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In Topic: Stress Test Tomorrow, Sunday, August 12!

12 August 2012 - 03:24 AM

To those complaining about the fact the test is one hour, keep in mind a couple things: Firstly, it's a stress test, for providing server/performance data, the intent is not to give everyone extra time to play (though it is of course the main reason for players participating). Secondly, this is happening on a Sunday. It's not as if ArenaNet have no lives outside of game development, and anything happening on a weekend means the devs are mostly likely taking time out of their weekends to work on the game. Just thought I'd say that, sorry if it comes off as overly agressive. </rant>

In Topic: Last chance begging for beta keys thread

20 July 2012 - 05:43 PM

I have two keys that I got, planning to give them to friends, but no one wanted them. So PM me if you still need a key. First come, first serve.

EDIT: Wow, that was fast. Got flooded with PMs. Both keys have been given away.

In Topic: Sylvari's informations grows with JeuxOnline

16 July 2012 - 06:18 PM

Here's my (probably rather poor) attempt at translation, trying to keep as close as possible to the original meaning. Anything in brackets is by me. Please note that this translation may not be very accurate, so if you see something that doesn't make sense with the game or the lore, chances are I translated it wrong. More of a partial translation actually;  I got up to the team member impressions section. I may edit this post later if I have time to translate the rest.

Last week, we showed you one of the two races hidden from the general public: the Asura. Thanks to ArenaNet, it was possible for us to spend one more day in Tyria so we could give you an overview of the Sylvari.

For recall [that one's a bit awkward, couldn't think of a good way to rephrase it], these two races will be playable during the beta test this weekend.

This time around, subject to some restriction as to the personal story, we had free reign to discover all the content in the Caledon Forest, the Sylvari starter zone for characters of level 1 to 15, and the Grove, the Sylvari capital, over more than one day.

As one could expect from the Sylvari, these zones are particularly rich in lush vegetation and buildings made of plants. It would be hard for the Grove to better bear its name. The captial is a tall "city" built under  and inside the Pale Tree [I think the pale tree, literally Mother Tree] which overlooks a large plain and lake. It is arranged on multiple levels based on the roots of the tree and, to navigate between them, the choice is left to the player to use long plant bridges or a system of elevators - in effect pods of human size animated with a short cinematic upon each use. Enormous flowers, bulbs and mushrooms dot the city and make up the buildings. On the edges of the plain are scattered the homes of the First-Born, the oldest Sylvari, as different as their various schools of thought. [Really not sure about that one]  

Caledon Forest is in the image of the Sylvari, a lush and particularly green zone. It is foremost centered around symbiosis and protection of nature. Our expectations for the game's presentation were perfectly met. [Lit. The specifications for the game's presentation were perfectly respected.] We found strange vegetation, ruins caught up by nature, rolling hills, a coastline that led us to explore it's underwater Tyrian ruins, and a disturbing wetland reminiscent of the one in the first human area. All this, bound by the particular ambiance of the Sylvari, provides character not without its charm.

The personal story is  pretext for presentation of the issues of the Sylvari, and their particular philosophy. There is the question of the role of a new species in an environment that already has its customs.[Lit. codes] Without giving away more than is needed on the intrigues of Caledon Forest, the player is led to confront a rebel Sylvari faction, undead risen from the sea, and more or less friendly Hyleks.

One surprise never arrives alone, and we discovered that a feature promised by ArenaNet for the game's release was now present: The equipment preview panel. To use it, one right clicks on a piece of equipment in his inventory and selects the appropriate option in the list. A panel similar to the character sheet opens to display the equipment on the character.

For more details on the Sylvari and Caledon forest, I invite you to read the impressions of team members and to watch the vidoes captured on the occasion of this plant incursion.

[The teammember impression section follows, I may edit this later. Anyone who can do better than me, or has time to translate the second section, feel free.

In Topic: Arenanet reveals the Alchemist!

01 April 2011 - 02:14 AM

I have a personal policy of not believing anything on or around April 1st online. Otherwise a decent attempt, but didn't fool me at all.

In Topic: ArenaNet: Video: The Guild Wars 2 PAX East Panel

13 March 2011 - 02:06 PM

Thanks for linking to this. I arrive at 2 pm yesterday for it, the panel being, at 3, and the line for it was already full.