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2nd Birthday gifts

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Posted Today, 08:06 PM

View Postzwei2stein, on 02 September 2014 - 07:31 PM, said:

Why LOL then? Yes, Experience Scrolls are usefull - too bad you are not taking advantage of them. But other people are.

Your list is incrediblity ridiclous because you are trying to market a yearly benefit per character for content that is being done daily at the very least.

If you permanently park your xp-scroll leveled toon at a JP for the chance at a silver doubloon, you are effectively wasting (completely!) that character slot. Unless you payed for it with gems you purchased with actual money, you'll have to find a whole damn lot of doubloons to make up for it. Heck, you could just as well have converted them to gold directly. Furthermore, the moment you start using that toon for other things, your whole point becomes moot.

My characters happen to log into towns such as Divinity's Reach and similiar - having to use the bank, TP, crafters and whatever else. Paying a quick visit to the home instance along with that is no trouble whatsoever... heck it's an account-bound things anyway.

When farming BL keys, you reroll your toon several times per hour. How exactly is that yearly scoll a serious advantage?

Finally, doing a bunch of world bosses and champs that come along with that net you a whole lot of Scrolls of Knowledge. Just as kalendraf pointed out already, we happen to drown in them. Now the convenient thing about these is that they are account-bound, not character-bound. Personally, I also consider them as a sort of currency. No, I do not want to constantly convert them to money, simply because that means I'll have the freedom to either convert them into money OR do something else in the future. There is nothing wrong with hoarding stuff - on the contrary, depending on new content, you'll be glad to have something stocked and not being forced to re-buy it off the TP at inflated prices.

Your list and those birthday scrolls have something in common though: They are something a 2 year veteran can easily do without.

To conclude, those scrolls were nice when we got them as a first year present. At that point, I still had new characters to roll that could benefit from such things. However, getting the same stuff again as a second year present is overkill and not being able to stack them with the first year ones is the final insult that I could have done without.

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