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In Topic: Chris Whiteside "Ask Me Anything" Highlights

27 November 2012 - 11:31 AM

I left a previous MMO because I got sick of the gear treadmill.  Now that its been 'announced' that there will be a gear treadmill in GW2, despite the promise that there wouldn't be, I guess its time to shop for a new MMO.  Fortunately, The Elder Scrolls Online is due to come out soon (like next summer or so).  Historically, they haven't put gear treadmills in their RPG games.  Perhaps TESO will be the 'non-gear treadmill' MMO that players like me were looking for.

I really hope GW2 will recant the stat increases on Ascended gear, but from what Chris was saying, it sounds like this is just the first wave of gear stat increases.  I believe that will be a mistake (and a costly one, too).

In Topic: The Lost Shores Page Updated

12 November 2012 - 06:07 PM

New species... the Karka.

Hooray! No more stupid zombie fest!  'Now we get to fight for real.'
New map and new enemy.  I'm excited!

In Topic: The Ultimate List of Changes You'd Like to See / Suggestions

16 October 2012 - 08:52 PM

There have been many good suggestions in this thread, so I will try not to repeat what's already here.  There is one suggestion I would like to add that does not seem to have come up yet:

Grand Dynamic Events - I would like to see dynamic events taken to a higher level than what we have seen so far.  Take a dynamic event and 'stoke it up' so to speak.  For example, in Gendarran Fields, there are human settlements and centaur camps.  One dynamic event has centaurs attacking Nebo Terrace (a human settlement).  Usually there are anywhere from 2 to 10 human players to help out.  The dynamic event seems to scale the number of centaur to the number of defenders.  And in most cases, its fun.  But it would be nice if the dynamic event were scaled up (say once in a week's time) where the centaurs attacking were given say three more levels, and increased their numbers by another 50%, and have a really good chance to take over Nebo Terrace... burning homes and setting up siege equipment to defend their new acquisition, and beginning to transform Nebo Terrace into a centaur village.  And likewise, human forces would try to take back Nebo Terrace.  And say, after a week, perhaps scale up the human forces (if they haven't taken it back yet), to do just that.  And after such an event, you would have people repairing homes, rebuilding broken walls, and so forth.  In essence, I'm suggesting that at least some dynamic events become a little more "dynamic" than what they are now.  And similarly, more "dynamic" changes in terrain and environment than what we have now.

Map Level Dynamic Events - on the same theme as above, it would be interesting to have an "army" of centaur sweeping across an entire map (or half a map) moving from place to place, attempting to conquer places.  Or perhaps a dragon flying through a map, burning local populace (beasts, npcs, and players) like a "world event".  Refugees can "pop" into major villages and cities crying out for help against the dragon destroying their homes in <insert map location>.

I guess overall, I'm suggesting more "dynamism" in the dynamic events.  Right now, it feels like the same events with the same outcomes all the time with very little impact on the world.

In Topic: Ranger changes since BWE3

03 August 2012 - 02:00 AM


- Changed Skirmishing trait: Trap Potency - Master rank. Doubles trap condition duration and traps last 20% longer. (old version: Doubles trap condition duration.)

If Trap Potency has been moved from Grandmaster to Master rank, what is the new Grandmaster replacement in the Skirmisher line?

In Topic: Traits and Pet Condition Synergy

25 July 2012 - 03:43 PM

So Immobilize and Stun are NOT classified as conditions?  That means that using Malice Training and Expertise Training will NOT increase the control affects in any way.  That's very good information to know.

So for a pet Black Widow spider, the only "condition" it possesses is the Poison Gas AoE field.