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Lore Questions


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Posted 04 July 2016 - 09:37 PM

1: How Does A Human Become A Ritualist ?

2: If you want to build a golem how do you make the golem think and move ?

I can wait for your surprise with the answer being how important they are to the Guild Wars 2 lore.

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 10:30 PM

1. How does a human become a ritualist? Hard to answer. Mainly he's being trained in the arts of ritualists. There is no fancy initiation. You just become one when you train in it's art. You do need to have talent in magic and spirit(?) as well as having a deep connection with the Mists and your ancestors. Which is why other races won't do well in this art. The spirit is something that hasn't been explain properly. It's a type of energy. Just like magic. But that's about as much as we know about it.
2. Basic programming. Thinking...well you just make the unit able to process the information and program it to self improve. But the question is irrelevant as golems nowadays have very limited cognitive ability. After 4-5 golem uprising the asura caught on the fact that giving a golem the ability to "think" was a really bad idea.
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Posted 18 April 2017 - 03:50 AM

Somewhat delayed, but...


1. As rusticgamer says, becoming a ritualist seems to basically be a matter of having the proper training. We did see ritualists of other races in GW1, but those arts seem to have died out.


2. Some golems are empowered by the essence of other creatures. Regular asura, for instance, typically subdue and bind nonsapient elemental spirits into golems to provide their power and motive force. Magical 'programming' then binds the golem to the will of the creator (or the owner) and otherwise serve to inhibit insurrection. The Inquest uses sapient spirits to empower golems, but this is a line most asura don't cross.


I'm not sure the uprisings were the result of golems being sapient, but of someone finding a way to backdoor them.


On the whole, I'd consider the typical golem to be about as intelligent as a well-trained dog - unlike a dog, though, it not only recognises words, but can use its voice synthesiser to use any word it knows. 

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