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In Topic: Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

18 November 2012 - 11:45 AM

An mmorpg developer doesn't live up to the expectations? People hanging on every single word a developer said over the course of development "THE LIES AND DECEIT" man i *ing hate these threads. Me choosing to ignore these things is not an act of ignorance but years of experience following and playing video games. I don't base my opinion of the game depending on how they worded something 2 years before release and then it turned out differently. (Inb4 someone will only notice the "2 years" part and reply with some bs like "they said this a week before release")

For me GW2 is never going to live up to the level of enjoyment I got from GW1 but I deal with it, because I can.

Stop comparing newly released games to those that have been out for years. Especially B2P and monthly sub games. At least the game plays well enough and is a lot of fun. Which isn't something that could be said about a large number of other mmo releases.

I like where the guy who wrote this first says that there is too much token grind n such for dungeon gear, then in same paragraph says there is no long term goals or something to look forward to. When every other mmorpg has gear progression as it's main goal. If we got max gear from the merchant for a few silver after reaching lvl 80 this same person would make a post about how all gear is too easy to get and there's yet again no goals. The token grind isn't even mandatory since it's just skins. Also it technically does take one dungeon run to get a piece of gear at least some pieces.

Some of the things mentioned I can sort of agree on but they are blown out of proportion. Except for the story, past level 20 it just plain sucked. Hacking & Botting are the worst out of all the things mentioned yet they plague majority of games even to this day.

In Topic: kind of getting bored already.

19 October 2012 - 05:23 PM

I spent over an hour writing some long ass essay on how I feel about this game. After actually writing it, I got it all off my chest and had no incentive to post it any more. That and no one is gonna read it or even care.

It lacks the "magic" pretty much sums up what I wrote.

In Topic: Noone react badly to what im about to say but...

28 August 2012 - 07:12 AM

Yeh, so far (lvl 45) the story has been pretty weak. The character creation quests up to lvl 20 are pretty interesting on the side but not as the main storyline. Now that i've gotten past that and actually started the main plot it just became quite bland, there is barely any depth" Hey theres a big ass dragon that's bad and there are undead and there's destiny's edge we must unite to fight the dragons." cool story bro.. is all i can say.  It's nice n all that they focus on your character from the start but it's like they are smothering me with all this focus. "HEY ITS THE HERO OF X" real f***ing hero and a real human being. It just fills your characters ego and you become a massive douche who's all guns blazing, solo dragons for breakfast np.

The way the story was done in GW1 personally I found a hell of a lot better. You start out knowing absolutely 0 about the world, you are just concerned with what's happening around you at the time. In this case it was the charr attacking ascalon and then the aftermath of the searing. It has already been such a major event what else could possibly be more important that destruction of your kingdom?!

The whole journey takes us all over the land of Tyria where we run into a wide variety of conflicts that seem to just pile on top of our existing problem (destruction of Ascalon) However the gaps begin to fill the further you progress and turns out that all these events were not just there for lulz and are actually very closely related. The way the later parts of the story tie the whole thing together is pretty damn good, at least I thought so. It explains pretty much everything in the grand scheme of things.

The way GW2 structured gameplay wise isn't all that either. GW1 wasn't perfect, far from it, but they made it feel like chapters of a book, with all the individual missions covering a large area. GW2 is more like go to story instance, follow an npc while he talks some bs, kill a bunch of ads on the way to your destination, defeat waves of enemies, kill boss, talk cutsene, it's only been 5 minutes and I'm done for the next 2-3 levels? GG thanx for playing.

All this action takes place in very concise areas that aren't at all special, just tiny parts of the explorable areas, nothing different about them. You always start very close to your destination and it all seems to revolve around killing waves of enemies. At least in GW1 it didn't directly imply that we need to go and kill a completion bar of bandits/charr/centaurs.

That's my rant over.

In Topic: Stress Test -> 9:10 Pacific Time Tonight

23 August 2012 - 05:21 AM

My GPU usage was up to 99% in this stress test and temperatures were around 71c on max compared to 55-58c that were in the previous tests. The fps has improved somewhat though.

Maybe it was the beta drivers (304.79) compared to the (301.42)

In Topic: Guesting not a "launch feature"?

18 August 2012 - 01:39 PM

View PostLethality, on 18 August 2012 - 01:37 PM, said:

They haven't given the real reason. My suspicion is that since we haven't seen it in any of the betas, it's not actually working. Because it's kind of a critical feature to have given their server structure, I doubt they'd hold it back intentionally otherwise.

Whatever you're on, I want some too.

I was able to successfully use the guesting system at least up to BWE2.