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[Answered] Few questions about changing servers.

14 January 2013 - 05:19 PM

Hey, so I have a few questions about migrating to another server.

First though, why am I considering changing servers. My current server has gone a little quiet and trying to expand a small guild is pretty hard as it is. Unfortunately it's proving to be quite impossible when there's really no mentionable activity going on in the server. Not to mention that the server has become, unofficially, a non English speaking server.

So, one of my questions would be concerning my guild. I'm a guild leader and I was wondering if my guild will keep its upgrades if I migrate to another server? Will I have access to the upgraded, which I've already researched, in another server?

Secondly, I was wondering what server would you recommend? Perhaps there is a server out there where a newly formed guild would feel welcome and able to expand and grow a little. An active server, where players do dungeons and PvP with people outside their own guild. Of course a mostly English speaking community would be rather good :P

Wolves Beyond the Wall is recruiting [Whiteside Ridge, EU, PvX]

23 November 2012 - 08:07 PM

Wolves Beyond the Wall is a newly formed guild looking for members. :)

Who are we?

We are a group of friends who decided to create a guild in order to find likely minded Guild Wars 2 players.

We strive to be a friendly environment for all those who seek company and help in Tyria. We seek for friendly people with whom to enjoy the game with. Whether it be clearing dungeons, exploring the world or vanquishing foes in the Mists.

But for all that every guild needs members. And thus we are recruiting anyone who's interested and willing to play a part in the forming of a great social and friendly guild.

What do we offer?

As mentioned, this guild was started by a group of friends and as such we try to keep it that way. We try to keep the guild environment friendly and helpful so everyone could enjoy the game.

As we aren't focused on neither PvE nor PvP. We do both!
So if you're looking for a group for dungeons or for WvWvW or just help with a random world event I'm sure you'll find people for it amongst the guild members.

Once we've built up our community a little bit more we look to do weekly events such as dungeon runs and WvWvW runs as a guild. There are also plans for other weekly events such as raffles and much more.

What do we expect from you?

As it currently stands, we don't really have any restrictions for players looking to join our guild.

We accept all classes, all ages, all nationalities. Despite this being an EU guild you could even join from the US if you so desired :D

In fact there are only two rules all members must follow:
1) As this is an international guild, speaking English in guild chat and on the forums is expected of you.
2) Acting mature and respectful towards your fellow guild mates is a must.

These two rules are very important for us as these will ensure that everyone in the guild feels welcome and as a part of the community and thus must be followed!

So, if any of you are interested register at our website, pm me in the forums or send an in game mail or /w to Lieutenant Ripley or Merylyan.

And be assured, every new member is welcome and we appreciate every input to the guild :)