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Which character is your web collector?

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#1 Hades Tartarus

Hades Tartarus

    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 06:52 PM

Mine is my warrior. I lvld 6 characters to 80. Warrior was the first, followed by Ranger, Necro, Guardian, Engi, and finally Thief. The main preference changed from time to time to finally settle on Ranger. I visit the characters but I have to say that Warrior never really made me want to get back to him.
Is there one character that one you want to try something new or just a different play style you just never think of? My Warrior has rested in piece for quiet a while now, and to think I invested so much gold on him....oh well.

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#2 Moharis Frostreign

Moharis Frostreign

    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 06:56 PM

Definitely my ranger. Just can't get into it.
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#3 Save 4 Less

Save 4 Less

    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 06:57 PM

My Warrior and my Ranger.

My Warrior is level 80 and fully geared out but I just haven't bothered to actually play him aside from using his level 500 Weaponcrafting to make Ascended Weapons. He's also one of the only characters I haven't really done WvW on at all because I don't have the gold/tokens for another set of WvW gear.

My Ranger is my only non-80 class who is only level 57. I just haven't been motivated to get him to 80 for weeks seeing as Rangers aren't even of high demand in any game mode aside from Spvp which doesn't even require level 80 characters.
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#4 Lady Rhonwyn

Lady Rhonwyn

    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 09:37 AM

Profession wise? I have more than one character so a few are doing nothing right now*. But that might change at any one time. Except (for now) for the Elementalist. He's lvl80, I still have no idea how I got him there. I gave him some nice looking armour and parked him in Lion's Arch...

*well, nothing is not entirely true, most are parked on top of jumping puzzles, one is parked at a crafting station, one is hoarding my materials for the planned legendary and waiting for SAB to return, one is standing in front of a home instance for the gathering there
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#5 Crimson Blade

Crimson Blade

    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 10:46 AM

Ive got 4 at lvl 80, Warrior was main, although recently been replaced by my Necro, also Engineer and Guardian at 80. Really struggling with Mesmer, really lacks any sort of PvE punch, no builds seem interesting or fun to play.

Recently started my Ele, who has been a breach of fresh air, thinking she will become Lightening Hammer, although would prefer more of a support character.

Guardian is sitting in Divinitys Reach between the TP and Bank, after getting to 80 she hasn't done much.

Warrior for DPS
Necro for Conditions
Engi was just fun to play with flamethrower.
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#6 Jazebel


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 10:55 AM

My level 20 asura necro. Been sitting there for ages now, Has two full sets of exotic gear, final rest and half of ascended trinkets and such waiting for when she's 80. But I just can't get myself into playing it.

Still having to much fun with Guardian and Ranger. And sometimes my mesmer :P

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#7 Gecko


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 11:08 AM

My ranger.

I cannot explain why, but the last 2-3 playsessions I had on him, I ended up at a state between depressed and bored and feeling that I had wasted my time. Not because I didn't progress but simply because of something in the playstyle. Some sort of feeling that I wasn't able to do what I wanted, only having the choice of dishing out damage or not.

A quick switch to my engineer and suddenly there was air to breath again and I was reminded why I like GW2 so much. Poor ranger, I think he will be stuck midlevel in the middle of nowhere for a long, long time.
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#8 Azure Skye

Azure Skye

    Golem Rider

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 11:28 AM

its my asura ele that has been collecting dust. =)

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#9 Tarug


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 01:11 PM

Definitely my ranger. She has 2 crafts at 400 and got her 1 year Bday present a while ago, yet is still lvl 60ish. Right now her only job is holding all my excess ascended crafting material. =/
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#10 Guest 34905

Guest 34905

    Golem Rider

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 02:50 PM

Thief, levelled it to 80 by running AC and crafting. Spent hundreds of gold to make it look exactly like I wanted and now he's stuck at 80h played and 8% world exploration.. :P
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#11 Cr0w


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 02:55 PM

All of mine at the minute :D 7 of them are level 80.

I just can't get back into the game now the crafting is a grind to 500. Let alone affording to get to 500 or try to afford to buy the armour & trinkets :mad:
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#12 Xephyr


    Fashion Addict

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 02:59 PM

9/10 of my characters are :P I enjoy my guardian too much to play the others.
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#13 Little Bird

Little Bird

    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 08:53 PM

I guess ranger because even though I bought a character slot for it, I haven't made it yet.
Necromancer, Mesmer, Thief and Elementalist are still very low level: out of this group I have played the Elementalist the least. Thief feels the most comfortable out of the group so far.

Of the characters I do have at level 80: an engineer, a warrior and a guardian I would say Guardian and Warrior are both collecting webs equally because I don't want to spend my gold getting them the proper trinkets yet.
Engineer is definitely the most fun out of the three (basically no auto pilot on an engineer, so fights feel more engaging.)
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#14 Cube


    Sylvari Specialist

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 12:01 AM

I've every class at 80. I cannot settle with any class honestly, I play a character depending on the IQ of the rest of my team. But when it comes to roaming the world by myself Ranger is my favourite, mesmer and guardian being the least favourite. But if any of them collect more dust than the others it'll probably be my Engi, she's lovely but Engi is one of the classes you never get to really use as they don't contribute that much, so she always sits there by herself.

I've spent a fair amount of gold on every one of them, as I love alts.
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#15 Datenshi92


    Golem Rider

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 01:09 AM

It took me 3 tries to be able to get into the Mesmer class and now she's my favorite character. Might not be the best DPSer in the block but her support skills really make up for it. It also helps that I've made friends with a really good groupie where everyone is good at something and we all fill in the other's gaps.

As for my least favorite classes, I'd have to say that is probably either Warrior or Guardian. I was never able to get them to level 80... but maybe that will change one day, as it was basically the same with my Mesmer.

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#16 Brizna


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 02:11 AM

I have them all at 80, though to be honest I don't master all profesions but that's not he point of the thread. The most parked ones are the engineer and (how we call them in my guild) the useless "leave-eaters" .... I mean engineers can at least pretend they do a lot of things, all I know rangers can do is have pets screw things :P
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#17 Phenn


    Sylvari Specialist

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 03:20 AM

It's changed for me over the months. But without a doubt the one that sees the least use is my Mesmer. She's my extra bank. Used her in one set of Fractals after hitting 80 and that was that. Downright irritating PvE class. Fun in WvW, or was until the LOS nerfs. I have a few toons that just irritate me. My Guardian I forced myself to level (after five deleted Guards) and now it sits unused. I just really hate the class. Way too monolithic for me. Warrior is the same way. I've tried to force myself to level mine by soulbinding a bunch of expensive gear to it but it hasn't touched level fifty. Engineer is the same way. Just don't like it. Ele too, until I found a build I really liked so it's been fun recently.

Man. Seems like I'd be better off saying I play my Necro the most. Ranger, Thief, and Ele all come in as needed in group comps. Generally I don't like classes with only one or two effective builds. I'm a snowflake. I know this. :)
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#18 Castaa


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 09:12 PM

Lately I primarily play a Ranger and sometimes my Mesmer. I feel the Ranger class has supreme survivability for a largely PvE solo player.

My 6 other professions largely gather dust. I do use my Necro parked in Wayfarer Foothills to quickly finish certain daily requirements.
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#19 ilr


    Golem Rider

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Posted 15 December 2013 - 10:10 PM

All of them. Their Gw1 counterparts were versatile and felt at home in a world with real purpose. These 'successors' however feel like plastic dolls; prettier and fun to dress up... but ultimately inflexible, hollow, and inorganic. From one to the next, they all share the same rigid mechanics & stifled movement while in combat so there's no sense of individuality or differing approach. And when I finally embraced this reality by adding more and more DPS gear to their wardrobes, the desire to open the closet they're kept in ...fell away completely.
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#20 Ship Soo

Ship Soo

    Ship Sooey

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 12:22 AM

My ele collects the most dust. I just can't get into the PlayStyle and they are so squishy.

Im surprised at all the warrior responses; it's personally my main, followed closely by the thief.
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#21 Satenia


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 10:06 AM

I tend to log most (all?) my chars for harvesting mats at least, so technically they are not collecting dust. However, there certainly are some chars I don't play beyond that, the classes would be:

Necro and elem.

My main used to be a necro in GW1 and I never got over what they did to the class in GW2... just can't stand to play it. Elem on the other hand just doesn't appeal to me cause of the gimmick role it gets in groups (conjure weapons and their skill abuse).
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#22 Arca


    Sylvari Specialist

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 12:20 PM

Removed and purged

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#23 Kymeric


    Golem Rider

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 07:32 PM

My engineer was my biggest dust collector. I even got the steampunk armor for him. He looks great, but even though I would dust him off periodically and give the profession another go, I never felt as effective as on any of my other characters.

I loved Ele for a while, but the big nerf aimed at PvP bunker eles took the fluid, awesome feel out of my PvE d/d play, so I shelved him.

Shortly before I quit playing, when I was taking a stab at getting to 500 in crafting, they all got a little use though. They were either parked at a jumping puzzle chest so I could log onto each for empyreal fragments each day, or parked in Frostgorge so I could do a orichalcum/ancient wood circuit on each.

It was the fact that I had reached the point where I was engaging in that kind of game "play" that convinced me I needed to step away from GW2.
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#24 rukia


    Sylvari Specialist

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 12:58 AM

I can't play anything but thief, all other proffs are just meh to me because there is no resource management just pop cooldowns and wait to pop them again.
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#25 Featherman


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 03:10 PM

Haven't played in ages but when I did it I remember not being able to play anything but Mesmer after they nerfed Elementalist into being fire attunement DPS spammers. Relative positioning and timing are at least somewhat important with Mesmers, or at least I pretend they're important when everyone is blasting skills off of cooldown. I rarely ever died in parties though.
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#26 Karuro


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Posted 19 December 2013 - 03:32 PM

I made 4 chars at headstart. Human thief, sylvari war, human ele and asura engi.
It took a year before I got the war to 80 because I was maining thief. Living story wasn't helping either.
My ele is now in the 60s.
Those 3 I'm currently "maining" and trying to get out of my year+ of relying too much on shadowstepping.

The engi is just a crafter, though he got outside the town a few times for special events.
Then I made 2 others. The first (charr necro) immediately turned into a mule and the 2nd (norn guardian) is still being fancy in the "tutorial". He's low priority as I played that tons during the betas.
Those 3 are pretty much the web collectors, 2 being mules for the moment.
I'll get to them after getting the ele to 80, probably.

At least I got like.. 8? of those lvl20 boosters from birthdays.

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#27 Neo Nugget

Neo Nugget

    Quaggan Hipster

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 09:59 PM

Probably engineer, though that may just be because I always alternate between thief, guardian, and ele. Most of my characters at least have been fitted into another set of armor, but my poor engineer just sits there in his starter armor. It's a shame because I came up with the best asuran engineer name ever ^^
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#28 Illein


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Posted 19 December 2013 - 10:08 PM

Engineer. I played him to 80 after seeing a really hilarious WvW Vid of one and played him for like a week before I moved on.

Though I have a few characters that I really have no firm grip on, like the Necromancer, where I basically played them to 80, pulled a spec up and played that for a while before I left them to gather dust.

I'd say the only ones I have insight of would be Warrior, Guardian, Mesmer. The remaining ones I have at 80 (except for a ranger) but never really got too deeply involved.

But web collector -> Engi, for sure.
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#29 pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

    Obnoxious Font Tag Abuser

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 02:19 AM

pretty predictable answer from me:

I have one of each profession, and they all are! I do different things with them :P

Engineer80 - PvE, WvW, Dungeon (can't sPvP with her, don't know why)
Ranger 80 - Main sPvP toon, PvE, WvW, Dungeon
Elementalist 80 - WvW, Dungeon, PvE
Guardian 80 - PvE, WvW, Dungeon
Necromancer 80 -PvE, WvW, only just reach 80 not gone to dungeon with her yet.

Warrior 30- PvE, WvW, Dungeon, (hopefully I can use my warrior to sPvP)
Thief 21- PvE, thinking of giving him a sex change cos i find the new face in make over kit for sylvari female is a bit more tolerable now but then still sway, so I don't know..

Mesmer 2 - don't know what to do with her yet. except to get the charr personal story achievement.
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#30 Sword Hammer Axe

Sword Hammer Axe

    Sylvari Specialist

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 08:50 PM

My Engineer. He looks awesome, but I absolutely despise it.

I hate its gameplay, I hate its kits, I hate its silliness (yes, silliness. It's a ridiculous profession in my opinion, fighting with wenches and nails and blasting itself backwards with the recoil of its rifle). The only thing I really like about this profession is the support part of it, but granted, it's terrific at playing support.
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