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Transmutation Crystal Bugged

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#1 gwright110


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Posted 29 October 2013 - 07:52 AM

Just wanted to let people know to be careful with their Transmutation Crystals. Don't expect support to help you if something outrageously strange happens to your items in-game.

Last night, I used a Transmutation Crystal to take the skin of my Norn Tier 2 Cultural Gloves and but that onto my Honor of the Waves Gloves to have Tier 2 skin but exotic Soldier's stats. Before I clicked Transmute, the window showed the Tier 2 gloves on the left and HotW gloves on the right. I chose the right stats and skin, double checked, clicked Transmute. The item it showed after was NOT what was supposed to result. Somehow, my Tier 3 gloves (the ones I am always wearing, black and blue with Berserker stats) were replaced by the HotW gloves so I ended up with level 80 exotic Eagle Gauntlets (Tier 2 skin) with Berserker stats and no more Tier 3 gloves at all.

Befuddled, I looked through my inventory to see what went wrong and could not figure out what happened. So I e-mailed support and explained the situation and my confusion as to how an item that was not involved in the transmutation window at all somehow got used and their response was essentially "Not my problem, bro. Deal with it" despite the fact that this was a major error on the game itself instead of me making a mistake.

They refuse to help, which means that my options are to either buy all new Tier 2 and Tier 3 gloves and use two more transmutation crystals to set everything the way it is supposed to be (which I only have about 5g right now out of the 13g I would need and only 1 transmutation crystal left so I would have to buy more) or to use a Transmutation Splitter, which costs 300 Gems (but I only have 40 Gems at the moment and no money to add more). So if something really weird happens and your items do not behave as they are supposed to, don't expect support to help.

So good luck and hope nothing extreme happens. I'm now out of 13g and at least another $10 to fix something that I had no control over in the first place.
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#2 Dahk


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Posted 29 October 2013 - 05:54 PM

Ouch...that's rough. Thanks for the heads up.
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