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gear and survivilbty

thief pve

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#1 Robina hood De first

Robina hood De first

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 07:58 PM

hello everybody

im kinda searching for an nice offesinve orriented build that stil kinda can survive fractals .
normal dung i wont die that much but fractals i get destroyed (even with skale venom on)
so idk what todo tryed valky armor with zerker trinkets and full zerker with practice tolerance and there was little to no diffrence in HP so idk what todo to make my thief survivble enugh

idk what builds are good for fractals that makes me deal enugh dps but stil survive the hars thing thats called fractals im kinda im dodgeing as much as i can but stil i die =(

if you got anything post it with an build from editor or give any advice

greetings from Nathan
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Posted 30 June 2014 - 08:50 PM

Best advice I can give is get to know the fights. Once you know them & the mob's well you can avoid the vast majority of the damage they do (as a thief).

As for builds, I'm not a thief pro but after having played every class including thief up to lvl 30 fractals I can safely say this is the thief build I would use for fractals http://gw2skills.net...j6PBcKAIEg5tA-e (Note that if you need more AOE switch to the sword, the dagger however will provide better sustained damage. Also note that pistol pistol can regain health extremely quickly with this build while doing good damage, it just has no AOE or blast finishers.)
Also if you don't care about the extra healing then blinding powder can easily replace shadow refuge, the stealth is not as long but it has an extra blast finisher.

Lastly note that this build only really has 1 condition remover, if you need more you can swap master of deception for shadows embrace or just rely on an ally.
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#3 Thorfinnr


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 02:49 PM

This is a variant of my main Thief build I have used in Fractals:

This relies on major Crits, constant movement, and evasion. Of course some of the traits can be changed to your personal play-style preference, but the key Traits to keep are Ricochet and Executioner. The others are pretty much dependent on using constant movement to maintain a flanking/side position.

Ricochet when on pistols and Cluster Bomb when on SB give you that AoE, although limited, that Thief inherently lacks on a large scale. The Sigils I use in those weapons maximize their effectiveness to provide AoE(Shortbow) and Single Target Spike(Pistols).

Food plays to Crit and Health Recovery. (I use the 30 min versions as I can make/buy those a bit easier than the 60 min variety.

Also, Blinding Powder and Disabling Shot(Shortbow 3) can let you get some breathing room when you get pressured(you can also swap out Trait: Flanking Strike for Trait: Uncatchable to slow mobs chasing you down)...and you will...because when the crits start happening, and those Spikes/AoEs hit...things decide it would be good to get rid of you...cause you can hurt them very quickly and repeatedly.

This takes into account many ideas from the following threads:

http://www.guildwars...problem-solver/ (This is mine, not plugging, just have more details on skill/trait interactions and such related to the traits/skills I suggested here.)

Loperdos has an awesome breakdown of Ranged Thieves:

Give those a read and see if they inspire you to whip something together that fits you and your playstyle, and keeps it fun. Enjoy! :)

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