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In Topic: After what point would you use real cash instead of in-game gold?

01 February 2014 - 07:27 AM

Speaking of which - gem/gold price just spiked and crashed today. Anyone know what happened?


Getting up towards 10G for 100 gems is pretty high.

In Topic: The big "What armor is this?" thread

09 May 2013 - 07:35 AM

Could anyone tell me what set this is? I'm particularly after the legs:

Posted Image

In Topic: My Final Axe/Mace DPS Dungeon Build

04 January 2013 - 09:42 PM

Hey Strife! Nice build - I've been playing around and found this to be a really nice fit for how I play.

I noticed you updated the build to axe/mace + axe/axe with a 20/10/0/10/30 spread in the last video. Did you change armour and trinkets around as well? Or are they the same as from the original post?


In Topic: Is anyone else's quest "Forging the Pact" bugged?

17 September 2012 - 01:23 PM

Yes this is still happening to me. Very annoying.

Reported in game as well.

In Topic: What do GW1 players think of GW2?

07 September 2012 - 05:42 AM

I've played GW1 for 7 years+ - I don't think (at this stage) that I will be playing GW2 for 7 years. So I think that tells something right there.

GW2 feels very "user friendly" (if I was being non-PC I would say "dumbed down"). The builds are very forgiving, the weapon locked skills mean that you won't be seeing ham-storms or healing breeze + mending wammos - but it was that flexibility that I liked in GW1.

I've done some SPvP and I don't think it has the same urgency or tactical nuance that GW1 had. The bar is a lot lower, and it feels more forgiving. Maybe that might change as the next generation of [Evil] or [iQ] or [rawr] comes out.

Personally I find playing a melee class to be a lot less fun in GW2. In PvE the effects spam and bosses are just ugly and distracting. In PvP I don't quite feel like the backliners or mid-liners really fear me. ;)

Anyway, GW2 is good. Very good even. But I don't think it will draw me in like GW1 did.