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Guild Wars Multi Launch

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#1 Marty Silverblade

Marty Silverblade

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Posted 12 May 2016 - 11:40 PM

Originally posted by imkey

I want to share this project with the community. An open source (GPLv3 license) program to make opening multiple copies of Guild Wars simpler. There is also support for multiple Texmodded Guild Wars and experimental support for opening multiple Guild Wars of the same copy. (no need to make extra copies for quick mule sessions)

The instructions are in the readme.txt file distributed with the binaries. It does not make any changes to any Guild Wars files, so you don't have to worry about updates breaking it or you breaking the TOS.


  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (server editions may also work)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+
Update - 2010/04/11:
v0.6 (2010/04/11)
* Fixed "-character" switch argument passing for shortcuts
* Shortcuts to launch individual copies may need to be remade to be compatible with new version
* Allows storing multiple profiles of same path
* Enables associating different arguments with same copy
* Added arguments wizard
* New art for buttons (less intense colors)


Video tutorial

External hot keys notes
If you have using Vista/7, due to increased security policies of Windows, it is necessary to run the program that will be catching "key presses/clicks" at the same or greater privilege level as gw/gwmultilaunch. This means that if gw/gwmultilaunch is ran as admin, programs such as teamspeak or vent will also need to be ran as admin for it to be able to intercept hotkeys.

Vista/7 notes:
short version: Run the launcher as admin if the second guild wars window does not show up.
long version: See readme.

GWx2 notes:
If you have previously used GWx2 before, you may need to retrieve a fresh untainted gw.exe. Easiest way to do this is download the gw client from arenanet and start the installation. You only need to let it to download the first parts (you only need gw.exe). When it starts to really download lots of files, stop it. Move/copy over the gw.dat file from the original folder overwriting the much smaller gw.dat file in the new folder.

Download v0.6 - 32bit
Download v0.6 - 64bit
(Official links hosted by Google Projects)

The C# project solution source code is open for viewing/auditing.

Please post any suggestions here.
Please post bugs at the Issues Page if you have a Google account.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Older Updates

Update - 2009/09/26:
v0.6RC (2009/09/26)
* Fixed registry path setting for certain setups of Guild Wars on 64-bit oses (requires admin)
* It is strongly recommended not to install GW to "Programs Files (x86)" folder on 64-bit operating systems since this causes GW to set keys in the "Wow6432Node" node which requires admin access to write to.
* Fixed edited arguments not being used if "Launch" button is clicked while cursor still in arguments textbox
* Moved "Launch" button to left side and increased size
* Added warning message to confirm copy removal

Update - 2009/08/25:
Video on how to use for people still having trouble. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orwCDttJ3Iw

Update - 2009/08/23:
Wanted to refresh the UI on this to look more modern. It is also more multi-lingual with help of icons. If you are happy with old UI, stay with v0.5. This is mainly a refresh with one new feature. Master shortcuts. It reduces the need to create multiple shortcut. The create regular shortcut functionality was left in since it is still useful for situations in which you want to launch a specific account with specific augments. Useful for situations in which you made a shortcut to launch a copy with account A and one to launch the same copy with account B.

Also, I added preliminary compatibility with gw.exe which were modified by GWx2. I only did a quick test. Could use feedback on whether this works on your GWx2 modified exe.

Under the hood, the code was re-factored to be cleaner and more efficient.

v0.6b (2009/08/23)
* Interface refresh
* Changed functionality
* Clicking "Start TexMod" will also set the path and clear mutex, saves two clicks
* New feature
* master shortcut: shortcut to launch additional copies, automatically picks unlaunched copy
* compatibility with gwx2 modified exes

Update - 2009/06/12:
:D v0.5 release is now available. Main change made was making the registry path setting function set both LOCAL_MACHINE and CURRENT_USER if possible. This resolves issues with certain setups which result in gw.exe reading from one or the other path when locating gw.dat. Again, thanks to all who helped me track down the bugs to get to this release.

Update - 2009/05/22:
v0.5 release candidate is now available. If there are no more bugs, this will be identical to the final v0.5 release. There are separate builds for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. The 32-bit version will only work properly for 32-bit operating systems. The 64-bit version will not run on 32-bit Windows. Again, thanks to all for helping me tweak this so it runs on every edition of Windows (2000 and newer).

Update - 2009/05/22: Preliminary testing with 64 bit version is good. Build coming soon (today or tomorrow) for those running XP, Vista, or Win7 64 bit. Will do a joint release of a new 32 bit build using the same more-robust codebase.

Update - 2009/05/17: Fixed possible bug introduced in v0.4 and v0.42 with NTQueryObject possibly hanging the namedpipe thread under certain setups.

Update - 2009/05/16: Fix for making copies in Vista/7. Vista/7 stores the Templates folder under user\documents\guild wars\

Update - 2009/05/16: Beta release is finally here. Added the last few features in before the feature-lock which is beta. There is no need to download this copy if you are happy with 0.35a. I hope I did not introduce any bugs. I am probably going to let this release sit for a week or so, then release a 0.5 stable release if there are no issues.

# Added ability to drag and drop into list of copies
# Added ability to make copies of Guild Wars from the gui.
# Added super experimental "Force gw.dat unlock" for launching the same copy multiple times (new graphics will only load in the gw copy with active file lock on gw.dat)

Update - 2009/05/14: Few updates. Changed how registry path is set to be more compatible with new updates. If you are having trouble updating multiple copies, definitely grab this release! I hope to have these bugs ironed out by this week. Will probably move to beta releases next week. Thank you all for testing.

Update - 2009/05/12: New version ready. 0.2a should be more compatible with Vista and Windows 7 now. Thanks go to Moriz for testing the first release in Win7! Please report any bugs as you find them.

Update - 2009/05/10: As mentioned further down in this thread, there seems to be issues with using it in Windows 7 and possibly Vista. Will look into these as soon as I have these installed. Please post if you are having trouble using it in XP as well.

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#2 Cube


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Posted 27 November 2016 - 01:32 PM

Links do not work anymore, so here is GW2 Multilaunch x64 



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#3 Marty Silverblade

Marty Silverblade

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Posted 27 November 2016 - 11:07 PM

You can also download that (plus the 32 bit version) directly from the Google code page linked just below the direct download links in the op, in case you'd prefer to download from the source..
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