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Necromancer overhaul

necromancer overhaul change

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Posted 25 February 2015 - 02:33 PM

As a note, this majority of this overhaul was created close to two months before the Revenant was revealed (early January). As such, I recently revised a few skills; borrowing a few mechanics from what were revealed as Revenant abilities. The few skills/traits that fall into this category are labeled as such. All skill and trait numbers have been consciously calculated with a projected vision in mind in addition to simply keeping in line with changes to cool-downs and cast-times.

Necromancer is slow moving, most skills rely on having a target and lacks a lot of depth in decision making while in combat. I tried to fix that using nothing but mechanics that are already in place within GW2. The only mechanics that would have to be developed are listed underneath the actual proposal contained within the four links below.

Pastebinned because of the sheer amount of content. Disregard the use of the word “energy” in the documents. Mechanic names are mostly irrelevant.

- Necromancer skills -

- Necromancer traits -

- General trait changes -

- General GW2 mechanic changes -

New mechanics that would need to be developed:
- Means of tying the Skyhammer/SAB “jump bumper” effect to the player's “jump” key while under the effects of “super jump.”
- Means of registering the first jump action taken while under the effect of “haste” as a “leap finisher.”
- Means of tracking diminishing returns for haste stacking in duration.
- A means of implementing and tracking the diminishing returns when blasting a single water field.
- A means of player-summoned AI units coming into existence with stats influenced by their creator (not exactly necessary for all AI units).

(The other version of this post in the Necromancer PvP forums can be deleted.)
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