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Lore request - The Lost Shores

19 November 2012 - 08:53 PM

Normally I can keep up reasonably well with lore. But unfortunately this weekend's event had issues. I missed the beginning because of work (no biggie). Got home and got into RP, then people wanted to hit the new dungeon, so I wasn't able to start doing new quests till late. Progressed in the Investigation till hit the Asura in Caledon who was bugged.

I had plans on Saturday and figured ArenaNet would have the bug fixed by the time I got home, so I logged out. Got home the next day to find that the quests were gone, and the only reason one of my characters finished the Investigation was because he had already started it.

A wee bit frustrating, as I'm sure many of you also feel.

I have very little idea what actually happened. I've gotten bits and pieces from various posts, but there's still details missing. Just for example, I know that karka attacked Lion's Arch and the Lighthouse is in ruins. But... that's about all i know. How many karka attacked? Where did they come from? Who was there? How were they beaten back? Etc.

SO... I was hoping that people could explain things so that those of us who missed parts of the weekend could catch up. Being that one of my character is from Lion's Arch, at the very least he would have been aware of what was happening, if not actually involved in events.

Thank you, ArenaNet, for all the hard work you're putting into GW2

02 September 2012 - 04:58 PM

We had high hopes that the launch of GW2 would go relatively smoothly. Obviously, that did not come to pass. But you've had a monumental task making the game. Since launch you've had to deal with hackers, botters, exploits, issues with guild functions, the Trading Post... the list goes on. I can only imagine how many sleepless nights your people have had in just this past week.

So, thank you. Despite the problems, what does work has been a lot of fun. I'm patient, and will enjoy what is there, and am looking forward to what will be there. And hopefully the issues can be worked out soon so you can get some rest.

Add "notes" to Guild Member lists

25 July 2012 - 05:26 AM

One thing I like about the Guild Members window in EverQuest 2 is that there are small areas under a character's name to add notes - one that the player can edit, and one for officers. They both come in very handy, Since in EQ2 guild membership is by character, we are able to put in notes like "Tregarde alt" to help people keep track of who is who. We can also put in a note to let others know when someone will be away from game for extended periods of time. And so on...

During the BWE I noticed that the windows that listed members would show their character and their account. The reason why I'd like notes here is that there are times when someone switches characters, the only way to keep track of who is who is by their account. But sometimes their account name has nothing to do with any of their characters, and so it creates confusion.

Being able to add some sort of Note, attached to their account, would help a lot. Just as an example, if a note said "Tregarde from EQ2" no matter what character I was on would mean that people would be able to tell when I swapped characters, instead of having to ask "who are you?"

Problems picking colors at Sylvari creation

24 July 2012 - 07:37 PM

I've looked over the forums and haven't seen any threads on this, so...

I had an odd problem during Sylvari character creation. When I went to pick a body pattern two color pallets and a slider appeared at the bottom of the screen. The top pallet had pale colors, the bottom pallet had rich colors.

The problem I had was, when I'd pick a color from the top pallet I'd see part of my Sylvari's skin change, but the color was rich, as if I was picking from the bottom pallet. When I picked from the bottom pallet, I saw no changes at all. When I moved the slider, again I saw no changes.

There were no written descriptions, and no tool tips popped up when I hovered the mouse over the pallets and slider, so I couldn't tell what exactly was supposed to be happening.

I had this problem no matter what profession I picked. I could live with my Sylvari having a set skin base, except that I've seen other Sylvari who clearly could change their entire skin color. But in all the other creation tabs I could not see any other color choices for skins.

Was I missing something, or did have some strange bug? Did anyone else have this problem?