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Specializations Ready Up

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#1 Arkham Creed

Arkham Creed

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 11:37 PM

Well I’m going to assume a lot of us saw this. So, thoughts?

As for me…nice changes to engineer, but my Mesmer and necro builds got destroyed. Completely and irrevocably. They even went so far as to call out my Mesmer build as an “unhealthy play style” and said they were intending to have it completely removed from the game. That really, really sucks. There’s an alt I’ll never be touching again.

#2 Satenia


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Posted 25 April 2015 - 04:52 PM

Personally, I like the approach they are taking. While the new system may appear simplified at first, I think it addresses the issues with unbalanced traits within and across tiers just fine. To elaborate further: That you can currently pick several minor or adept in a trait-line is what I consider a sign of bad balance - flexibility cannot out-weight such shortcomings.

I cannot speak for all classes and all trait-lines, but what I've seen so far of the ones I play regularly (guard, warrior, engi) looks very promising. There are several instances where traits I now have to pick separately are merged together in a befitting trait-line. Lastly, the engineer kit stuff just has me hyped greatly :surprised:

Something I've learned in my early days of GW1 is not to get upset over the loss of a build-idea too much and just move on to a new one instead. Usually it ends up being fun.

#3 DerKomp


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Posted 26 April 2015 - 05:35 PM

I thought there was a lot of great stuff in the ready up, and I'm excited for a lot of classes. I play mostly ele, so I had more thoughts on that than any other, and I wrote a super long feedback post about it here:


I am optimistic about how they will be, but there is definitely stuff they could do to just get the different types of utilities and stuff balanced and in line with each other so more builds will be viable in the future, like conjure builds and glyph builds.

#4 typographie


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Posted Yesterday, 02:13 PM

I'm pretty happy with what I've seen so far. I'm hoping the ability to reach three Grandmasters may allow a little more build flexibility than we currently have. Even if that means most trait lines will have a DPS-focused Grandmaster, maybe that still will allow some more variability in those builds than we currently have.

Personally, I welcome changes that challenge the builds I use. I see the constantly shifting nature of MMOs to be one of the things about them that appeal to me the most. It's far more important to me that my play style remains fun in some form, I view the build itself as just a detail.

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