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#2124762 Forcing players to PvP for World Completion

Posted Feathermoore on 21 December 2012 - 12:42 AM

View PostDaesu, on 20 December 2012 - 10:51 PM, said:

Then he really does like PvP because if someone really doesn't like PvP then no matter how you force it, it still wouldn't work.  Similarly if a PvP player really doesn't like PvE then no matter how you force it, it still wouldn't work either.

You are just arguing to argue now. You know, when you bring a discussion to the internet, having the ability to even consider that other people might know what they are talking about it a good idea. This is just... wow.

#2124558 Forcing players to PvP for World Completion

Posted Feathermoore on 20 December 2012 - 08:11 PM

View PostDaesu, on 20 December 2012 - 08:06 PM, said:

Looks like you have not been following the argument between Trei and I.  Trei said:

If that is the primary purpose of world completion then it has failed its primary purpose because you can get the star without even taking down a single keep.

Just because you are in a WvW map doesn't imply that you are contributing to WvW.  It is like saying, clicking the "enter heart of the mist" button to save waypoint cost towards Lion's Arch nudges players to contribute to sPvP, when we are just using it to get back to LA for free.

Just because you can do it that way, doesn't mean you will. We have already had people come in and say they only tried WvW because they were there for the explorer achievement and that they stayed because they learned they liked it.

Even just hearing a single one of these anecdotes shows that the intent was successful not a failure. The intent is to force people into a situation where they might learn they like something. It is a crossover achievement, making a WvW achievement would not have the same effect.

#2122903 Forcing players to PvP for World Completion

Posted Trei on 19 December 2012 - 10:58 AM

View PostExplosivePinata, on 19 December 2012 - 09:31 AM, said:

It was a PvE title to me and many others while we were working on map completion in the PvE world.  I was working towards that like a drooling maniac but as soon as I found out I had to do WvW to get 100% it was like a punch in the face and I lost interest fast.

It should be made clear in the game that being forced to do WvW is part of this to save other players like us being disappointed after getting 100% on so many maps.
No, you don't have to "do wvw", you just have to do your pve stuff, the exact same things you do in all the other zones.

It just so happens that this particular map is the same one wvw occurs in.

You unlocking a poi in a keep... is not "doing wvw".

#2118221 Forcing players to PvP for World Completion

Posted Killyox on 14 December 2012 - 07:39 PM

View PostDaesu, on 14 December 2012 - 05:50 PM, said:

Because world completion IS more of a PvE title than a PvP title or do you deny that 88% of it comes from the PvE world?  If you dont like PvE then go for the Mist completion title instead when they have split up to two titles.

And that is what I am doing.  But the game should still be fixed to avoid someone else going through this in the future.

They can have the Gift of Exploration for both or even just give it all to the PvP version.  I don't care for it.

What does it matter? It's still in 12% PvP Title. So no. You can not say it's PvE title. Why should it be your way? Why do you feel entitlement to it?

No, it should not be fixed. Do understand that ANet vision =/= your vision. Just because you don't agree with them does not mean it needs fixing. I don't agree with you for one.

If you want TITLE then you do everything that is required for it. If you don't wanrt to do it you don't get the title and it's fine. You don't have to have it. You are similar to all those players whining about ME3 ending and "demanding" change to it.

You are in the wrong. You don't have to like every facet of the game or agree with every decision they made. That is what makes your own opinion. But you don't have the authority to say that something needs fixing because many people might disagree with you and actually go with Anet on it.

I disagree with you and think it's good as it is atm. Don't like it? Don't do it. Is it that hard to understand?

View PostDaesu, on 14 December 2012 - 06:05 PM, said:


I am wasting too much time re-explaining the same things over and over again in this thread to some people who refuse to read.

Pardon, but it is you who refuses to understand. You have not explained a single thing. All you did is basically "the game is not the way i want it to be - FIX NAU!"

You display the attitude the kind of "no one understands me, everyone but me is stupid. Only i am right and everyone is wrong". Your posts are brimming with this kind of attitude.

Majority of people here openly disagreed with you. Your thread so far is also rated 1 star only with 7 votes so far. That should be telling you something.

#2118114 Why this game will never meet my expectations

Posted Leeto on 14 December 2012 - 06:22 PM

Its still there, if you want it so badly. You write wall of text whining how its not guild wars 1 so if really all you want from game is to be just guild wars then there is such game already.

#2118109 Why this game will never meet my expectations

Posted cobalt on 14 December 2012 - 06:14 PM

If you don't like it you don't have to play it... I did play GW1 from the beginning, even played the beta for the 1st one. I for one don't feel deceived because i followed GW2 since its inception and knew what i was getting into and from my point of view this more than cuts the mustard and feel it can very much compete and win in a battle of mmos.

#2118040 Forcing players to PvP for World Completion

Posted Gruunz on 14 December 2012 - 04:41 PM

Reading the OP's arguments just sound silly to me. All that "iseewutudidthar anet, u make me try to switch skills, i onto u!" it also sounds like the OP is most likely using a glasscannon build too which probably spirals onto the "everyone is killing me so fast, this isn't fair, I don't want to buy different armor" although I'm still confused how he tries to dispute the part about simply adjusting utility skills. "nooo i not change skillz dis is wat pvp is like, u not trik me!".

Which then leads me to wonder how you deal with other parts of GW2 like dungeons. Are you also in the same stance?

Him: "nonono I'm not bringing any defensive utilities, this is just a ploy from anet to make me PVP"
Party members: "What the hell you talking about? we need more support skills if we want to survive that boss"
Him: "It's all just a trick to make you pvp guys, dun be fooled!"

#2111049 Where has everyone gone?

Posted Asudementio on 07 December 2012 - 06:04 PM

View PostDuskWolf, on 07 December 2012 - 04:37 PM, said:


Please read my post. I never said I was looking for the biggest name. I said I was looking for the biggest trending name which is currently falling out of trending favour. The rest of your tangent is nothing more than an irrelevant attack when you understand that. TOR was the previous trending name that fell out of favour, and there were people there saying much what I am, here.

We just want marketers, producers, and developers to understand that there's a large, underserved demographic who'd appreciate a skill > time game. And if they have to include vertical progression, then at least throw in a power plateau (in gear, player abilities, and levels) that won't have moving goalposts. Why you and others think that this opinion is something to attack me over is beyond me.

But hey, ArenaNet fans are always classy. :I

You actually did not say that, but post-diction is always more convenient in argument. And did i come across as attacking you? I was actually being a bit on the oft side. But if you want to play the defamation game i can reciprocate.

As it stands i think skill > time features should be in games as well as time > skill features. They can coexist, and i think it would serve any game's money making model and player retention to employ both. More balanced and engaging spvp could serve that purpose in GW2- it is already in the spirit of skill > time, class imbalances forgiven of course.

View PostDuskWolf, on 07 December 2012 - 04:46 PM, said:

It wasn't meant to help TOR just as it's not meant to help GW2.

No, what I'm saying is is that marketing people, producers, and developers of other games are going to be interested in what's caused the mass exodus and drop in popularity for GW2. And people like myself are here to tell them. There were fans of skill > time games, here, because that's what ArenaNet promised. When they switched to time > skill, they lost almost all of them. Hence the mass exodus. Someone has to stick around to say why we left.

I think this stance improperly ties the "mass exodus" of GW2 solely to dissatisfaction with the pve of the game being more favorable to those who can invest more time ONLY after the addition of ascended items and event then only slightly. People leave for a variety of reasons; you are just parading your particular issue as the reason because you make it sufficiently broad as to try and protect it from scrutiny. Could you cite some population trends or link me some information on how the patch effected the populations of servers so i can make a better assessment of your position?

#2110592 Where has everyone gone?

Posted Dasryn on 07 December 2012 - 07:54 AM

View PostSoki, on 07 December 2012 - 07:34 AM, said:

Perhaps it's not accurate to Webster's definition, but it's certainly how it feels to play GW2, and realize how much of a grind is required of you if you want to do anything other than get base exotics on your character, then quit.

If you played the game for anything other than a simply casual experience, you would understand that the game is designed around the ability to convert gems to gold.
None of the unique equips are interesting. All of them are centered around a gold-grind to get them. Literally all of them can be achieved with gold, barring dungeon sets - which don't even make up half of the game's unique equipment pieces.

Before you kneejerk-respond, try thinking about it for a moment. Think about how the economy functions right now; how the BLTC is set up, and how you need to play in order to get a Legendary item in a decent period of time - and, also, how bland the road to getting a Legendary is.
Also think about what else there is to do aside from go for those vanity pieces to get. What kind of challenge does the game offer? What kind of tests of skill are there in the game that ever -actually- challenged you? What sort of prestige is there to legendaries, other than how hard you couldgrind at something, or how much RL-Money you could blow on gold-conversion?

If you can stop and think about all of that, but still come to the conclusion that GW2's systems weren't designed entirely around the ability for players to convert Gems to Gold - it's an intellectual failure on your part.

no need to get defensive, the only person's opinion i dont really respect on Guru is Duskwolf's. . . . i understand where you are coming from and i can understand your frustration.  but the counter argument is that those things arent needed.  you speak of unique skins and legendaries.  its not needed to enjoy or play the game.

i kinda felt like "extort" was an exaggeration on your part, but i understand you are a bit disheartened by the current system and subsequently upset about it.

View PostAsudementio, on 07 December 2012 - 07:41 AM, said:

Why pick at GW2 though, if you are unrepresented why not bicker with and argue with players of some other game? I don't really care if you lambaste GW2 or if you praise it, i'm just interested in the reason you choose this game.

Duskwolf has already quit GW2.  he doesnt even play anymore, he admitted it.  he just cant quit the forums.  i dont think its healthy.  dont feed him.

#2107138 Patch Notes for December 3rd, 2012.

Posted Lordkrall on 04 December 2012 - 05:21 PM

I suggest we all go to ArenaNet official forums and force them to stop releasing more or less weekly patches and instead have them release one patch per second month that contains all fixes. Even those to rather important bugs/issues.

Would that make all the complainers here happy?


Good update, fixed quite a few issues. Great job.

#2103708 Do MMO players demand too much?

Posted ukgamer23 on 01 December 2012 - 05:30 PM

I really don't envy the life of a game developer, it must be very disheartening to be constantly moaned at by your player-base. How much is enough for the MMO gamer? Will you or I ever be pleased?
"oh this is too easy"
"this is too hard"
"this is too grindy"
"there isnt enough grind, nothing to do"
"too much to do"
"too random"
  "ugh, such boring loot we all have the same"
  and it just keeps going.

The fact is they cant please everyone, no one can. Do we have to jump on every decision? Every piece of content? It will never be perfect for us all.
Look at the clock-tower, the dev actually apologized for making it too hard? Are we all that pathetic that any challenge in a video game is cried about so much, we need a sorry note from the creator?

Most of us gamers now are 18-30, we grew up with games...cant we all just grow up in general? Sure post constructive posts about issues, but leave the crying in the cot with the bottle.