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[SfR] Soldiers for Rent - Eastern USA - Looking for new and old players!

pvx blackgate

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 03:08 AM

Hey everyone!

Soldiers for Rent is a small PvX guild. Right now it is only me and my friend that are in the guild. I am looking for players that love WvWvW and also enjoy PvE. We will welcome newer players, and players that have been around for a while. We are located on Blackgate. Blackgate is a US server. We are mostly on Eastern time, but we sometimes play late and early, so anyone close to the eastern timezone would see us on regularly. We focus on WvWvW a lot but we do enjoy dungeons, bosses, and other things in PvE.

The Leader
My name in Zinthos.5893 and I am the leader of the [SfR]. I main a Necromancer and have been playing since Beta. I know a lot of things about the game and am willing to help out anyone who needs it if I can. I be seen on mostly around 2pm - 10pm EST. I have lead many guilds on other games before as well as on GW2. I was the leader of a top 5 Guild on Battle of the Immortals for about 6 months. I know what it takes to run a guild and keep the members happy.

What [SfR] Offers
Here at [SfR] we offer a friendly and fun environment for everyone to play in. We pride ourselves on helping others and having fun in community events, and WvWvW battles. If you as a member need help we will put your needs above anyone else on GW2. In return we expect you to do the same for your guild members. We will show you secrets of GW2 that we would never show people outside of the guild like how to flip the trading post and other things like how to do jumping puzzles.

What [SfR] Requires
1. Follow the basic rules such as be kind to fellow guild members, no scamming, so on and so on. (all of the rules are posted on the forums)
2. You must sign up for our website.
3. Please represent as much as possible, you can use another guild you make for banking purposes.
4. This is not a requirement, but please if you can use voice chat we do urge you to for the fact that it is better in things like WvWvW. (We do require it for officers and if you plan to rank up passed member)
5. We do not require you to log in every day, but we would like to see once a week at least, If you need extra time off message an officer.

Website & Voice Chat
We Have a website where you can post on the forums, see events, talk to members outside of the game, and many other things. You can view our website >> here <<

We also have voice chat through Dolby Axon. The link to the download for that is on the website. We do plan to get our own TeamSpeak room on the Blackgate TeamSpeak once we have enough members.

How to Apply
You will need to go >> here << and fill out our application. If you don't have an Enjin account you will need to make one to use our site and fill out the application.

Thank you for looking into our guild. If you have any questions feel free to message me!
Good luck finding the guild that fits you!
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