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[HB] Herfolge Boldklub on Blackgate (WvW) is recruiting!

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 01:40 AM

Herfolge Boldklub is once again open for recruiting WvW oriented players!

You are wandering around and can't find your place? You fancy WvW, but can't find a guild that provides intense competition? You are simply an EU player on a US server and thus struggling with the timezone diffrences? You just simply want to get into Tier 1 to check out the atmosphere? If any of these fits you, read through this post as we might be the guild you are looking for!

Short introduction

HB was created in the game Dark Age of Camelot in 2001. Ever since we have been flying our banner high in most major PvP MMO's with multiple server firsts and other unique accomplishments. We have always been in the front representing our server in the top percentages. And we have been continuing to do that in GW2!

What we do and what we stand for

We enjoy fights that put us in a rough position. We enjoy being the underdogs. We enjoy setting up goals that may seem impossible to accomplish and we enjoy even more accomplishing them. We keep challenging ourselves from day to day to become better.

Our motto is: we want to make a difference.

We play by this and so far it's worked out wonderfully for us. If HB is needed in WvW by our server we WILL be there and doing our best to hold up the banner. This has been our reputation in other games, and we plan on sticking to this in GW2 too.

What can we offer to our future members?
  • we can offer you organized guild raids several nights a week lead by one of our prime commanders during EU primetime and early EST. We usually run between 2pm and 10pm EST.
  • we can offer you a guild that you could call "home". A few of our EU players are still with us since 2001, the very beginning.
  • we can offer you a competitive environment, with a neverending desire to improve as a player. We have our own forums with hundreds of topics containing theorycrafting discussions.
  • we can offer you a highly competitive US server as in Blackgate, with short queues but epic, monumental fights
  • we can offer you the chance to fight against or even alongside the most dedicated US guilds in WvW. We have both enemies and allies highly skilled.
  • our guild is part of the BWC (Blackgate War Council), which means you will get notified about every events that affect WvW on Blackgate.
  • we have our own channel on the official Blackgate TeamSpeak server (and our own TeamSpeak server as well).
Things you probably won't experience with us

We couldn't care less about the PvE content. That means, we won't organize any kind of dungeon runs or fractal farming nights.
We are a mature community that is, frankly, too old for drama. People may come and go but we keep standing firm on our ground. That's not gonna change in the future.

What do we expect from you?
  • full-time repping. If you want to play with us, join us, not others
  • we are an English speaking community. Although the guild is considered to be international (we have members from several European countries, from North America and even from South America), we use English as 'lingua franca'
  • have a working headset and a microphone - all members are expected to non-stop communicate on TeamSpeak during our raids.
  • be an active member of the community both ingame and on our forums
  • have a mature attitude. If you decide to make a comment on the Official Forums, do it with good manners. Respect your allies and even your opponents. Good sportsmanship is very important to us.
  • we have expected builds and roles. Be ready to run them.
  • make your goal to be the best. Be humble and accept guidance if the Leaders think you need it, but also do your own part of the research. Look up your class, learn to play it on a high level.
  • your focus should be on WvW and WvW alone. As I've mentioned above we ignore PvE almost completely and live for the PvP. That could include some sPvP as well, but our profile is highly centered around WvW.
Current recruitment status of the professions
  • Posted Image CLOSED
  • Posted Image OPEN
  • Posted Image OPEN
  • Posted Image OPEN
  • Posted Image OPEN
  • Posted Image OPEN
  • Posted Image only exceptional applications are accepted
  • Posted Image not recruiting
We are looking for NA players who can raid with us regularly, or players who can play during NA timezone on a daily basis. Please make sure to only apply if you fit the criteria.
Frontline classes take priority for the time being.

How to get to us?

We communicate with outsiders mainly through our website that is accessible for everyone. The registration is free of charge and only takes a few minutes to go through the process.

Feel free to contact the following people ingame if you have any questions:
  • I Skugg I - Guild Leader (IGN: glorius.1235)
Lastly, I'd like to attach a short video, made by our mesmer, Kirston.


For more videos check out the HB Playlist.

We hope to see you in the game! Until then, good hunting!

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Posted 16 May 2014 - 06:00 PM

Updated the initial post with our current recruitment needs and contact points
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