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Retaliation skills don't seem to be working?

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 02:33 PM

Well at least that I can see with numbers on the screen. I use a couple of shouts as a Guardian and I was doing some testing yesterday to see how much damage was being reverted back to my attacker when using them and to my surprise (all the months I've been using these two skills was delivering me nothing) there were no retaliation numbers popping up overhead or the enemies health bars coming down from hitting me. I was not hitting the enemy in any way but it was hitting me and according to these skills retaliation is suppose to return the damage back to the sender for a certain amount of seconds. I was using 3 skills actually, 2 shouts and 1 other type and none of the 3 showed any retaliation numbers over the npc nor any hit point loss to them as they hit me. Where's the retaliation? When I get hit shouldn't there be some damage numbers over the opponents head? Shouldn't their hit points be going down as they hit me? Isn't this like Smite/Thorns in the old Guild Wars? Please advise I don't like wasting skills if they aren't going to work correctly.
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