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How much damage should an Engineer do?

damage comparison help

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 02:19 AM

I have a level 80 engineer that I use for many things in many ways but mainly running explosives. What I want to know however is how much damage that you do, fellow engineer player, with a single attack using the grenade kit, a pistol, and/or a rifle. All the first skill only since that's easier to compare as it's generally the lowest ( and least volatile ) coefficient.

I want to compare it to my own damage particularly because I find myself lacking in DPS skill and definitely not doing what I see others doing. Success takes practice, no doubt, but I at least want to make sure I'm putting up decent numbers. The only reason why I'm not posting my own numbers is because I know builds vary so feel free to share what you're using but you don't have to. I just need to know the high-end of your damage, all the better if you differentiate between crit and non-crit damage please.

Thanks in advance. :D
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