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Puzzles and their Locations

09 September 2012 - 06:34 AM

Yeah I don't know where to put this thread, there's no exploration section on these forums like there was on the old GW forums.  But I think this is a topic that should be had simply because there's a lot of puzzles and a lot of them aren't easy to find.

So basically I think we should amass a collection of these puzzles and their locations.

I've found quite a few, some with help most on my own.

I will try to update the OP as often as possible with the information, so if you do have a location please put the name of the achievement for the puzzle so it's a bit easier to sort out.

Once I go back into the game I will list my findings.   For now though, I was told there is at least one per exploratory zone.

I know there is one in the Asuran starting area, 4 in the Sylvari starting area, 1 in Lions Arch and the rest I can't remember the names of the places on the map but like I said I will list my findings when I get back into the game.

Name of achievement-Location (IE name of map, name of waypoint or POI that it's near- Directions from the POI or Waypoint.

You don't have to list how to do the puzzle, in fact I would rather you didn't, just the location.