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[EU] The Zaishen Expedition [ZE] PvP/Semi PvE

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 11:08 PM

After following the success of leading a previous, year-long guild, we decided to part ways and create The Zaishen Expedition! Our main focus in Guild Wars 2 will be casual PvP, however, PvE members will still be more than welcome to join us! We are a European guild that will also take in members from around the globe.
Currently, active representing is required. We won’t be too strict with this, whatsoever. Although, we would like your represent percentage to be in our favour. This is generally because we want all of our members to know each other. To become used to playing with each other.

“I WANT TO BE IN YOUR GUILD, BUT I’M ONLY RANK 5” – I hear you screaming at your monitor. Well, never fear! The Zaishen Expedition requires no skill level to join; if you are brand new to PvP, we will be more than happy to introduce you to the fundamentals of the game!

The Members and the Leaders
Well, we will be lenient towards our members and the way the guild is run. Firstly, if you want something changed in The Zaishen Expedition, come to us. We can talk it through with you and hopefully fix this issue. The guild will be shaped around it’s members. Currently, we have made the choice to not include many ranks within our guild. This is generally because, from experience, I believe that they can sometimes distance members from each other. However, we will be more than willing to change this in the future if need be.

Guild Missions
Our guild missions will follow the same suit as above. Since we will be focused on PvP, our missions will also be set to PvP. The good thing about this, is that they are very easy to activate without any specific times to meet and greet with members. If we complete guild missions but your team missed out on them, then let us know! We can simply activate them again for you to get your rewards.

Guild Teams
Our members are more than welcome to create their own PvP teams within The Zaishen Expedition. We can make a set person the leader of that team and allow them to invite and kick members for their team at their own free will! Naming rights will also be giving to you.

Guild Hall
At the time of writing, we do not have a Guild Hall. However, soon, The Zaishen Expedition will move into Gilded Hollow. Once this is done, we can upgrade what our members want first. (Hopefully it’s the Arena…) Once it’s set up, we can use the entire hall for meeting up and having some laughs with each other!

Competitions and Games
I’m well known for wanting to reward the members with in-game items and gems. So, no doubt that we will be hosting a plethora of competitions! These can range from Hide ‘N’ Seek to Guild Team Rankings to Gem Giveaways. I know for a fact that these always go down well. It’s nice to give back to the people that have made the game so fun for me.
Other than representing, we require absolutely zilch! Any age and experienced player are free to join us. What you can expect from us, however, is an extremely relaxed and laid-back group of leaders who will make the guild a fun and exciting environment to be a part of.

If you’re interested in being part of The Zaishen Expedition from the very start, then throw me a message. Either through the forums or in game. I’ll be the easiest to contact, however I’ll also post some of the other Leader’s in-game names below and their preferred nicknames!

ItzFridayyy.1862 (Meeee!) – Friday
ThatRandomGuy.1207 – Declan
Krittz.9842 – Krittz
Forsaken.5681 – Claw (Away for work for the time being!)

I hope to see you in the Mists and become part of our Expedition!

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