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My (theoretical) Signet Power Ranger build

ranger power melee signets

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#1 Hellmood


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Posted 12 September 2013 - 01:32 PM


I was thinking about starting a ranger. I much prefer melee action and power builds, so I came up with this build. I'd say it's pretty similar to a GS Warrior, lacking the crit but with a pet.
First off, any general criticism?
Secondly I really don't know which pet to choose. Could you give me a quick rundown on pros and cons of different kind of pets and which pet would be best suited for such a build?

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#2 master21


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Posted 13 September 2013 - 04:53 PM

What's the purpose of this build? Dps pve? Wvwvw? Something else?

In terms of dps in pve this build is suboptimal.

Only 1 signets really buff your damage (wild). Hunts is quite useless, stone is defensive.
Because of that and high cooldown this 3 stacks of might are quite useless.

Lack of any points in skirmishing does not help damage a lot. Less prec less crit damage, lack of fury on swap (and some damage boosting traits for pets) lack of damage bonus on flanking.

If you want to use mainly GS try some 20/25/0/25 or 20/25/5/20.
traits in order
I and VII trait in marksmanship, IV and IX in nature magic. Take frost spirit and other utilities which you like.

About pet.
drakes are tanky, got aoe attacks, blast finishers. f2 skill hits hard but its easy to miss.
cats - high single target dps but can die fast.
moas - mostly for buffs (red one) and healing
birds - alternative for cats, single target dps with quite spammable f2 skill
bears - tanks.
dogs - controll. quite tanky, buts it's mostly pvp pet.

spiders and devouers - ranged pets.

Most of the time you want to use cat to maximize your damage in pve. For trash mobs and bosses with aoe/cleave drakes are better.
Damage difference isn't that high so you can just stay most of the time with drakes.
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#3 TGIFrisbie


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Posted 13 September 2013 - 04:59 PM

If you want a ranger with melee action you are better off with Sword m/h, o/h is typically w/h or dagger.
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#4 Phenn


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Posted 13 September 2013 - 09:33 PM

If you wanna run a signet build, I'd recommend something like this: 30/20/0/20/0, or like this: 30/30/0/10/0. As has been mentioned, they will NOT match the sustained DPS of S/ builds, but hey--if you wanna play Greatsword, play Greatsword.

The first build relies entirely on popping Rampage as One, Sig of Wild, and Sig of Hunt all at once for some huge spike damage. Once they drop off (~6 seconds), your DPS will, too. But you should have enough time to kill most things dead. I've had a lot of fun with the GS on this particular build.

Additionally, the second build brings your DPS up a little by allowing you to take advantage of the interrupt on GS 4 and 5, and LB 4. The interrupts add damage, which can help compensate for when your Sigs are on CD.

Now, if it's a GS playstyle you're after, then I definitely agree with the guys above--Sigs aren't really ideal. They're great for spike DPS, but that's it. I would also recommend a 20/25/0/25/0 build. Again, not top-of-the-line DPS, but still viable and fun.

One way or another, you don't need Soldier's gear. If you want some toughness go ahead and pick up Knights. But with the evade built into the AA of GS, your survivability will be rather high.

Aaaaand again, if you want to run Greatsword, run Greatsword. Peeps will tell you not to, but this is a game. If you have fun with GS, then use it. :)
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