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newb character friend guild

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#1 DezzyOGBluebaby


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 03:04 AM

Hey guys, so I've played a few free to play mmo's and even paid for a Runescape gold membership like 5 years ago (Oh lord, go ahead, criticize me for my poor choices xD), and anyways, I don't know where to start!

The races look fabulous! I've started about 4 characters, solely because I can't decide what race or class I like xD My highest character so far is level 8, a human necromancer. In other games like Diablo 2, I was a total beast with the necromancer, you have no idea. Tanked my skeletons and ran around with about 20 of them, plus reanimated enemies, so on average, I had around 30-40 or so minions to whoop ass! I also tanked him out to where he could totally demolish my buddy's druid in about 2-3 hits with a physical attack, which is pretty uncommon for any necromancer xD But that's just the past, I'm on Guild Wars 2 now!
I've noticed there isn't a skill upgrade system, or so it seems so far. What I mean is, you can't throw in multiple skill points into a certain skill to make it stronger, correct me if I'm wrong. There's not many skills that I find very useful or desirable so far. I figured I'd try the bone minions, they're way too weak, but they DO give a decent amount of damage when they explode, which I find isn't too bad when I'm in a jam. Bone fiend doesn't seem that helpful, it just seems like a slightly stronger version of the bone minion with a crippling effect imho. Got any tips on other skills I should invest in for the future? Is there a faster way to get skill points? I see some of the better skills require 25 skills points or so. Are they worth it? Leveling doesn't seem much of an efficient way to acquire skill points because you don't earn much experience at all from battling, mostly completing quests which is alright considering is takes out the need for grinding, but there's not many quests around all the time when I need to level up to continue in the main quest xD I've noticed there's these points where you can do a 'challenge' for a skill point, any other ways?

Is there open PvP? Can you PK someone or anything of the such without being in a tournament/arena battle[attachment=7310:13425134611461347.jpg]? Not that I would do such a thing(;

Also, this seems like a stupid question, but how exactly do I make friends?
People don't seem very social towards me in gameplay and I'm kind of scared to approach anybody and ask if I can friend them or anything, I've basically totally forgotten how to talk to anyone in a game xD Also, how do I join or create a guild? I know I'm a bit too low of a level to even think about it, but it's always interested me being in a guild, considering I've never been in a guild before and usually solo play:3 What exactly can you do with/in a guild?
Anyone else a lower level that may or may not want to party with me sometime and do a few quests or something? I love partying up, but I'm not quite sure how to do so and I don't have any friends that play GW2 xD

Anyways, any help, tips, advice or just a reply from anyone would be greatly appreciated!^______^

^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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#2 Haggus


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 04:17 AM

For PvP, other than sPvP, the only places you kill other players is in World vs World, which is a server vs server battle. Edge of the Mists is another map of the same style. You can join in at whatever level you want in PvP and are jacked up to level 80. WvWvW play has become mostly zerg sieges, with servers trading control based on who is on.

I don't play a necro, but from what I've seen, being a minion master isn't a big part of their repertoire. A lot of it is gaining and sustaining Life Force, which drives Death Shroud. For damage, that is what gives the necro the most power.

As for the game, it's fun. Unlike other games, the Trinity doesn't go well here. It's all about the DPS. Damage, damage, damage. It's dependent not on each character doing a single role, as much as it is all characters working together to put as much damage on target as possible. Each profession has its own heals, conditions, DPS, and CC. They are defined more on their mechanics, or how they do the job of killing, not whether they are a primary healer, tank, or damage dealer. You'll never hear "LFG Healz" in the dungeons.

For skills you have two areas: skill points and Trait points. Skill points are what you use to get your skills. These you get from leveling and capping the blue skill chevrons on your map. You can also get skill scrolls from certain bags or chests in game. Traits determine what you are going to specialize in: whether you want yourself stronger and healing more, a ranged killer, or close in damage dealer. You get 14 points, the first at level 30, and one every 5 levels after that.

There are plenty of guides on here for leveling, and for how to play your profession. I'd say Guru has the best pool of experience to draw from with GW2.

Happy hunting!
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#3 I post stuff

I post stuff

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 02:48 PM

Your first step should be learning how to play Trading Post, so that you could hit 100g or so upon hitting lvl80 for the first time. That's what I did anyways.

MM is a great levelling/exploring build but lackluster in any other type of content. Luckily you don't need to have any specific gear for it so minion on. It's also great in sPvP if you're a sadist.

WvW and sPvP are the only PvP modes in the game, there is no PK. WvW does feel like an open world PvP area though. It also has something I call "smart zerging".

Don't be afraid to spend your skill points. There are many useless skills so to speak but you will be drowning in skill points eventually, so why not? You can also convert skill point into gold by crafting and salvaging certain items. have a Google about that, there are many great guides.

You will notice that even during summer time, this game has a great community. Don't be afraid to talk to people, or ask nicely for advice.

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#4 typographie


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 06:22 PM

Also, this seems like a stupid question, but how exactly do I make friends?

The fact that its very easy to work together with other players without needing to communicate or even be grouped together has some huge benefits, but I suspect it may make players ironically less social on a personal level in the open-world areas. You never really rely on other, specific players until you do dungeons or sPvP.

Don't worry about being low-level, definitely find a guild. Any guilds that are picky about your level wouldn't be advertising openly anyway. In GW2, zones of all levels continue to hold some relevance even at level 80 (to varying degrees), plus with the down-scaling system its really not like you're in a separate "newbie world" from everyone else like in some other games.

At the very least, being in a guild gives you a persistent group of people with whom you can talk and ask questions about the game. It may make it easier to find other players who want to team up and level together. Then by the time you're ready to do dungeons, you'll have some players you've been familiar with for awhile.

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