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#2316604 Why Healing Power Sucks, By WoodenPotato's (also bad mob design)

Posted Miragee on 14 April 2014 - 09:21 PM

I like how you call WvW PvD but in the same breath talk people down who say that it's a joke... But let's adress your points. Let's start with WvW because that's where I personally have the most experience.

1. WvW: You can roughly split it in unorginised and orginised WvW. Unorginised is with a big random zerg. It doesn't matter what a single person will wear because the composition of the other 60 people is completly random. I could jump with Healing Power, Zerker or PVT in a Zerg and you couldn't feel a difference besides that Zerker might be more difficult to survive but shows cooler numbers on your screen. In orginised WvW Healing Power has it's place because it can make some builds a lot more sustainable than just PVT. And there might be 1-3 persons in a group of 20-30 that take more Healing Power to take a more supportive role in the team build (e.g. a Guardian with Mace/Shield/Staff and Healing Tome). But compared to other healing and support abilities in the group, healing power gets greatly outperformed. Water Fields, Cleansing and Protection for example are much much more important to surviving than a guy that takes some healing power. He is just a cherry on the cake. TL;DR: Healing Power has it's place here but it's importance is rather small.

PvP: I have next to no experience here. I played until rank 20 but found it to be complete shit and it was also lacking competition (as in the niveau was incredibly low) so I stopped after that. What I was reading from the forums and saw when I was jumping in from time to time rather suggests that Healing Power is next to non-existent in PvP. It's like WvW in terms of hybrid builds being more effecient often times but nobody seems to integrate healing power. It was more about Conditions and Boons and balancing related Stats (like Condition Dmg/Duration) with Power, Toughness and Vitality. The only thing that comes to my mind is bunker builds. Does it use Healing Power as a major stat on gear? I don't know but even if it does it's just a negative example for Healing Power because bunker builds are really bad and boring for the flow of a PvP mode. TL;DR: I don't know a damn thing.

PvE: Ok, we get the facts here. The most efficient thing to do is Zerker. End of story. I played my Guardian with full Clerics like you with people I knew. I really liked the way of the support build. I played with Heal on Dodge Roll + Sigil of Stamina for example. It was fun because we knew we could roll whatever we wanted and complete a lot of the content no problem, so I played what was most fun and also made it more enjoyable for the others. Especially in the beginning before the Zerkers raised their arms. But that doesn't mean my Healing Power safed a lot of death's. There were a few occasions where I saved someones life but most of the times everyone dodged and healed by himself just fine. I made some areas like Dredge Fractals more enjoyable but it wasn't needed at all and slowed down as well. There also were dungeons that just placed dps races somewhere. Like CoF 1 or Arah 4. And in this cases Healing Power was sooo bad and in case of Arah 4 it made the fight nearly impossible to get done. Even more often Healing Power worked antagonistic in drawing fights out and thus making them more difficult. TL;DR: Healing Power is there just for fun, makes a lot of content harder and reduces the cleaning speed greatly.

The reason why Healing Power sucks are mutiple ones imho. In PvE it's clear. The KI is so damn stupid so you can dodge it all day resulting in no dmg regardless of the static defenses resulting in full dmg builds being the best. But generally there are things that also make it very weak in PvP. First is Dodge Roll making you 100% invulnerable. Second is, as mentioned in the video, each person has it's own powerful healing skill that is really powerful without healing power as well as scaling bad with it. Thirdly, the nice idea of healing in this game was that it is more positional. You shouldn't have to click bars but move in the right position to heal/protect your allies. But in action everyone is just jumping around like ping/pong and you can't aim your healings at all. Fourth is that most Healing Skills don't heal much, are on a long cool down and don't scale well with healing power. You can use them to support in certain areas but Healing Power would be a wasted stat most of the times because you could use them without it nearly as well. Furthermore the use is very situational and you can't keep your party up at all because of low effeciency and long cool downs. There are even more effiecient ways to heal that don't scale with Healing Power like Water Fields mentioned in point 1.

I really love to play supporters in games but in gw2, while there are some cool moments where a support builds feels really good, there is always the bitter thought that you would be a better "supporter" if you would play something else. I very much prefer games with a wide variety of viable and important supporters like gw1. GW2 feels more like Healing Paladin in Diablo 2.

//On a side note: LoL/DotA 2 are not good balanced. It just works because of the way picks/bans work.

#2213938 Axe/Mace DPS Build for Dungeons and Fractals - 04/15/14

Posted Nikephoros on 25 June 2013 - 05:40 PM

Hey all. I’m Nike from [DnT] and this is my guide for the updated warrior build for dungeon speed runs with organized groups.

Video Guide:


Build Calc:

Empowered Allies: http://gw2skills.net...AgS1fMTJoYA0D-e

Phalanx Strength: http://gw2skills.net...k3TAgS1fMTJIA-e

DPS Warrior http://en.gw2skills....AgS1fMTJogAGF-e




Over the last several months a series of nerfs has dramatically lowered DPS of all professions but none moreso than Warrior.  The Warrior, in metas past, was an offensive DPS machine with great team buffing abilities.  The nerfs and general sophistication of the PvE community has led to a situation where the warrior is valued significantly moreso for its buffing capabilities than its personal DPS which is middling at best at this point.  

When Fiery Greatsword was the dominant strategy for dungeon clearing, Empowered Allies builds that sacrificed a bit of personal DPS for major team buffing was the superior composition.  Essentially, Empower Allies is a force multiplier.  When Fiery Greatsword was outputting the same DPS that would take several players to equal, multipling it with Empower Allies was well worth the trade.  In nominal terms, trading away 2k of Warrior DPS to get an extra 10k of DPS for the rest of the team was a really smart trade.  After the nerf of Fiery Greatsword, Empower Allies fell out of the meta.  Trading 2k Warrior DPS for 2.2K team DPS is a marginal trade at best and rarely worth doing.

However, the PvE dungeon meta is replicating the giant DPS burst, albeit in a weaker form, with Ice Storm and Glyph of Storms in conjunction with a Meteor Shower or two.  This huge AOE burst is so relevant that Empower Allies has been on a comeback.  The first step was the evolution of the Double Staff Phalanx build.  This was a build that used Phalanx Strength to relieve the Elementalists of Might stacking duty and allowed them to both run staff for superior DPS.  The Phalanx builds used Empower Allies, and the kill times were noticeable improved, as the trade off of Warrior personal DPS for team DPS was evident.  It is also important that this was a very simply team composition to play and required much less coordination than builds utilizing a Scepter Hammer Elementalist.

This works well enough, but for many teams the coordination gate of Scepter elementalist Might stacking is not an issue and in many dungeons the fights are so short that the initial might stack lasts long enough so that the sustained Might from Phalanx isn’t needed.  Most of these teams used a DPS warrior with banners in this situation.  However, most of those teams would greatly benefit from Empower Allies, especially after the Might nerf reducing overall Power.  

Based on our conclusions, there are three currently optimal Warrior builds.
  • The Empowered Allies Warrior build is a build which focuses on contributing the maximum team buffing capabilities while also contributing excellent amounts of Vulnerability stacks while sacrificing the least personal DPS..  This is a versatile build that operates well in organized groups as well as experienced PUGs.
  • The Phalanx Strength Warrior goes a bit deeper.  It sacrifices more personal DPS for the ability to stack significant Might for the entire party as well as providing the standard team buffing capabilites..  Previous iterations of this build use the Pure Greatsword DPS rotation, but the extremely weak Vulnerability stacking resulted in even worse total team DPS.  The only reasonable way to play a non-detrimental PS build is to use Fast Hands with an Axe/Mace swap.  This will sacrifice a small amount of Might stacking in order to provide reasonable Vulnerability production.  This build is necessary when there is no other source of Might in the party, or when other potential Might stackers sacrifice their Might capabilities to focus on personal DPS, such as multiple staff Elementalist groups.  This build is excellent for organized groups as well as extremely valuable in PUGs.
  • The DPS Warrior build is designed for solo/duo/trio play as well as anything goes PUGs.  It is designed to have the maximum personal dps for times when your group can’t be counted on, such as disorganized PUGs or in low-man situations where the force multipliers of EA or PS are not worthwhile trade-offs.  Lastly, since Empower Allies does not stack in multiples, if you are in a party with more than one warrior any additional warriors should run this build.

Posted Image

The gear I currently recommend is full Berserker with Scholar runes for group play, or Strength runes for solos or open world.  Previously, for many builds there was some amount of Assassins gear that results in an absolutely optimal DPS production.  However, with the Might nerf the balance of Power and Precision has changed and with full berserker gear and food, you will read the optimal Power/Precision ratio so there is no need for Assassins pieces.  

As far as Fine Infusions go, in almost every case Precision infusions are superior slightly superior.   in terms of DPS, going fully Mighty versus full Precise is less than one tenth of one percent so while my recommendation is to use Precise infusions; however, the difference between Precise and Mighty is relatively small and I would not recommend overwriting any existing Mighty infusions.

At a minimum you will need the following gear to be considered a well-equipped Warrior:
  • Greatsword with 10% sigil and 5% sigil
  • Axe with a 10% sigil
  • Mace with a Strength Sigil
  • Longbow with a 10% sigil and a 5% sigil
  • Spear with a 10% sigil and a 5% sigil
True min/maxers may want the following gear as well:
  • Sword with an Energy sigil
  • Warhorn with irrelevant sigil, though Energy or Force makes the most sense
  • Backup Mace with Sigil of Strength if you run Phalanx Strength often
  • Backup Greatsword and Axe with Sigil of Frailty or Sigil of Air for daytime dungeons where the Night sigil does not function.
  • Backup Greatsword and Axe with Undead slaying sigil for Arah

Empowered Allies Warrior: 2/5/0/4/3 Greatsword and Axe+Mace

Posted Image

In Strength, we select Dual Wielding.  In Arms we select Rending Strikes and Forceful Greatsword.  From Tactics, we will select Empowered and Empowered Allies.  In Discipline we take Signet Mastery.  In areas where you prefer Battle Standard, replace Signet Mastery with Warrior's Sprint.

This build is designed to provide banners and Empowered Allies to your group without sacrificing significant personal DPS or without sacrificing a Warrior’s strong Vulnerability application abilities.  Empowered Allies builds in the past have focused on Pure Axe or Pure Greatsword which either sacrificed too much personal DPS or too much Vulnerability production.  This build is the best of both worlds, with strong personal DPS and strong Vulnerability production thanks to Fast Hands.

Optimal Food: Truffle Steak

Solo DPS Warrior: 6/5/0/0/3 Greatsword and Axe + Mace

Posted Image

In Strength we will select Dual Wielding, Slashing Power and Berserker’s Power.  In Arms take Rending Strikes for PUGS, duos and trios.  In dungeon solo play, use Deep Strikes.  Then take Forceful Greatsword.  In Discipline we take Signet Mastery.  In areas where you prefer Battle Standard, replace Signet Mastery with Warrior's Sprint.

The goal of this build is to maximize personal DPS by utilizing the Greatsword burst skills on cool down, while using Fast Hands to swap to Axe/Mace and gain access to the superior Vulnerability stacking capabilities of that set.  While this build has slightly lower maximum DPS potential than Pure Greatsword and slightly lower Vulnerability stacking abilities to Pure Axe, it is good enough at each to be more optimal in most situations.

When doing open world content solo dungeon content I recommend using Strength Runes instead of Scholar Runes.  In duos, trios or pugs I recommend Scholar runes as the DPS result is vastly superior.

Optimal Food: Truffle Steak.  If using Deep Strikes for solos, use Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

Phalanx Strength Warrior: 0/5/0/6/3 Greatsword and Axe+Mace

Posted Image

In Arms, we take Rending Strikes and Forceful Greatsword.  In Tactics, we select Empowered, Empower Allies, and Phalanx Strength.  In Discipline we use Signet Mastery or Warrior’s Sprint if using Battle Standard.

This trait selection produces slightly less personal DPS than the 0/6/0/6/2 variation, but it produces approximately 6 additional stacks of Vulnerability on average which make it the superior build in almost every conceivable context.  As a full support build, sacrificing many Vulnerability stacks to slightly buff Might makes less sense than slightly reducing Might to significantly buffing Vulnerability.

In fractals, I highly recommend using Inspired Banners in lieu of Empowered as fights will often last long enough to re-cast your banners.  Since you will be carrying both DPS banners (and ideally Battle Standard) this trait will be a significant benefit to your party.

Lastly, previous iterations of this build recommended using Rune of Strength.  However, the new food Golden Fried Dumplings grants boon duration and additional Might on crit.  This allows the build to rune Scholar Runes without compromising team Might, resulting in a 3% personal DPS increase with no loss of group DPS.

Optimal Food: Golden Fried Dumplings

Gear and Consumables:

I wanted to briefly discuss the consumables I recommend players carry with them for dungeon runs.  If you want a full guide, check out Brazil’s channel which has a “What to Bring In Speed Runs” video that goes into much greater detail.

As I said for most warrior builds, the optimal food is Truffle Steaks.  Sweet and Spicy Curry butternut Squash soup is suboptimal unless you are using Deep Strikes for solo play.  Simply put, Truffle Steaks do everything we want right now and it is the most optimal of the three top foods, and also the cheapest so it’s a real winner.

As mentioned before, Golden Fried Dumplings are the best food for Phalanx Warrior as they allow the player to use Scholar Runes for superior personal DPS without compromising team buffing.

Additionally, I always recommend using the dungeon appropriate Slayer potion in runs.  However, for certain dungeons and fractals there is not an appropriate Slayer potion.  In those cases I usually recommend Sharpening Stones.  However, in low level dungeons like Ascalonion Catacombs and some Story mode dungeons you will hit the stat cap and will derive no benefit from them.  In those cases I recommend Skale Venom, which is obtained in Iron Marches at the end of a dynamic event chain.  

Lastly I always recommend players bring Harpy Feather consumables with them.  These items grant a few seconds of stealth which can be critical, especially in pugs, when something bad happens and you need to get out safely or you need to make a difficult trash run.  While they are by no means ever necessary, they are so helpful I always advise people to bring them along.


The last section I want to discuss is optimal DPS rotations.  I have a video on my channel for warrior describing the basic, but optimal, DPS rotation, and I will show you another example of it here as well.  However, I will also include the optimal rotation when you use Sword offhand instead of Mace, as is typical of some of the harder boss fights.

For the EA and phalanx strength builds, the rotation is the same, however once the boss hits 50% HP, you should use Arcing Slice on cool down for a rather sizeable DPS boost.

Slot Skills

Posted Image

In the healing slot, 99.9% of the time we will go with Healing Signet.  The passive heal from the signet is ideal for maintaining your Scholar rune 6th bonus.  It’s at it’s strongest when you are only taking slight damage and the signet allows you to keep yourself above the 90% HP threshold.  It’s at its weakest when you are taking repeated big hits that down you when another more bursty heal would have allowed you to survive,  Obviously, these scenarios show that the better you are at avoiding the big hits the better Healing Signet becomes.  Occasionally there is justification for taking Defiant Stance, such as the Thaumanova fractal heat room or the Arah p3/p4 orb run, but these are very niche scenarios.

By default, in organized groups I recommend using Battle Standard as our elite skill.  The ability to resurrect downed teammates can often make or break a combat where you would otherwise wipe.  In unorganized PUGs or in low-man situations where you won’t have high Fury/Might uptime you should use Signet of Rage.  In organized groups that have perma-fury from an Ele and plenty of team Might the Signet is redundant and unneeded.

For utilities, our default is Signet of Fury, Banner of Discpline and Banner of Strength.  In a two warrior party, the warriors should share the banners and use the now-empty utility slot for Signet of Might or For Great Justice if Fury uptime is a team composition concern.  By the same token, in low man dungeon runs the Banner of Strength should be replaced by For Great Justice.  

If the situation demands it, and a niche utility skill is needed, swap out the Signet of Fury for the niche utility.  A few utilities I want to touch on that get used relatively often in dungeon situations…

Signet of Might.  This signet is a fairly hefty DPS increase and would be standard if there was a 4th utility skill.  Switch to it anytime you are fighting an enemy that cannot be crit, like TA end bosses or SEp3 dredge car.

Throw Bolas:  Some enemies can be beaten with ease if they are kept immobilized.  The best examples are the Arah p1 Shaggoth and the Subject 6 in Thaumanova Fractal.

Balanced Stance:  I swap to this for a few trash runs where the mobs have significant knock downs, like in areas of Ascalonian Catacombs.

Fear Me:  There are a few situations where repositioning mobs with Fear Me! is highly advantageous.  The mobs out of the dredge car in SEp3 can be fear under the ledge so their grenades don’t hit the party for example.  Fear Me is an excellent CC for Bjarl the Rampager in Crucible of Eternity and so on the Alpha Essences that heal Subject Alpha there.

Bull’s Charge:  This skill is used in PvE primarily to speed up long trash runs such as in Arah Path 2.  There is no particular advantage of using it as a CC.

On My Mark:  This was once used in record runs for bosses that teams planned to kill extremely quickly, but the role has been taken up by Glyph of Storms on Elementalist and the buff to Crushing Blow.

Endure Pain:  Largely unnecessary in PvE, there are times when it can be of use on a difficult trash but for the most part it is inferior to Defiant Stance in PvE applications like that.

I want to touch on niche uses of weapon skills that exist outside of the normal DPS rotation.  First, anytime you are out of combat you should be switching to Warhorn for Charge! to give your party swiftness.  Additionally, warhorn is very useful when fighting large groups of trashmobs to apply Weakness, which makes them hit much more lightly.  This utility, however, is a bit redundant when you have a Thief who should be applying blinds.

Savage Leap on sword is a Leap Finisher, so whenever the Thief is blasting a smoke field for stealth, be sure to Leap out of it when the group is on the move again for an additional 3 seconds of stealth.  Also, do not forget that Flurry has an immobilize for the same bosses that one would normally bring Throw Bolas for.

Lastly, I want to touch on Tremor.  I demonstrate this skill as part of a DPS rotation since it is a hard hitting skill that hits twice and is a very nice DPS increase.  However, the warrior player should be aware of situations where it is best reserved as a CC and left out.  

Which Warrior Build Should I Use?

Posted Image

Thanks for reading.

#2215107 Axe/Mace DPS Build for Dungeons and Fractals - 04/15/14

Posted Nikephoros on 28 June 2013 - 05:36 PM

I live streamed, recorded, and published the dps tests and the results were conclusive that the dps was basically equal in long fights or when bosses aren't against the wall.  The math says they are more or less equal and the real world testing backs it up.  I don't see what more I can do prove it than I already have.  What's even more funny is I am currently running GS+axe so we are arguing a pretty weird thing as it seems we agree in practice lol.

Thats said,  I updated the original post to include GS+axe and updated the video and added a build calculator link.  Super serving you guys!

#2129086 Screenshot Your Elementalist

Posted HurricaneMP on 27 December 2012 - 11:25 AM

View PostRickter, on 27 December 2012 - 06:14 AM, said:

what boots are those?
They are Vigil Order boots, available from an npc inside Vigil Keep.

#2200071 What is each classes "Job" in a dungeon?

Posted Strife025 on 08 May 2013 - 10:36 PM

View PostKichwas, on 08 May 2013 - 10:06 PM, said:

The zerker-DPS as the perfect efficient method mantra starts to break down when you look at the larger game.

You will notice these people tend to stick to a very narrow scope of the game: a single path of CoF, and that's about it.
- One dungeon is "broken" in such a way that you can glitch, fly past, or speed skill its content and not have to worry about surviving.

This does not mean that this is the best way to run the game, it means this crowd has found the best way to do one repetative task. Like the person on an assembly line conveyor belt who turns a wrench on a car part 700 times per day exactly 3 cranks clockwise...
- That person cannot reasonably speak for how the whole factory runs.

These streamlined DPS only zerker builds start to break down when out of their comfort zone. Its one thing to have one zerker in a group, but when you get more, it gets pretty painful for the group. And when you get a whole pack of them, that is when you start seeing things like silly forum posts complaining Cursed Shore is too hard or lowbie event veterans and champions are impossible...
- Because these folks fail to realize their one-trick-pony is not ideal when faced with challenging a second trick.

That mantra breaks down if you're a bad player.

Since personally run dungeons/fractals every day in organized groups, and have been since November, with 4/5 and sometimes 5/5 berserker dps specced classes, I can say that everything you said is false.

See I don't throw out baseless assumptions, I prove and educate people on how to do things. Since I have proved and continue to prove/improve on strategies, tactics, and general speed run times I 100% know that you are incorrect.

#1932518 The Endgame Reimagined

Posted TheHanzou on 14 September 2012 - 09:55 PM

Yeah its actually worrying me that they call these dungeon modes, but most importantly the world bosses endgame content for PvE Players.

The dungeons are not really challenging or interesting, bosses are lame, the normal mobs are way harder. The problem is with this 'no trinity' philosophy you gotta wonder what do u do then?

Well as youd expect it comes down to kiting kiting kiting, and DYING a lot. Pair that with the rez mechanic and you got a bad PvE mechanic system right there, making it basically impossible to implement challenging raid or even group content.

Basically, without healer or tank, theres only kiting and running and pressing dodge, and rezzing. It completely removes the teamplay cooperation aspect in that sense, couple that with the non progression rewards and the non existing raid content and no PvE player could play this for more than a week.

In WoW, when u talk about Endgame and you started say Cata, you knew that even at the start there were 3 big Raid Dungeons that all are challenging and will take not days, but Months, to 'finish'. Guild Wars doesnt really have something like that. SWTOR didnt have that either, and guess what, Players left because there was no incencitive to keep playing/paying.

The Dragons and such are even worse, they dont even FACE the group, they are completely scripted events that you can go AFK at most of the time. If you script a Dragon to have 5 Front abilities that are aimed at killing the group why do you not force the group to stay in the front and 'work for their loot'. Not saying that they are hard even if you did expose yourself to actually fighting his abilities, i mean the only mechanic you can construct to kill a raid with this kind of rezzing mechanics is massive AOE damage and overwhelming Adds, nothing else is even possible. And that doesnt make for a lot of challenge. On top of that since you should be able to play with 'any class' according to Anet, they cant even introduce mechanics that require specific abilites, like AoE condition removal etc.

The game is simply not designed for challenging group PvE content in any way shape or form. As such id hope that they really focus on PvP, but with current state even that gets old fast since there is no ELO system, no matchmaking system, and pretty bad balance issues in the classes and maps, and very little varity.

Others have said if this game had a subscription fee it would have lost 90% of subscribers and its simply true. Not that im saying that the game is bad, its not. Its 'ok' for a release state game, just not 'pay monthly' ok, which for most players no game was after the free month of all MMOs in the last couple years (compared to WOW), thats why all these games lose so many subscribers so fast.

And lets be honest the 'dynamic event' system is not new, or special, or even cool. Its just like rift basically and after you have completed 1 or 2 zones you realize its always the same. 3 Stages defend kill small kill big, or escort. The hearth system is also just a quest system nothing more, but in that sense its actually worse than WoW PvE quests since those tell a better story.

Of course it has its good parts as well, like jumping puzzles and vistas etc, its not that bad. Of all the MMOs released in the last couple of years it probably has the best release state. But MMO Players, at least PvE, dont really care about the flashy stuff and when it gets down to the core of PvE most games failed so far, GW2 is no exeption.

PvP on the other hand, even if it gets constantly getting improved, for an MMO i expect lasting consequences, huge feuds, intrigues, basically consistent stuff that has a lasting impact. If i wanted to play 5vs5 in a controlled environment i could just play LoL, Dota, CS or whatever. For me MMOs PVP needs to be different to be interesting, like the WvW, but i would have expected more of an lasting impact of that. Especially with Guild vs Guilds, Guilds Castles and real incencitives for players to emerge into the game world, like EVE Online.

#1895514 What do GW1 players think of GW2?

Posted LIVESTRONGG on 07 September 2012 - 04:12 AM

I have an attachment to GW1 that no game will ever surpass. I really like GW2 though.