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Misc Make a Monster II

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#1 actionjack


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Posted 11 November 2010 - 06:44 AM

Another make your own monster thread. But hope to see more creative mob pattern/behaviors (instead of just stand there and swing their sword)



A large floating head of a stone statue.


Brahmance have 4 faces. Each face will deal a different kind of attack, as well as gain differnt resistance/immunity. It will swtich its face from time to time while idling, and change its face in battle too.

Each face also have a weakness. So wait for its face to change to one you can take on easily before engage, and dump damage onto it when its vulnerable to that type of damage.


Bomb Rats

A Rat with a large glowing belly


Bomb Rat will try to run up to you, clinch on to you, and detonate. They come in a pack.

Best to thin out their rank with a long range AoE. Else if surrounded, try to look for one that is about to blow (they glow the brightest), and kill it before it do any harm.

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#2 Zoran


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Posted 11 November 2010 - 01:36 PM

Bomb rats would be Hilarious

Anyways here's something I made up

Name: Tide Lord
Looks: Like a Humanoid figure made out of Water with Armor attached to it
Lore: Bla bla nobody cares
He could be some kind of Mini Boss/Elite in an Area. When attacked he Traps you in a Spinning ring of Water which changes shapes. He randomly teleports inside the Ring and starts attacking you. The goal is to Damage him when he is in the Ring and avoid touching the Walls of the Ring.

When he's down to 30% HP the Water Ring bursts. He then accumulates the Water left from the Ring and grows bigger. He uses his arms as Whips in Various attacks. Sometimes he will also take a Small part of himself (he's made of water), form it into a Ball and throw it at you. Each time he does that his Size decreases and his Whips become shorter.

So in the Second phase you can either Fight against him or wait till he's out of Water and Weak (Fire spells also decrease his water)

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#3 raspberry jam

raspberry jam

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:55 PM

Name: Noob

Looks: Looks like a character of any of the five playable races, with a low-damage weapon with an extremely ugly skin, wearing armor so mismatched that it makes your eyes hurt.

Lore: The dragons studied hero groups from the time of the fall of the undead lich lord, Shiro, Abaddon etc., and found out the biggest weakness of said groups - which always was that one guy, you know, the one who never carry a rez, put 5 points in every attribute, raises minions as a monk etc. To protect themselves from the heroes of their own age, they recreated these failures of life, and sent them to join up with whomever they see as a threat.

Behaviour/strategy: The Noob will approach and automatically follow any player group it sees as long as that group is in hostile territory (they will wander off on their own if you enter a friendly city/village, though). Noobs cannot be attacked or killed, but they can be healed; in fact they seem to be allies in every respect except their behaviour. Apart from entering a friendly city or one of the Noob's own skills (see below), the only way to get rid of a Noob is to get him killed and then leaving him behind.

Noobs have a random selection of the following, sometimes rather devastating abilities, which they will use at the worst possible moment:

  • Mending: Passive skill, always on. Always. Regenerates 6 health per second.
  • "I'm using Sever Artery on Ice Golem": Attack skill. Causes next to zero damage.
  • Leeroy: Shout. Will shout a random, misspelled name (such as "Kiler Ninja Worrier!!!"), and then run a large circle in the vicinity of the player group, aggroing as many enemies as possible, before returning to a spot next to the weakest member of the team.
  • Life Attunement: Monster skill. Increases healing by 30% but reduces damage by 60%. Will randomly use this skill on the highest damage-dealing character in the party at any time in battle (and will randomly remove it at any time).
  • "My Energy is 3 of 90": Shout. Whenever any sort of support skill is used on a party member, like healing, hex removal or battery skills, there is a 10% chance that the skill is rerouted to the Noob, whether he needs it or not. The skill will then be recharge for twice as long as usual.
  • Guise I Brout Frozen Soil: As soon as any party member is downed, the Noob will cast a nature ritual which prevents anyone from raising the downed person for 30 seconds.
  • Pro Tanking: Automatically attracts aggro from any party member with high armor.
  • Oops I Moved: Automatically diverts aggro from the Noob to a random party member with weak armor.
  • "NOOB MONK OMG!": Shout. Can only be used in a downed state. The Noob will automatically use this when he is downed. All healing skills on all party members in earshot will recharge.
  • "But Mooooom!": Shout. It's bedtime. The Noob will leave the party, hopefully to never again return.

#4 outbreak


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Posted 11 November 2010 - 05:08 PM

Looks:Homunculi are made of pieces of metal (metal, copper, silver) in the form of human body parts, they usually have intricate designs on their outer shell. Inside this shell, there is a pulsating core of light.
Lore:Homunculi were created by humans in an attempt to make artificial life. In vain, they had hoped to raise an army of un-destructible humanoids to fight the elder dragons. However, the experiments went horribly awry, and homunculi refuse to respond to commands.
Behavior/Strategy:Homunculi travel alone, and are typically less threatening in groups. However, they can be deadly if encountered alone. Typically, there are three types of hommunculi:
*Silver: Uses death-like magic involving snakes.
**Eden: A swarm of snakes attacks target foe, stealing life with successful hits.
**Asp Grasp: Foe is entangled by a large snake, that causes their life to degenerate.
**Deadly Asp: Sends a snake twirling at target foe, steals life.

*Gold: Melee fighter, dual wields swords. Skills:
**Creator's Fury - Makes the homunculus appear to be ethereal, and gives fury boon. It is harder to hit a homunculi while this mode is active.
**Exorcise - A piercing sword attack that voids foe of all conditions, but deals large damage.
**Sap Might - Transfer conditions gained from yourself to target foe, in a stream of fiery energy.

*Copper: Uses air magic. Skills:
**Ark - Homunculus is surrounded by an aura of crackling energy, which zaps foes upon entry.
**Abdicate - Homunculus gains wings, and blasts down a ray of energy, transferring conditions and causing burning to foe.
**Justice - Sends two lightning bolts at foe that follow them.

#5 Winterclaw



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Posted 11 November 2010 - 06:28 PM

Name: Ghostly Raptor
Looks: GWEN Raptor, but with a ghost-look
Lore: The pissed off spirits of overfarmed raptors have come back to haunt tyria
Strategy: They have a perma shadowform that cannot be stripped (only aoe spells can hit them) and sliver armor which hurts anyone who attacks them.
It is a statical fact that half the people on the boards have a secret desire to be a cat-girl samurai.

#6 Bergil Sunfyre

Bergil Sunfyre

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 07:54 PM

Name: Arachnis
Appearence: Humanoid, but with a spider's mouth and one leg replaced with four spider-legs. They carry crude stone-tipped weapons.
Lore: They just trap people in webs and eat them.
So you're walking through a valley in the maguuma Jungle. Suddenly an bunch of traps go off, and an arachnis or a small group of them attacks you. They look terrifying, but aren't all that strong or brave, and will start to withdraw once people start getting free of their traps.

Name Lightkeeper
Appearence: A weird fish, about 14ft(4m) long, with a very small head and 6 lobster claws (2 extending to the right of it's head, 2 to the right, and 2 below) Above it's head it has two similar limbs, but with lights instead of claws at the end.
Lore: A creature from the deepest parts of the sea.
They swim around the lightless depths, where animals or adventurers see their small heads (the only part of them that is illuminated) and assume that they're an easy target. When the enemy gets close enough, they attack and try to tear them apart with their claws. They don't usually attack if you don't get close.

Name: Stone Idol
Appearance: slightly larger then life stone statues of many-armed charroid beings on horseback.
Lore: Starting at around the 16th century BE, Charr tribes in what is now the crystal desert made stone statues representing the woes of their people, at which the performed cerimonies designed to weaken and degrade them. This practice was abruptly abandoned during the ninth century BE, when the statues, having absorbed centuries of hate directed at them, came alive with the evil personalities that they had been projected onto them.
Stone idols are rare but strong, with one of the highest defensive abilities in the game. They appear only at night, move around in small groups (usually of 4) and will attack any living thing, player, NPC or enemy. There are six types of idol.

Time Idol- Cast spells that weaken your offense and defense, and causes degen.
Conquest Idol- Weilds a shortbow. Deals ranged damage and uses "suppressive" interrupts and skill preventions
War Idol- Weilds a greatsword. Just attacks up close
Famine Idol- Attacks your energy.
Pestilence Idol- Causes health and energy degeneration, and lots of conditions.
Death Idol- uses slow-casting, High-damage spells.

Since they are made of stone you can outrun them- but they will follow. If there are enough people nearby it's best to stand and fight- the rewards for defeating them are great. However, if you're outnumbered, it may be best to retreat until you find reinforcements or someting else for them to fight.

#7 davidoduck


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Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:04 PM

Shadow Hippo

An evil hippo with glowing red eyes and a dark aura

The Shadow Hippo's live in groups of 4-6 and speak fluent japanese, they often yell BANZZAIII when they attacking. It will attack anything in its way, there have been some rare occassions when they attacked elder dragons.


1. Shadow charge: The Shadow Hippo charges at the target if it hits it dazes the enemy and does 50% damage. If it missed it falls over and rolls around for a a while.

2. Shadow Dung: Uses it's tail to whip dung into your face, causes blindness and degeneration.

3. Fearsome fart: Elite skill, makes the Shadow Hippo invincible and makes all its attacks aoe.

#8 Zoran


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Posted 12 November 2010 - 01:23 PM

lol these ideas are Hilarious.


Spirit of Arms

The spirit itself actually just is a Floating Red orb, but it Picks up Swords around it and Forms a Humanoid figure with them. It disguises itself under a Pile of Swords that it Picked up and only Reveals itself when you get close.

Behavior and Strategy:
Should never be Engaged alone. It's attacks are all Physical, and largely focus on using the Magically held together Swords in various formations. Should never be Engaged alone.

Blade throw: Throws a Sword type weapon at the Player at high Velocity. Can be avoided by dodging. After the attack it will pull the Sword back.

Ultimate Blade throw: Throws all Sword type weapons at a Random player at High speed in Rapid succession. Harder to avoid than normal blade throw. After the Attack there is a Chance to hit the Orb because it's much less protected now and it needs to get close to the Swords to pull them back

Spinning Fury: All swords start spinning around the Orb in a Circle that Slowly expands but Gradually gets slower. You can just wait until the attack is over or wait until the close end of the attack where the Swords will be Slow enough and Far away enough from each other that you can Roll into the Circle and do a Few attacks to the Orb before it pulls the Swords back.

Thousand Stabs: The most Dangerous attack of the Spirit of Arms. It throws one Blade at a Player (like blade throw, but can't be Avoided) and Stabs the player with it. Then it lifts the Blade (and the Player with it) up in the Air. then the rest of the Swords form a Circle around the Player and slowly start stabbing him one by one. The player who is being stabbed cannot be Healed during the Attack. After all the Swords have stabbed him he is dead no matter what. The other players (if you're alone you're screwed) must Damage the other swords which Breaks the Link between them and the Spirit. When all the Links are broken the Swords will leave the player and the Orb will start picking it's swords up again. This is the phase where it's most vunreable and should be Attacked as much as Possible. The player who was stabbed still has a Nasty bleed effect on him and Must be Healed fast

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#9 Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears


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Posted 13 November 2010 - 04:01 PM

Posted Image



A humanoid species consisting of multiple merged creatures into one body. A kind of uber mutation. They are a blasphemy of nature.
Chimeras have a Dragon Head, Legs of a Lion, Claws and Wings of an Eagle and a Tail which is a Snake (Cobra)
Basically what this picture shows.

Chimeras are very powerful and not creatures, against which you should fight alone or when you are heavily injured.


Poisonous Whiplash
The Chimera swings his snake tail crescent like. Everyone who gets hit sufers on damage and gets poisoned. The poison lets you also suffer on weakness.

Breath of Black Fire
The Chimera spits Black Fire, which only extinguishes when the Chimera dies. Players hit by it will suffer Fire Damage whenever they move per second.

Sonic Claws
The Chimera uses its claws so quick, that it creates with them Sonic Blades which will rip Enemies in its way apart.
Players receive damage and will suffer on Bleeding and Vulnerability. This skill hits everyone in range and line of sight.

Scream of Pain
The Eagle Heads on the Shoulders will scream very loud, what will interrupt players and disables caster spells for short time.

Chimera Leap
The Chimera dashes towards its target and knocks the enemy down

Blades of Sonic
The Chimera pulls out of the Eagle Mouths two Sonic Swords which the Chimera uses for a certain duration with that the Chimera is able to deal armor ignoring damage and what will increase the maximum power and range of Sonic Claws, what wil change then to Sonic Ripper.

Acid Spit
The Tail Snake can spit Acid that let enemies suffer on Life/Energy Degenerations when being hit by the snakes Acid Spit. Enemies will also get crippled.

Mighty Fireball
The chimera spits a mighty fireball which will explode on impact and damages all enemies in range of that.

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#10 actionjack


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Posted 13 November 2010 - 04:44 PM


cool picture

Seem a bit too over with the skills. But as long as there is a longer prepare animation so player can tell its action (and take the proper reaction), than it fine. Else it would still feel lack of strategy in dealing with it, and more like fight a box of random condition/attacks.

#11 Artaxerxes


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Posted 13 November 2010 - 05:16 PM

Nice illustration.

I think the skills are a little over the top. This seems like an end-game boss, in my opinion. Something that you don't do with a PuG. I love the idea, though.

#12 Alot


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Posted 13 November 2010 - 06:29 PM


Those skills, they give me the same "o look lets giv boses skilz do many damge!"-feeling that I have when looking at Bosses on wowwiki.com. But I guess they are okay, if the damage isn't as high as I'm currently suggesting.

#13 Zoran


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Posted 13 November 2010 - 10:00 PM

I love the theme of "Sound" he put into it, but I think it's just a Big too Overpowered

#14 Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears


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Posted 14 November 2010 - 04:58 PM

I love the theme of "Sound" he put into it, but I think it's just a Big too Overpowered

lol, overpowered, how please if I havent said anything about how much damage it shoud do with the skills..

Only because a Monster should be a Condition Spreader, makes it not overpowered.

I said under Strategy, that it is a creature, that is very powerful and against which players should not better fight alone. Means in the consens, that when you fight in a group of x people versus one, that they are manageable with the right strategy.
Think of Chimeras like a special Event Creature similar ofthe size, like the Broodmother with same as much health ect.
I have chosen extra skill effects that make this monster very hard to fight against alone, they should be feelign to the player like a real challenge, if you try to fight them alone. And negative conditions will be surely again so quickly healed, like in GW1.
Movement plays also this tiem a very big role in battles. When you can avoid the attacks of the Chimera you will have easier battles against them.


Poisonous Whiplash, its a sweeping tail attack, if you manage to jump over the tail in the right time, then you dont get hit.
Sonic Claws, so further you stand away from the Chimera, when it uses this skill, so more time do you have to easily avoid being hit from it. Its a line of sight skill, so its animation is also long enough to foresee it.

Moving alot and quickly will be the strategy against them, because most of the skills of the Chimera are ranged skills, it has not so much skills that are for melee battle, except poisonous whiplash, chimera leap and sonic claws.
Blades of Sonic is only a self buff skill, all other skilsl are ranged skills and scream of pain makes no damage, it interrupts only and is only against casters more effective.
I personally see in my concept creature a good event boss, which will surely make alot of fun to fight against.

#15 Zoran


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Posted 14 November 2010 - 09:18 PM

I personally see in my concept creature a good event boss, which will surely make alot of fun to fight against.

Well that's good. Well it sounded kinda overpowered the way you described it but this explanation is pretty good.

I also like the Image you put with it. Where did u find it?

#16 actionjack


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Posted 14 November 2010 - 10:21 PM

Gelatin Blob

Like a large Jello


Hightly anti-melee. Very resistance to physical attack. Will try to close in on player, and consume them inside. But slow moving.

Best not face it with melee attack, else would get suck in. Use range attack, especially fire or ice attacks. Dangeous if you are alone, best go in with another player, so can get you out if case you got eatten.

#17 MithranArkanere


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Posted 14 November 2010 - 10:57 PM

- Magic Eater Golem

- Like a crystal guardian, but translucent, and with a texture similar to the blue chest crystal M.O.X. has under Dwayna's Form.

- They were guards for an old Orrian prison for wizards. When Orri came up and the mages were brought back as undead, the guards went rogue and started lurking around.

- They are melee fighters. They have high resistance to all kind of magical effects of any kind, and will try to encase players by rearranging the floating shards that compose their bodies as a cage. Once they have a player encased, they start draining 100 energy per second until they are killed or until they steal 2000 energy. Whenthat happens, they explode dealing as much damage as energy they have drained to the encased players and half that to all adjacent players. They will absorb any single-target direct-damage magical skill used on them, increasing also the energy drained by 25% of the skill's cost.

- DO NOT GET CLOSE. Do not attack with single-target magic skills. Environmental weapons created by magic or environmental AoE effects like a wall of flames or an static field are safe, but direct-damage attacks like fireballs are not.
- If you are encased, your skills will get replaced by the following ones:
* Resist. By using this you slow down the draining of energy to 25 energy per second. So others can help you scape.
* Overload. By doing this you let the golem drain all your energy instantly. By doing so the golem does not have time to convert the energy and can't unleash as much damage. That way you get 25% of the damage when it explodes.
* Scape: By doing this you try to scape the trap by slipping between the shards, but you'll get lots of bleeding in the process.

#18 actionjack


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Posted 15 November 2010 - 02:11 AM

Name:Puppets and Puppet Master

Looks:Posted Image

The Puppets will come and attack you in melee. While not very strong, they move in a group. However, on defeat, they just scatter to the floor, but will get up after a short while or so (like 20seconds or something). To fully defeat you, you must find the Puppet Master who hide in the shadow.


The puppet master will only show for a bit when all the puppet is defeated. If it didn't take damage, it will go back in stealth. So need to quickly defeat all the puppet at once with AoE, than use a range attack. Else need to work in team, where when almost all the puppet is defeated, sent out one person to the back of the puppets and wait for the master to appear, and strike it than.

#19 Corsair


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Posted 15 November 2010 - 07:54 AM

I would like people to please try to keep these ideas within the realm of possibility, and not be overly silly.

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#20 raspberry jam

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:18 PM

Within possibility? Ok then.

Name: Foot devourer

Looks: If you've played GW1, you know what a devourer looks like - a dog-sized scorpion with two tails.

Lore: A new evolution of the Whiptail devourer native to the Ascalon area, the "foot devourer" got its name from its favourite target when it attacks.

Behaviour: A rather vicious version of the normal devourer. It will never be visible (unless it's fighting someone). They burrow underground and wait for someone to walk over them. Unlike other creatures who attack from below in this manner, they don't pop up as soon as they are within aggro: they actually wait until the character/group is right on top of them, and only then do they attack.

Foot sting: Foot devourers attack directly from below, piercing the feet of their target. Causes bleeding, crippling and knockdown. The foot devourer can only use this skill while appearing from below, not once combat has begun.
Rest of skills: Like a normal whiptail devourer.

#21 moonstar


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Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:58 PM

Name: Ripper

Looks: Small, harmless fish...its mouth opens outward revealing 3 sets of rotating razor sharp teeth

Lore: The Ripper is a small fish which travels in schools up to 10. These fish are very aggressive and use their harmless appearance to lure in unsuspecting victims.

Behavior: The school swims along until a victim comes near. At this point they turn towards their victim, surround it revealing their sharp teeth. At this point they all attack at once, biting down into their victim.

Harmless School: Rippers swim together with a rainbow glow across their school. This allows them to prey upon larger fish or anything else that is fooled by their harmless appearance.

Rip Saw: The Ripper bites down on its victim and its rotating teeth rips and saws through the victim's flesh. --causes bleeding and deep wound--

Shock n Stun: The Ripper flashes its teeth then swims headlong into the victim. This knocks the victim back, stunning them.

Swarm: (only usable when 3 or more Rippers are present) Rippers circle victim at high speed, attacking with swift blows and bites. Lasts for 10 sec.

Call Queen: (only usable in certain areas) Calls the Ripper Queen.

Ripper Queen

Larger form of the Ripper, capable of using water spells

Only seen if a Ripper School survivor is capable of calling her.

The Queen uses a more powerful form of the standard ripper skills, minus Swarm & call Queen. She also can use Water Trident and a variety of other water elemental skills. She also has the ability to use Tail Spin, which strikes all adjacent targets with her tail as she spins around, causing knock back and stun.

--My idea of an Underwater mob. No jokes this time--

#22 Zodiac Meteor

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 10:03 PM

Name:Puppets and Puppet Master

Looks:Posted Image



Idea stealer!

u r ninja 4 nao but 4got 1 thing

But you forgot the part that the puppet master controls downed allies with his strings, ha!


Name: Lanci'Owna, the Ancient Walking Mountain

Looks: kind of like this except really long legs, holds it's head and tail high instead of near the ground.
Posted Image

Lore: One of those giants that plundered Tyria long ago.

Strategy -

The ideal amount of players is 50, NPC's can take place of players missing.
You fight this beast along a mountain path, players typically are about 1/20th of the size of it's toe nail. This giant beast is freaking huge so players will have to rely on Wind Tunnel Asuran Golem's to navigate up and round the mountain area. If players fall behind, a Carriageway will come to pick up players, then ride to the front of the beast.

Players Strategy:
Slay the beast before it destroys a town in it's path.

Humans - Will bring a portable inferno cannon along the mountain path, honing using fire magic power to hit the beast in one huge blast. Having enough players using fire magic or grabbing a temporary fire magic wand to charge up the blast. The key is timing and waiting for the human commander to tell the players (or NPC's) to fire their spells.

Charr - Will have catapults launching explosive barrels traveling on the other side of the mountain path, ranged attackers can use skills to explode the barrel when it hits Lanci'Owna. The key is to fire as soon as the barrels hit Lanci'Owna for the huge damage.

Asura - Will have their Wind Tunnel Golem's launching players around the map, making for easy travel. They also bring a Earth Tunnel Golem's to lay a huge trap, snaring the beast and knocking it's head to the ground.

Norn - Using the Asuran Wind Golem's to launch onto the beasts back, Norn can carry a huge amount of explosives onto the beasts back and then setting them off. The more Norn carrying the load the faster they will move.

Sylvari - Can make huge forest tree's, temporary slowing the Lanci'Owna's movement for a large amount of time.

Wind Tunnel Golem's can launch Melee class players onto Lanci'Owna's back to attack it's neck or tail for damage, or ranged class players can fire from afar.

If Lanci'Owna's tail takes damaged enough, it will drag along the ground, slowing the beast a little, along with preventing it to hit players.

Lanci'Owna, the Lost Ancient Mountain Strategy:

Lanci'Owna skin is very tough, players will find themselves dealing little damage with their strongest attacks. It's weak points is it's neck and head. It's head is to high up for accurate shots and sways, making ranged attacks less accurate. Either aim for the neck or jump on it's back then go for the neck.

If players on this beast back, Lanci'Owna will lift it's front legs, causing the players to fall off a great deal of height, them crashing down will cause an earthquake dealing massive damage to any players caught in it's affects.

Lanci'Owna's tail can also deal heavy damage by hitting players running along side the mountain. If Lanci'Owna steps on a player, they die, instantly. Running along the ground is not advised unless you can run really fast.

Lanci'Owna has three types of ranged breath attacks it can do.

Rocket Pulse - Uses this quite frequently, a deadly, fast rocket that fires from it's mouth. Large AoE and deals heavy burning.

Pulsate Barrage - Uses this from time to time, it fires a huge amount of median-sized fire balls like the warrior barrage ability. Except the AoE is much, much larger and if players don't move out of the way to fast it will kill them. When using this Lanci'Owna scales will spike out and glimmer.

Space and Time Shatter Beam
- Lanci'Owna's scales will spike out and glimmer for a while, charging this attack in the mouth. The attack also has a special look right before it fires, the game screen will change to a dark red, the Lanci'Owna's mouth will appear to crack, game time freezes for a second and then the beam fires (only for people in the dynamic event). Once this attack fires players in the beams light will die instantly, no downed state, must be very careful. After this attack fires it will have a backlash effect. The area that the beam fired will begin cracking like glass giving into weight, thus leading to another huge explosion with wall of fires covering the ENTIRE mountain area. Players must shield themselves in anyway to survive or be downed or even die. Either hiding in a cave, using their shield skill or a protect themselves with a different players shield skill protection area is best used during the backlash.

Biggest Weakness - When Lanci'Owna's scales start spiking and glimmering it becomes very vulnerable to damage. As important as it is to flee from skills like Pulsate Barrage or Space and Time Shatter Beam attacking it while in this form is vital for much needed extra damage. Playing safe won't slay this beast in time, be risky and stay alive.

Lanci'Owna Downed State- When Lanci'Owna health bar reaches 0 it's legs will fall, then Lanci'Owna enters a downed state. In this state Lanci'Owna enters a frenzy, lashing it's head everywhere, firing attacks often and in it's head is in it's weak glimmering mode. The beast way to damage it in this downed state is attacking it's neck or head. In this state Lanci'Owna enters a frenzy, lashing it's head everywhere and firing attacks often. It can no longer do Space and Time Shatter Beam but it can use Frenzied Beam, which is a five pronged beam, very deadly. It can also use head slam, causing a shock wave to nearby players while damaging itself. If Lanci'Owna is not damaged enough during this downed state, it will stand back up. If it stands back up it will have much less health but it's defense keeps it well alive even when swarmed with players. Once it enters it's downed state again it will continue where it's downed state bar was left off.

This fight ideally takes about 15 minutes. Give or take a little depending on how many times Lanci'Owna get's snared, It can destroy the village in about 20.

To bad Anet won't read this :qq:

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Posted 16 November 2010 - 02:46 PM

Well that's good. Well it sounded kinda overpowered the way you described it but this explanation is pretty good.

I also like the Image you put with it. Where did u find it?

Simple used Google and searched for "Chimera", under the results it appears then on page 3.

Name: Quetzalcoatl
(also known as "Feathered Rainbow Snake")

Posted Image

The best way to have an easy game with them is to stun them, or you will have it harder with them, because these creatures are extreme quick flyers and very agile. They live in large groups, so if you ever meet a nest of them, then please to god that you will be better not alone in that moment, or these creatures eat you alive like piranhas down to the bones.



Bite of Dangerous Colors
A Bite Attack, which has in regard of the colors the Feathers have at the moment of the attack a different negative condition.
Red = Burning
Orange = Bleeding
Yellow = Stun
Dark Green = Poison
Green = Vulnerability
Dark Blue = Slowness
Blue = Freeze
Pink = Knockdown
Purple = Fear
Brown = Crippling
White = Blindness
Black = Weakness

Strangulating Grip
The Quetzalcoatl strangulates its target. If the Quetzalcoatl uses this skill, it becomes itself immobile for the duration of the skill, but the target becomes also immobile and suffers on a Life and Energy Degeneration of xx..xx..xxx points per second. If the victim falls under half health while this skill is active, the victim will suffer when the skill ends a 5 second long blackout in which the victim cannot use skills.

Blood Rush
A skill that increases their attack speed and reduces their recharge times of their skilsl for xx seconds after they have dealt damage to a victim after this skill got activated.

Razor Sharp Teeth
A skill, that increases temporarely their attack power and critical hit change, when they attack enemies, which suffer on negative conditions.

Rainbow Scales
A skill, which lets the Quetzalcoatl temporarely absorb all elemental damages and. All elemental damage will be reduced by half and heals the Quetzalcoatl instead.
The physical defense will be reduced meanwhile also to by 50%

Loop Tail Slash
The Quetzalcoatl will fly quickly towards its target, just to perform short before it a loop in the air where its tail wiill hit the target and slash it. This attack will interrupt the victim and slash it up into the air, what will knock the enemy down in the end.

Whirling Thunder Spiral
The Quetzalcoatl controls the weather and starts spinning its body in high speed like a spiral. With that movements whirls it up the temperatures, what results in electricity.
Adjacent enemies will receive xx..xx..xxx Lightning Damage if the Quetzalcoatl touches them while it performs this attack. It will fly this way up to x..xx..xx seconds before it runs out of endurance for this skill.

Ride the Lightning
The Quetzalcoatl controls the weather to summon a lightning into its wings with that the Quetzalcoatl will perform a lightning fast charge attack that will hit everyone it its line of sight and deals to victims high lightning damage that also ignores the armor by 25%

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 08:54 AM

Name: Pinchy

Looks: An oversized lobster.

Behavior: Lives in aquatic zones, hovers around the river bed. This creature is a melee fighter, dealing a massive amount of damage with it's oversized pincers. Pinchys can move extremely fast through water, having an inherent speed boost meaning players need to be wary about aggroing them as they may well be upon the player before the player realises. Another ability which Pinchys have is the ability to haul back kiters. If you aggro a Pinchy, and try to flee, the foe will try to catch up with you and haul you back down to the depths. Pinchys are also considered to dual wield due to their two large, dominating pincers.

Skill ideas:

Pincer Crunch: Melee Attack - Deal xxx piercing damage to foe.

Torpedo Smash: Stance - for 10 seconds you move 50% faster in water. If you strike a foe in melee range this skill ends and that foe receives +xxx damage.

Pincer Swipe: Dual Melee Attack - Deal xxx slashing damage to target foe and up to 5 adjacent foes.

Depth Drag: Latch onto target fleeing foe. For 4 seconds you move 50% faster and pull target foe in the opposite direction.

In addition...

Boss Idea: "Mr Pinchy"; tastes great. When killed drops several packets of Pinchy meat. Eating Pinchy meat causes the player to cry uncontrollably for 5 minutes.

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 10:17 AM

Name: Writhing Darkness
Species: Demon

A writhing black mass of a liquid like substance, with two humanoid arms ending in vicious claws and a base of slithering tendrils. It appears to have no head or distinguishing features other than that.


Few whom have lived through the ordeal of being possessed by a Writhing Darkness maintain even a semblance of sanity. Those who do tend to still have difficulty talking about the vile creatures who nearly robbed them of their life.


You will never see a Writhing Darkness until you're already within its clutches. Not truly within the realm of Tyria, they seem to have the strange ability to possess the shadows of beings within other realms...then use that shadow as a tether, consuming the husk of the individual and becoming one with their flesh.

The only indication that you've been possessed is a slight, temporary, distortion within your shadow. The demon then lies in wait, lurking within the depths of your umbra until you are either alone...or within the chaos of battle. This is when your shadow rises up and consumes you...enveloping you within the mass of darkness before you seemingly vanish amiss a pool of jet fluid.

It's then that you face the demon alone, a vicious creature aiming for more than just your life. If you should fail in defeating the monstrosity...it shall take your husk for itself, crafting it into a physical form that permits it to wander the realm of Tyria.

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 03:13 PM

Name: Ur'gosh, Scourge of the Sands

Posted Image

Behavior: Ur'gosh is a Dynamic Event Boss which can only be found in a specific desert area (see Strategy section on how to trigger the event). It moves pretty fast. It's usually under the sand and if it's close you can notice the sand moving up and down and the ground shaking. It's blind but it has an amazing hearing sense, so if you move too much on the sand it's gonna stat attacking you.

Silent Death - Ur'gosh only uses this attack when there's only one target. It goes completely under the sand and starts moving really slow, making it significantly harder to notice it. When it's under you it suddenly opens it's huge mouth below your feet. It devours the sand on which you stand and you along with it. While the sand starts sinking you have a second to jump out of it's mouth before it closes, otherwise it's an Instant death.

Charge - Ur'gosh opens his giant mouth and starts charging at the Target. This can be avoided by dodging the attack (but that' hard) or throwing an explosive projectile into it's mouth (like a fireball) which will make it start roaring and cancel it's attack

Leap - Ur'gosh first goes out of the sand and stands straight for 10 seconds (this gives you a small chance to attack it), then it Leaps at the Target. If the Target fails to Dodge the attack it's Instant death for him.

Strategy: - In the Desert area you can find a Small Fortress with Sand Raiders. They specialize in Trapping and Killing creatures in the Desert. Their biggest desire is to kill Ur'gosh. Before attacking Ur'gosh there's a series of events which are about testing their Machines. There events involve using the Machines to trap Smaller Worms. When all those events are finished the Leader of the Raiders will announce that they will attack Ur'gosh. There are a lot of Machines there, which are all Made to Counter his Various attacks.

One is a Bait Machine. A large Wagon which contains a Device which repeatedly smashes into the sand (which attracts Ur'gosh) and a Large bomb. This is made to counter Ur'gosh's "Silent Death" attack by making him eat the Bomb.

The second one is a Magically Enhanced Net which must be spread out by 2 Players driving a Machine on each side of the Net. This is used to Stop his Charge attack.

And the Third machine Looks like a large Circular Plate but it Deploys a Spike when the mechanism is triggered. This is made to counter his "Leap" attack by making him hit the Spike with his head.

All of these machines, if successfully deployed, damage Ur'gosh, and leave him in Pain which gives players a Few Seconds to dish out some Damage. There are also Large Ballistas which should be used while Ur'gosh is stunned after a Machine Trap.

The great risk in this fight is that there is a limited number of Machines, and each Successful Trap, while Damaging Ur'gosh, destroys the machine at the same time. Also for the Net and Spike machines, players must manually lure Ur'gosh by Running around a lot, close to the machines, while the Driver puts it in place. Also the drivers must obviously leave the Machines or they will take a lot of Damage when they get destroyed.

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Posted 26 January 2011 - 04:44 PM

Name : Draconians
Appearance :
Posted Image
Lore : Draconians are a race that evolved from the ancient dragons that ruled Tyria . They are a very intelligent and can adapt to almost every environment . This race lived in what is now called the Ring of fire islands chain , but they were forced underground when a cataclismic eruption destroyed the continent they once lived on , wich resulted in the Ring of fire island . The awakening of Zaitan , and the resurface of Orr , caused massive tectonic shifts in the ocean floor , wich lead to the draconians being able to resurface once more on Tyria . However they don't recognize the elder dragons as their masters , but are also hostile to any other civilization on Tyria .
Skills : Draconians are humanoid intelligent creatures wich means that they use armor and weapons as other races , and they can use every profession .
Strategy : Since they aren't linked to a single profession , various strategies will be needed to overcome a group of draconians , however their reptilian ascendancy makes them particulary vulnerable to cold damage .

Name : Giant Lurker
Appearance : Can varie in colour depending on wich species it evolved from ( Red Reef lurker , Blue Reef lurker ).
Posted Image
Lore : Since the rise of Zaitan , strange and until now unknown creatures began to appear in Tyria . One of the most frigthening sigths for sailors are the Giant lurkers , crustaceans creatures that grow to sizes of ships .
Skills :
- Vicegrip : grabs the target and squeezes it whit his claw .
- Jetstream : Shoots a pilar of water from his mouth .
- Shockwave : slams his claws on the ground , causing damage and daze condition .
- Lurking leap : jumps on a target causing a large amount of damage .
Strategy : Giant lurkers are protected by a shell wich makes them almost impermeable to melee damage . Atack from range , specially whit air magic ( lightning since it's a water creature it's more vulnerable to electricity ).

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Posted Image

Black Dog Spirit (Other names: Dark Demon, Red-Eyed Stalker, and Life Bane.)

Not much is known about the Black Dog spirit as of yet, as it's legend has only been around in the recent decade or so. Charr speak of a fabled necromancer whom took too much pride in his abilities, and went too far as to attempt resurrection on an extinct species of hunting hounds. The attempt was in vain, however, and souls of the Mysts invaded his attempted restoration. What rose in the hound's stead was a pack of black-as-coal red-eyed wolves with powers akin to that of other magical creatures. They killed the necromancer and fled into the forest, breeding with native wolves and converting them and their offspring into creatures similar to what they are. They will kill and eat anything, though creatures such as sentient humanoids are often the preffered choice for them. The life force and natural affinity for bloodstone magic of most humanoids give the beasts the most sustinance.

The Black Dog often roams the outskirts and inner areas of large forests, namely ones who's tree prevent most, if all sunlight. They're also rumored to stalk the outer borders of small villages.

They hunt either alone, or in packs of three for lone travelers, or stragglers without much company. The choice of being alone or with help seems to be a choice the creatures themselves can choose upon. He moves in utter silence, and leaves no footsprints. The most ever seen left by the creature is a black mist that bleeds off it's coal-tinted fur. T

Their ghost-like howls can be made out after heavy rains or storms.

Abilties: (There are a few variations of Black Dog creaturs, most only have 1 - 3 of these abilities.)
Hellfire Breath: The Black Dog has the ability to breath a tainted fire from it's mouth whilst being in the form of a shade, or corporeal form. These flames temporarily poison those it burns.

Eyes of Death: Looking into the dog's eyes is said to inspire madness in some one. If casts on you, you will be afflicted with the stun condition for several seconds, locked in place by shear fear.

Black Bite: The bite of the black dog is one of the most dangerous abilities of the creature. Some say they bite injuries afflicted by the creature are immune to any forms of healing, even time itself. Damaging physical attack which reduces maximum health equal to damage done the first time it's used.

Ethereal Shift: While it's corporeal form is said to have the endurance matching that of a bull's, even it has to have a defense mechanism. The creature will shift into a shade, becoming immune to all physical damage and conditions for eight seconds before shifting back. While in this form, it still can only attack via melee and but moves 60% slower. (Can be kited)


For the average Black Dog, it will come in packs of three. Most are coupled with their Black Bite and Hellfire Breath abilities. They are immune to abilies that slow, but have medium-low health. The idea is to focus on one, then the other, and finally the last one before the player or party is overwhealmed by damage.

For empowered Black Dogs, who have all their abilities, the fight can be tough. The creature tends to charge and open with it's Black Bite, which when coupled with it's natural high movement speed, can allow it to reach a mage or even a ranger after only a few attacks have been made.

He will use use tends to use Eyes of Death more often than Hellfire when it's a single player, and Hellfire when it's multiple. The damage from Hellfire can be lowered just slightly if there are many that are caught in the flame. (Four players take less damage than two.)

When it's health reaches 60-40% it will go into Ethereal shift. Arrows and Magical attacks deal more damage, while melee has no affect on the creature. For those whom place in close range, you have a chance to run back and wait for the effect to end due to the decrease in movement speed that the creature has in this form.

Where after that it will follow up with another black bite if it's still alive. This black bite will reduce maximum health, even if it already used it previously to shifting forms.

Somewhat inspired by a real mythological creature. :D

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Posted 26 January 2011 - 08:03 PM

Ehh, why not, I guess I will try my hand at this. (My apologies if somehow this takes from another person's ideas, that is unintentional).

Name: Conduit Phantasms

Lore: A strange enetity that spawns and lives attached to a powerful conduit of energy, usually a boulder or crystal. These spritis feed on the souls of the living to increase the output of their conduits, but are unable to move a certain distance away from the stone they are planted to. The are able to move a certain distance away, leaving a visible trail of energy from their standing point to their stone.

Behavior: The phanstasms arrange themselves in ways much like trapdoor spiders. Once an unsuspecting individual enters the range they can reach, they spring out and release high energy magics to consume the prey. Due to the spirit structure, they are able to move through solid objects. This allows them to evade their enemy if they are losing the battle. The conduit makes it so if they lose too much health, they can return to the conduit and heal. Multiple conduits in the same area each increase the power of surrounding phantasms.

Spectral Pounce: If noticing the prey for the first time, they strike out with tremendous force, knocking down the prey and anyone directly next to him or her. All phantasms know this move.

Energy slash: A basic slice of energy, if only one target then it hits with heavy force, if multiple enemies are in the line of fire, then the slash deals less damage but hits each. All phantasms know this move.

Spectral charge: If an opponent is at the edge of a phantasms reach and is not near the phantasm during the battle (like a backline spellcaster that is doing too much damage), the phantasm charges and knocks down all adjacent to him and attacks that backliner All phantasms know this move.

Ghastly flux: Can only be used if multiple specters are in the area, it realeases area between each of them like a web, hitting every opponent caught in the web.

Obliteration wave: If too many opponents are in the area and wasting at the phantasm too quickly, it will release a massive wave of energy, sending the phantasm to his conduit to heal and dealing heavy damage to each opponent, like a bomb.

Strategy: The Conduit phantasm is like a trap creature, it is just a tricky obstacle in dungeons. Thus, they are usually stalking around hallways, if they are defeated they head back to their conduits (which are almost always in other rooms adjacent to the hallway) to heal.

The Strategy to kill them is basically to beat them back and then destroy the conduit. This requires heavy teamwork and speed to try and beat them back, avoid any others from helping them, then head through the dungeon or area to find the conduit and shatter it.

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Posted 27 January 2011 - 12:15 AM

Name : Aboleth
Appearance :
Posted Image
Lore : Aboleths are eel like creatures that have 4 tentacles near it's head . They have been sigthed in the depths of Tyrian lakes , where they ambush their prey .
Skills :
- Jolt : gives a discharge of electricity
- Wrap : wowns a foe whit his tentacles , causing damage .
Strategy : Stay away from his tentacles , they cause massive amounts of damage .

Name : Atach
Appearance :
Lore : An aberration from the troll gender , atachs have 3 arms instead of 2 like normal trolls . No one knows how these creatures gained the extra arm , tough sylvari blame the asuran for their "experiments" on tyrian wildlife .
Skills :
- Power atack : the next atack does + ... damage
- 3 arm smash : smashes the oponent whit all 3 arms
- Troll ungent : gives health regeneration

Name : Balhannoth
Appearance :
Posted Image
Lore : Balhannoth is a horrible spawn of darkness that lives in caves . They blend into the cave's ceilings using their camouflage to surprise their prey . They are very resilent against magic atacks . It's believed that they lived in the realm of torment but where able to escape trough the events of nigthfall .
Skills :
- Leap : it jumps on it's prey grabbing it whit his tentacles
- Anti-magic shell : The creature uses a protective spell that makes all spells targeting it fail
- "Come here ! " : the creature launches one of his tentacles against a foe and pulls him to his mouth , bitting him .