paired with decent damage output.
->Enhancements in the support aspect would be considered and appreciated as well.

My take on it...

The Damage Hybrid warrior with Banner and Warhorn support.

1a-Trait 15 in Defense (Toughness and Healing Power) to get the minor trait of Adrenal Health (Regenerate Health based on Adrenal level). Take major trait of Dogged March (-33% of slows. Grants regen upon receiving slows).
1b-Trait 25 in Arms (Precision and Condition Damage). Take major traits of Deep Cuts (+50% Bleed Duration) and Blademaster (+10% Crit-chance with sword).

2-Sword for reliable bleed application. Makes best use of minor trait of Attack of Oppurtunity in Arms trait line. Compliments Blade Master.

3-Rifle for those bosses that just need to be ranged. Deals bleeds better than the bow. Compared to bow, less AoE means better single target damage output. 5 skill is useful crowd control if needed.

4a-Full Magi armour (Healing Power, Precision, and Vitality) to compliment the Regen provided by the banners, the use of critical hits, and added health for survivability.
4b-Sword-Warhorn will be Giver's to have +20% Cond. Duration (I believe an Exotic Giver's weapon will give +10%, but it might be 5% [Not sure]) to compliment use of conditions. Also increases crit-chance and health pool
4c-Bow will be Rampager's (Precision, Power, and Condition Damage)
4d-Emerald Pendant (Vitality, Healing Power, and Condition Damage)
4e-Magi's (Healing Power, Precision, and Vitality) trinkets

5a-Sigil of Blood on the Sword to improve survivability as well as make use of criticals. Deals extra damage when activated.
5b-Sigil of Water on the Warhorn to support group with health. Makes use of criticals as well.
5c-Sigil of Rage on the Rifle to increase damage output on bosses.
5d-6x Rune of the Eagle for +165 Precision and +8% crit-damage.
5e-Sapphire upgrade (Healing Power, Toughness, Power) on all trinkets except the Emerald Pendant to compliment build.

The mathematical jargon of my suggestion of this build with Sword and Warhorn.
Toughness: 1256
Armor: 2467
Health: 27,712
Effective Power: 1489.56
Effective Health: 37,236
Critical Chance: 59.67%
Critical Damage: +8%
Damage bonus to bleeding targets: 20%
Condition duration: +20%
Condition damage: 314
Bleed damage: 58.2 per stack
Healing power: 947
Regen: 248.375 hp per sec
Adrenal Health minor trait: 502.05 hp per sec
Sigil of Blood: 547.7 hp upon activation
Sigil of Water: 464.7 hp upon activation


Any input at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for you time.

PS First post on this site. Glad to be here. Cheers.

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#2 Sagramor


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 12:26 PM

Try using an up to date calc like intothemists.com or gw2skills.net

And this should be moved to PvE.

The PvE folks will probably tell you there's no place for a support warrior in dungeons.
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#3 Hamartia


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 01:14 PM

I don't want to say that build isn't effective without putting more time than I have to look at it.

However, the general philosophy why, on first glance, this build looks REALLY bad to me, and the warrior builds considered strongest, can be found here:


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#4 Thorfinnr


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 02:06 PM

I have to agree...use an updated calc. I used to like buildcraft too, but seems like author/creator abandoned it.

Once you do that, re-tweak your build a bit, and throw it up in PvE warrior forum. Some people will be harsh, but others can be constructive. It all has to do with how YOU want to play. A support warrior is tough to work out, as it always seems you have to sacrifice more than you would like to get one part of the balance to live up to what you are trying to achieve.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with...:)
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#5 Firer


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 02:57 PM

Beofre I say anything else I want to quickly say that your going to support your group way better if you are going for damage...

Next inspiring banner is kinda useless as your group is standing around the boss anywhay so larger area isnt required... As for pve like world bosses there always going to be 4 people next to you and the banner can only affect 5 people (including you)... You'd do better using empowered allies which is basically an 8% damage increase to every member of your party...

Also as a support warrior i think its kinda contradictory that you want to be a support warrior but want to have a minimal ammount of aggro... Your the best bet for taking damage (except if there is a guardian, but if there is a guardian you dont need a support war, cause they do the job way better and cause you want some damage)...

For your example build:

Dogged march sucks in pve and adrenal health isnt any better, because it gives you a very low amount of health back... You're better of using some food...

For the weapon i suggest axe, because it has a way higher dps then sword and because condition suck in pve... For the other weapon i suggest gs to maximize dps and having a longbow in your bag for the battles where you have to go range (longbow does more damage then rifle)... For the weapon stats use knights or berserker

For the armor:

Healing power scales terrible so leave that away... Also power should have a higher priority then precision for you, so take something with power... Also toughness increases the surviveability of warriors way more then vitality and its not even confirmed if higher toughness=aggro... Apprently its more like that the guy who goes in first has the aggro, so i suggest knights armor...

But well in the end i rly have to advise you against taking a support warrior... I am not saying everyone should go full zerker etc, but no one really needs a warhorn warrior that fives you regen, cause conditions are rare in pve and killing the opp fast works better then healing a bit more... But i can understand if you want something that doesnt dies so fast, so if its ok for you to use a shout support warrior, I know a very good build for that, which gives you still a very respectable amount of damage, because you will maintain 25 stacks of might at all times, heals you and your allies and helps your party members by giving them might and fury, making it ideal for people, who arent so comfortable with the warrior:


You have to look through the traits again tho... Idk if it still works after the patch, so you might have to change some things... But the basic idea stays

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