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Don't scale down gear below the area you're in

07 December 2012 - 12:50 AM

At the moment, when you are scaled to a region, your gear scales with you exactly in its level proportional to your own.

Example: Level 40 with level 20 equipment in a level 20 area becomes level 20 with level 10 equipment.

This causes the problem of becoming weaker as you level up in an area unless you improve your gear at every level.  Personally, I like crafting a masterwork set with specific stats, and doing so for every level is impossible.

So my suggestion is that, when gear scales down, it should not effectively scale down to a level below that of the area.

That is, level 40 with level 20 equipment in level 20 area becomes level 20 with level 20 equipment.  Furthermore, that level 40 with level 25 equipment in the level 20 area would effectively end up with level 20 equipment, and that level 40's level 18 equipment would stay at level 18.

What say ye?

Methods for expanding equipment with updates without increasing stats

16 November 2012 - 05:30 AM

Some thoughts as to alternate ways to introduce new equipment to work for without making the old equipment non-maximum.  There are arguments flying every which way on whether or not increasing stats directly is okay, but this suggestion isn't about any kind of why.

Numbers here are NOT final numbers; assume that they would be balanced by someone that was doing real calculations of some form.

1. Lower primary status for higher secondary stats
Instead of a sword having 900-1000 damage and adding 75 to a primary stat and 50 to 2 secondary stats, have an alternative sword that has 800-900 damage and adds 100 to a primary stat and 75 to 2 secondary stats.

2. Divide from 3 secondary stats to more
Instead of 75 to a primary stat and 50 to 2 secondary stats, it could be 50 each to 4 stats.

3. Add more combinations of secondary stats
They aren't all filled.  For example, you could have primary magic find, secondary healing and vitality, "Abbot's" or some such.

4. Add more secondary stats
Increased combo field duration, increase combo finisher chance, decreased incoming critical damage, increased boon duration.  You can think of many of these, I'm certain.

5. Add stats only relevant to a certain region of the game, and not to future additions
It could be as complicated as infusion, but it could be something simple like +25 vitality (in the Fractals of Mist).

On the same train of thought but not entirely related, it might be nice to have a convenient way to rapidly switch out an equipment set (while out of combat), so people would be encouraged to progress equipment by getting "optimal" equipment for multiple different builds.

Feel free to comment on these or add other, better conceived ideas.

Enemy weapons and off-class weapons as environmental weapons

30 June 2012 - 08:21 PM

Short version: Equip enemy weapons and off-class weapons as environmental weapons.

In order to put more variety in the gameplay given relatively static weapon bars (which are still an improvement over the typical MMO, in my opinion), make enemies occasionally drop the weapons they are using as environmental weapons.  This could probably be linked to killing enemies in certain ways (IE: final kill with condition damage for higher chance than with a high damage AoE) or just random.  Ideally, though, it should require at least some conscious effort.

Such weapons would be useful for the area they are in, but with limitations.
I imagine something like:
1: Spammable attack
2: Special attack (inflict a condition or gain a boon or cause control or AoE or something)
3: Super attack that breaks the weapon (flashier AoE with relatively strong effect)
4: Defensive skill (optional, depending on the weapon)

The special attacks and super attacks could mimic some of the abilities that the monsters using the weapons have.
All such skills would root you to the ground, so even if they could sometimes have higher raw power, they wouldn't leave you with the mobility

Example weapon:
Flame Legion Greatsword
1: Slash Slash at your foe to deal damage.
2: Wide Slash Slash at foes around you to deal damage and inflict bleeding.
3: Flame Jump Teleport to target location and set foes at that location on fire. (Mimics the Flame Legion spawn animation)

A real developer could probably make something better, but the idea still stands.

We could also do this with weapons for other classes.  That is, a warrior could equip a Pistol as an environmental weapon.  It would have some basic attacks in a similar pattern to the enemy weapons, changing breaking the weapon with the super to just a long recharge.  All such skills would be rooting, if they don't cause movement or something, and would be fairly invariant between classes that can't normally use that weapon.

Example off-class weapon:
1: Strike Bash your foe to deal damage.
2: Zap Shoot a random magical projectile. (Acts like a random class's 1st Staff skill)
3: Blast Create a random area effect. (Acts like a random class's Staff AoE)

Basically, just let players play with whatever they find as they go to break repetition and eke out a bit more skill variety for rare situations where they need more, while still being definitely more effective overall with their "natural" weapons.

What think ye?