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Best Living Story Update yet - The Nightmare Within

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#1 Castaa


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 11:02 PM

Relative to all others, this is type of update I'd like to see every 2 weeks.

My only concern is that you really need to group to get anywhere, it will be hell getting the achievements once players move on.

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#2 Echou


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 11:09 PM

Agreed. Haven't had this fun since the Molten Alliance dungeon.
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#3 Brizna


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 11:20 PM

Is it unpredictable? Yes, that's all the good stuff about it, everythig else is a random mash of characteristics from instanced and non instanced content, most of them contradictory, treacherous and annoying. I can understand people being surprised and having a good time today, but next week it will be like the labirint, ghost town.
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#4 Senatic


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 11:44 PM

No, it is not the best one to date in my opinion. It's very straightforward, and easy. I did 8/10 achievements in 2-3 hours of playing tonight and played through all of the content in a third of that time.

Pros for this LS:

+ New area to go through.
+ Tying together the "story" of the living story.(Albeit in a overly simplistic and "in your face" kind of way. This is probably a good thing though for a lot of players who really couldn't be bothered with paying attention to the story up until now.)
+ Interesting ways of integrating your personal story into the content (i.e it decided who you'll face in chambers.)
+ The AI of allied NPC's was useful, didn't get in the way and helped do damage as well as resurrect the player.
+ Sticking to the new cut scenes is a smart choice, they are much better then the old personal story cut scenes.


- Content was way too easy, I breezed through the chambers and story missions in the first 40min.
- Too little emphasize on meaningful progression going up the tower.
- Not really any secrets (this is what I loved with zephyr sanctum, finding all those hidden orbs by using new interesting mechanics was a blast.
- No new significant lore.
- Rewards are meh, mini is okay but minis have no real use in GW2 and the gasmask... yea I don't see myself ever using that gas mask.
- Content outside of the instances was once again Zerg focused.
- And the biggest con as with pretty much every living story patch; it's not meaningful end game content, and it's content that is digested and completed in an hour, max two if you take your time. After that the longevity of the content is artificially increased by grindy achievement carrots (Killing last boss 4 times, doing chambers 10 times, doing 15 events in the tower and so on)

The last con could be mitigated somewhat with meaningful or interesting combat mechanics that forced the player to re-evaluate the current meta and their approach. But instead it's the same cookie cutter stuff we've been fighting since launch basically (with a couple of select exceptions)

The top 3 for me so far would be:

1. The Zephyr Sanctum
2. Crown Pavilion
3. Nightmare Within (first part was very meh so I'm only counting this latest update.)

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